Marxism Today January 1980

New Immigration Rules; Turkey — Which Direction ?; Northern Ireland

Equality for Women: have the laws worked ?
Jean Coussins
The last decade has seen a welter of legislation concerning the position of women.
Why did it happen and what effect has it had? Jean Coussins, until recently
Women's Rights Officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties, examines
these questions and suggests where we should go from here.

The Labour Party-why the decline?
Pat Devine
It is now widely accepted that the Labour Party has suffered a serious decline over recent years. Pat Devine, a lecturer in Economics at Manchester University, and a member of the North West District Committee of the Communist Party, argues that this is a long run process and explains some of the main reasons for it.

NALGO - The New Unionism of Contemporary Britain
Richard Maybin
The rise of public sector unionism is one of the most striking features of trade unionism. Richard Maybin, Chairman of Havering NALGO branch, looks at one of the key unions in this context, and the particular problems and possibilities involved in its transformation.

Revolutionary Christianity
Tony Benn
Tony Benn looks at the revolutionary aspects of Christianity and how they relate to progressive aspirations today.

The State in Northern Ireland
Paddy Hillyard
Serious theoretical work on Northern Ireland has been in relatively short supply.
Paddy Hillyard, a writer on Northern Ireland, discusses an important new book which is already provoking considerable interest on the Left.

Duncan Campbell— Review of Security and the State 1979
Ronald Frankenberg — Health in Danger — The Political Economy of Health
Alan Hunt — The Future of Intellectuals — Marxism and Class Theory



Marxism Today February 1980
The Portuguese Elections . The EEC and Recession . Scotland 1979, a Catalogue of Disasters

Education and the Right Offensive
Brian Simon
Education has emerged as a central political issue over the last few years. Brian Simon, Professor of Education at Leicester University and a member of the Communist Party's Theory and Ideology Committee, examines the nature of the Right's offensive, the weaknesses of the Left and what the present Tory Government is attempting to do. He concludes by outlining an educational perspective for the Left.

Campaigning Against the Cuts
Dave Priscott
The campaign against cuts in public expenditure has become one of the central areas of anti-Tory struggle. South Yorkshire has played a key role in the cuts movement and initiated the big November 28 Lobby. Dave Priscott, Secretary of the Yorks District Committee and a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, examines the character, history and perspectives of the cuts movement.

The Iranian Revolution: What's Happening?
Joanna de Groot
Iran remains at the centre of world attention. Joanna de Groot, a lecturer at York University, assesses where the Iranian Revolution has got to — and where it is going.

The Gramsci Debate
Bob Jessop
Gramsci is now established as one of the key Marxist thinkers of the left in Britain. Bob Jessop, author of many articles on politics and political theory, discusses three significant new books on Gramsci, including Christine Buci- Glucksmann's important Gramsci and the State.

Thatcherism - a new stage?
Stuart Hall
Stuart Hall, co-author of Policing the Crisis, discusses the nature of Thatcherism, how we got here and where we go now.

Chris Pond — Poverty in the United Kingdom
Brian Bunting — Three books on Africa


Marxism Today March 1980
Direct Labour — The Tory BillThe Indian General ElectionBack to Front?

Interview with Derek Robinson
British Leyland has moved to the centre of the political stage. It is a microcosm of Britain's industrial decline and the failure of government and management policies alike. Now the offensive by Edwardes and the Tories threatens its very existence. Derek Robinson, convenor at Longbridge, discusses the reasons for decline, why the stewards alternative is the way forward for BL and the
development of a more powerful trade union presence. The interview was conducted by John Bloomfield.

March 8th; International Women's Day Kathy Porter
International Women's Day has a long history. Kathy Porter, author of a biography of Alexander Kollontai just published by Virago, looks at its development.

Afghanistan: National Sovereignty and Detente
Tony Chater
The Soviet action in Afghanistan raises vital questions for the left. Here, Tony Chater, Editor of the M orning Star, discusses some of the broader issues involved.

John Walker
The exhibition currently running at the Royal Academy has focused attention on what happened in art after the Impressionists. John Walker, who teaches art history at Middlesex Polytechnic, looks at the exhibition and what this phase in art meant.

Thatcherism - a new stage?
Bernard Dix
Asst General Secretary of NUPE, Bernard Dix, continues this important discussion.
Stalin - a centenary view
Brian Pollitt
The author looks at Soviet developments in the twenties.

John Saville — Culture and Crisis in the Thirties
Jim Tomlinson — A History of Economic
Thought, Essays on Marx's Theory of Value



Marxism Today April 1980
The American Political Carousel

World Capitalism in Recession
Dave Currie
The long boom is over. The capitalist world is in the throes of its biggest economic crisis since the thirties. And, as Dave Currie, a lecturer in economics at Queen Mary College, London and member of the Communist Party's Economic Committee, argues, no end is in sight.

Eurocommunism - can it regain the initiative?
Goran Therborn
Eurocommunism was a response to the social crisis of advanced capitalism in the late sixties. In the mid-70s, it promised much: indeed it looked as if the Left
might enter the government in more than one West European country. But these hopes were not realised. The Right regained the initiative. Goran Therborn, well-known Swedish marxist and author of What the Ruling Class Does When it Rules explains why.

Women and Children First
Miriam David and Jenny Shaw
The present Tory offensive, the authors argue, bears most heavily against women and children.

Julian Cooper
Stalin - a centenary view
The author examines the 'realities' of Soviet development.

Eoin O'Murchu
The State in Northern Ireland
The author takes issue with Paddy Hillyard's article in the January Marxism Today.

Roy den Harrison — Bevanism, Hugh Gaitskell, Final Term.

Monty Johnstone — Revolutionary Marxism Today.


Marxism Today May 1980

Local Government Finance Nuclear ThreatFiat Conference

Zimbabwe: The Process of Liberation
John Ngara
The recent elections marked a major defeat for western interests. John Ngara, a Zimbabwean journalist, looks at how white domination was finally ended.

The Tories: Bringing the House Down Michael Jones
In the General Election, housing emerged as one of the key issues. The Tories are now on the attack. Mike Jones, who works in housing policy and is a member of the Communist Party's Social Services Committee, examines the new situation
and how the Left should respond.

Fighting the Cuts - the Lambeth Experience
Jeff Rodrigues
The struggle in Lambeth has been a focal point of the national movement against the cuts. Here Jeff Rodrigues, who is Secretary of the Lambeth Borough Communist Party and works in local government, examines the experience of that struggle — and looks at more general problems associated with the cuts and community politics.


Paul Olive
Thatcherism - a new stage?

The author questions whether the Tory Party has declined.

Jack Cohen
Culture and Crisis in the Thirties

The author takes issue with the review.

Tamara Deutscher— Alexandra Kollontai.
Roger Hallam — The Young Lukacs.
Gordon Robinson — Togliatti on Gramsci.


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Marxism Today June 1980

Egypt Talbot

De-industrialisation and the Tories
John Grahl
The deindustrialisation of Britain is an established economic fact. It shows no sign of abating under the Tories: indeed, John Grahl, a lecturer in economics at Queen Mary College London and a member of the Communist Party Economic Committee, argues that the process is being drastically accelerated.

Politics, Sport and the Olympics
David Triesman
Sport has been big politics in 1980. The Olympics in July are under serious threat.
David Triesman, a writer on sport, looks at the relationship between politics and
sport, national achievement in sport and the Moscow Olympics.

Interview with Alvaro Cunhal
Since the days of the revolution in 1974, Portugal has experienced a major shift to the right. In an exclusive interview with Paul Fauvet during his recent visit to London, Alvaro Cunhal, the general secretary of the Portuguese Communist Party, considers the nature of this threat and how it can be resisted.

The Writer: Commitment and Alignment
Raymond Williams looks at the idea of 'commitment' to the writer, its historical
evolution and what it should mean.

Willy Thompson
The author evaluates Sartre's significance as a writer and left-wing figure.

Cynthia Bower and Paul Sutton
The Cuts How should the cuts be fought?

Andrew Glynn — Capitalism, Conflict and Inflation.
Robert Reiner — Policing the Police





Marxism Today July 1980


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Brazil The Tories and Higher EducationLocal Elections

Ian Gough Thatcherism and the Welfare State The welfare state has moved to the centre of the political stage. In many capitalist
countries it is now under attack — above all in Britain. Ian Gough, author of The Political Economy of the Welfare State and senior lecturer in social administration at Manchester University, looks at the reasons for this onslaught.

Steve Iliffe Dismantling the Health Service
The National Health Service was the
great achievement of the 1945 Labour
government. It now faces its biggest
threat: but what can the Tories do? Steve Iliffe, a doctor, an editor of Medicine and Society and member of the Communist Party Social Services Committee, explores the issues.

Sam Russell Tito
Sam Russell, the Morning Star Foreign Editor, assesses the achievements of one of the giants of post-war history.

Ian Mackay, Sue Slipman Thatcherism - a new stage?
Ian Mackay, head of the Communist Party's Press and Publicity Department and Sue Slipman continue the discussion.

Steve Gooch — The Political Theatre


Marxism Today August 1980


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West German Election - Import Controls

John Ericson Who Will Control North Sea Oil?
Britain is now self-sufficient in oil. The North Sea reserves have had a profound impact on Britain's economic position. The state — through BNOC — exercises a powerful control over these reserves. But will that continue: will the Tories undermine it? John Ericson, a writer specialising in the politics of international oil production, looks at Britain and its oil.

Jack Woddis Political Strategy in the Third World
Political developments in the Third World have assumed an increasingly complex and diverse character. Iran, Egypt and Nicaragua are obvious examples. Jack Woddis, Head of the Communist Party's International Department, examines some of the key problems confronting progressive advances in the Third World.

Pete Carter May 14: an assessment
The TUC's Day of Action was a historic event, the first such political call in its history. The response was impressive and wide-ranging. But, also, big problems were revealed. Pete Carter, until recently convenor of Sandwell
Direct Works and now a full-time official in UCATT and member of the Communist Party's Executive Committee, discusses its significance.

Alan McKinnon Communist Party Election Tactics - a historical review
Communist Party election strategy has been through various phases. Alan McKinnon, a lecturer in Glasgow, examines two periods in particular — the late twenties/early thirties and the early post-war period and tries to draw some conclusions.


Martin Ashworth and Percy Riley The Cuts
The discussion continues

David Griffiths Housing
The author works in housing policy for the Labour Party, but writes here in a
personal capacity.

Ian Connell — More Bad News





Marxism Today September 1980


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Another Old Flame DiesThe Tories High Exchange Rate Policy

John Cox Goodbye to Detente?
The world is again faced with the threat of a nuclear holocaust. New devastating weapon systems are being deployed. Detente threatens to give way to a new cold war. But why? And who is to blame? And what can we do about it? John Cox, a leading member of CND since 1961 and currently its vice-chairperson, tries to answer some
of these questions.

Gordon McLennan What Kind of Fightback? The slump and the Tories have produced a new set of problems and issues for the labour movement. Gordon McLennan, the general secretary of the Communist Party, looks at what they are and what kind of fightback is required.

A Roundtable Discussion Where are we now ? Five activists discuss what is new about Thatcherism, what challenge it poses for the Left, and the fightback. The participants are Jacky Atkin, Jack Adams, Alan Baker, Bill Innes and Jeff Rodrigues.

Sheila Smith A New International Economic
Order - or Disorder?
The rise in oil prices in the early seventies stimulated a demand from the Third World for a New International Economic Order with the advanced capitalist countries. Since then little progress has been made — and the present international recession is fraught with numerous possibilities. Sheila Smith, a lecturer at Cambridge University and member of the Communist Party Economic Committee looks at the issues.

Colin Mercer — Gramsci's Politics.










Marxism Today October 1980

cover and contents

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Monetarism gone madItaly after BolognaILEA

Eric Hobsbawm Interviews Tony Benn
Tony Benn has emerged over the last decade as one of the most significant and original figures within the Labour Party and, indeed, on the British political scene. In this interview, Eric Hobsbawm, well-known historian and member of our Editorial Board, engages Tony Benn in an important discussion focused on Britain's crisis and the problems of the labour movement.

Tricia Davis and Catherine Hall The Forward Face of Feminism
The women's movement is far from homogeneous. Here the authors examine the various trends within the women's movement, including Beyond the Fragments, and outline some perspectives both for feminism and its relations with the labour movement. Tricia Davis and Catherine Hall are socialist feminists active in the women's liberation movement in
Birmingham. Tricia Davis is a member of the Communist Party Birmingham City Committee.

Martin Kettle The Drift to Law and Order
Law and Order emerged as one of the major questions in the last elections — the Tories have consistently championed the issue. Martin Kettle, Home Affairs Correspondent of New Society and a member of the Labour Party and of the State Research editorial group, looks at what it is all about.

David Edgar American Culture - a cop out
David Edgar, author of the widely acclaimed anti-National Front play Destiny, reviews the
state of American culture at the beginning of the eighties.


Manuel Azcarate Eurocommunism - can it regain the initiative?
The author, head of the International Department of the Spanish Communist Party and editor of the theoretical journal Nuesta Bandera, responds to Goran Therborn's article which appeared in our April issue.

Greg Philo, John Hewitt and Pete Beharrell More Bad News
The authors reply to the review in the August issue.

Jack Cohen — Britain's First Socialists, British Socialists.
Stanley Harrison — Special Operations Executive.











Marxism Today November 1980
Heseltine's lungeSoviet oil prospects
The coup in Turkey British Rail

Lessons of the Polish Summer -
an interview with Wlodzimierz Brus

This summer saw a mighty demonstration of working class action in Poland. Its objectives were wide ranging - its main achievement is independent trade unionism. In this interview, Wlodzimierz Brus, the well-known Polish economist, examines the nature of the Polish crisis, the causes of the working class action and the possibilities for a wider democratisation of Polish society. The interview was conducted by Jon Bloomfield and Monty Johnstone.

Thatcher - make or break
Andrew Gamble
The Thatcher government marks the most radical break in British politics since 1945. Its objectives are far reaching and fraught with risks for the Right. Andrew Gamble, author of The Conservative Nation, looks at the nature of Thatcherism, its record in office and its prospects of success.

Architecture: the past fights back
Richard Hill
From high-rise to crowded estates. From ultra-modernism to nostalgic recreations of the past. An architect, Richard Hill, looks at the forces behind the changing shapes of buildings and argues that these are questions too important to be left to the expert: they must be public property.

Mark Rage
The author, a housing officer in London, continues the discussion.

Kevin Halpin
May 14: an assessment
The author, the chairman of the Liaison Committee, writing in his personal capacity, looks at the implications of May 14.

Michele Barrett — The Politics of Housework — Gender and Class Consciousness.

Robbie Gray — The Challenge of Labour — The General Strike of 1842.


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Marxism Today December 1980

The French Left Square LegOn the wages front

Labour's Long Haul
Jon Bloomfield
The Blackpool Conference ushered in the most important constitutional changes in the Labour Party since 1918. The election of Michael Foot as leader of the PLP has broken the continuity of right-wing leadership. Jon Bloomfield, author of Passive Revolution and until recently Birmingham City Secretary of the Communist Party assesses the nature of the changes taking place in the Labour Party — and argues that there is a long way to go.

Import Controls - on the Left's terms
Paul Levine
Suddenly import controls are on the political agenda. Long part of the Left's perspective, others have now joined the fray including sections of Labour's Right and some parts of industry particularly threatened by imports. Paul Levine, a lecturer in economics at South Bank Polytechnic, shows why they are necessary and why they constitute an essential component of the Left's strategy.

West German Social Democracy:
the erosion of the socialist vision

Rob Burns and Wilfried van der Will
The West German SPD rebuffed the challenge from Strauss. It is indisputably the most successful social democratic party in West Europe. But it has steadily distanced itself from a socialist perspective. Rob Burns and Wilfred van der Will, lecturers at the Universities of Warwick and Birmingham respectively, analyse the character of the SPD.

Interview with Edward Bond
Edward Bond is one of Britain's leading playwrights whose works include Saved and The Fool.
In this interview he discusses his own development as a socialist playwright and the role of the artist in contemporary society. The interview was conducted by Colin Chambers, the theatre critic of the Morning Star and author of Other Spaces: New Theatre and the RSC.

The Forward Face of Feminism

Hilary Wainwright
One of the authors of Beyond the Fragments discusses the article published in October.

Michelene Wandor — Other Spaces: New Theatre and the RSC.
John Westergaard — Labour and Equality.


Marxism Today January 1981

Football in Crisis
Guinea-Bissau Coup

Bob Rowthorn
The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy
For the first time in its history, the Left is now regarded as a serious political alternative. At the centre of this credibility is the alternative economic strategy. Bob Rowthorn, member of our editorial board recently awarded the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize for his book Capitalism, Conflict and Inflation, examines its strengths and weaknesses and argues that the Left must see it as part of an overall political approach.

Interview with Ted Knight
Cuts in public expenditure are a central feature of the Right's policy to deal with Britain's economic crisis. The struggle against those cuts is a key element of the fightback. The stand taken by the London Borough of Lambeth has been notable in this respect. In this interview, Ted Knight, Leader of Lambeth Council, assesses the success and problems of its stand. Jeff Rodrigues, Secretary of Lambeth Borough Communist Party, conducted the interview.

Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe
Socialist Strategy - Where Next?
The seventies saw major innovations in revolutionary strategy. By and large, though, these advances were political rather than theoretical. In this article, Ernesto Laclau, author of Politics and Ideology in Marxist Theory and Chantal Mouffe, who edited Gramsci and Marxist Theory, look at the theoretical evolution of revolutionary strategy and consider the next stage.

Simon Frith
John Lennon
The tragic death of John Lennon has robbed us of one of the truly great figures of postwar British culture. John Lennon, of all the Beatles, symbolised and helped to shape the great progressive changes of the sixties. Simon Frith, author of The Sociology of Rock and writer for the Melody Maker, considers John Lennon's achievement.

Jill Brown, Pamela Trevithick, Carol Metters
The Forward Face of Feminism
The authors continue the discussion

Lynn Garafola
American Culture - a cop out
The author looks at David Edgar's article which appeared in our October issue.

Tom Litterick — The Shattered Peace.
Pat Seyd — Labour in Power? British Social Democracy, A Short History of the Labour Party.


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Marxism Today February 1981
TV Franchising Local Government FinanceSexual Violence

David Plotke
Reagan: is it as bad as it sounds?
A right-wing Republican is now US President. American politics has shifted to the right. David Plotke, an editor of the American journal Socialist Review, examines the extent of this shift and the prospects for the US and the world with Reagan in the White House.

Fred Steward
The Politics of Technology
Technological issues are now big politics. A few examples —microprocessing, nuclear power, Concorde, juggernauts — suffice to make the point. Fred Steward, a lecturer in technology policy at Aston University and member of the Communist Party's Science and Technology Committee, looks at why technology has become such a hot political and social question — and argues that the Left must develop a coherent view on the direction and control of technology.

Tony Lane
Merseyside under the hammer
Jarrow and the South Wales mining villages both evoke memories of the thirties depression. Merseyside threatens to become a symbol of unemployment in the eighties. Tony Lane, at present a research officer for the TGWU based in Liverpool and author of The Unions Make us Strong, looks at Merseyside's plight and the growth of resistance.

Dan Smith
Goodbye to Detente?
The co-editor of Protest and Survive and former vice-chairperson of CND looks at the decline of detente.

Jane Darke
Architecture: the past fights back
A response to Richard Hill's article in our November issue.

Johanna Wilson
Import Controls - on the Left's terms
The author argues that Import Controls can play only a limited role.

Paul Levine — The Alternative Economic Strategy. There is an Alternative. The British
Economic Disaster.

Victor Kiernan — Scottish Capitalism.

Alan Hunt — Pashukanis: Selected Writings on Marxism and Law.



Marxism Today March 1981
Labour's BattlesTrade Union ImmunitiesEl Salvador

Jean Gardiner
Women, Recession and the Tories
Women made important advances in the seventies. Now Thatcherism and recession have changed all that: women are under attack. Jean Gardiner, a member of our editorial board andco-author of The Political Economy of British Capitalism, looks at what is happening.

Dave Triesman
Football in Decline
Football is Britain's great national winter sport. Yet it faces growing difficulties. Dave Triesman, a writer on sport, argues that football is in decline and only radical solutions can tackle the problem.

Piero Borghini
Italy: the intractable crisis
Italy faces the most serious political crisis in Western Europe. Piero Borghini, a member of the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party, looks at the nature of that crisis and the PCI's strategy.

Interview with Alan Fisher
Cuts in public expenditure have put the public sector unions at the centre of attention. NUPE is one of the largest. In this interview, Alan Fisher, General Secretary of NUPE and Chairman of the TUC, discusses the problems facing NUPE and the trade union movement generally.

Francis Mulhern
The Cambridge Affair
Suddenly, the English Faculty atCambridge University has hit the national headlines. Francis Mulhern, author of The Moment of 'Scrutiny', discusses the issues involved.

Bill Laughlan
Labour's Long Haul
The author discusses the implications of developments in the Labour Party for the Communist Party.

Dave Cook — Politics and Power 2
David Parker — Ideology and Popular Protest


Marxism Today April 1981

The BudgetEducation Cuts

Interview with Arthur Scargill
Since Thatcher took office the trade union movement has been on the defensive. The recent victory by the miners marked the first real break. It raised the spectre of 1970-74. In this interview, Arthur Scargill, the President of the Yorkshire Miners, looks at the significance of the Tory retreat, the problems now facing the labour movement, and longer term strategy.
The interview was conducted by Dave Priscott, a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party and our Editorial Board.

Stuart Hall
The'Little Caesars' of Social Democracy
The Council for Social Democracy represents the most important 'breakaway' from the Labour Party since 1931. Its avowed objective is a realignment of British politics and the emergence of the 'centre' as the dominant political force. In this article, Stuart Hall, co-author of Policing The Crisis, looks at its nature and significance.

Japan: the Right on the Offensive
The seventies saw major advances by the Japanese Left. Now the Right is on the offensive. But the Liberal Democrats underlying position is much weaker. In this special interview for Marxism Today, Koichiro Ueda, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party, examines political developments in the world's second most powerful capitalist country.

Stephen Sedley
The Growing Police Challenge
The Police force has adopted an increasingly independent and strident position on law and order. The latest example is the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure. Stephen Sedley, a barrister, looks at what is involved.


Adam Sharpies
The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy

The author, who works for the Labour Party's Research Department, discusses Bob Rowthorn's article in the January issue.

Paul Nicholls
Goodbye to Detente?
The discussion continues.

Tamara Deutscher — Chinese Revolutionary
Vic Allen — Challenge to Power



Marxism Today May 1981


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Poland The 364 EconomistsPeople's March for JobsBondage Judge Shakes Giscard

Sam Aaronovitch
Unemployment - halting the slide There are now some 2.5 million officially unemployed. The prospect is for a further big
increase. Unemployment has become a central issue in British politics. It will dominate the eighties. Sam Aaronovitch, author of The Road From Thatcherism and a member of the
Communist Party Economic Committee, looks at the causes of unemployment, how it can be
fought and what kind of policies are needed to tackle it.

Paul Olive Realignment - the case of the Liberals The Liberal Party, although only a small parliamentary force, has consistently retained a significant electoral base. That base, moreover, has over the years been expanding. Now, with the emergence of the SDP, the Liberals are in a new position. Paul Olive, a Morning Star reporter, looks at the Liberal Party and its likely prospects.

John Mathews The Politics of Cancer
Cancer is one of the big killers. But can anything be done about it? John Mathews, untilrecently a trade union health and safety researcher, argues that environmental factors are the key problem.

Jamaica in Turmoil
The recent election saw the defeat of Manley and a victory for the Right. In this interview,
Trevor Munro, general secretary of the Jamaican Workers Party, discusses the gravity of the setback, the reasons for it and what is likely to happen now. The interview was conducted by Ken Fuller.


John Harrison The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy
The co-author of The British Economic Disaster argues that the alternative economic strategy is too mild.

Tom Durkin Goodbye to Detente?
The author takes issue with previous contributions.

Richard Johnson - Arguments Within English Marxism: One Dimensional Marxism -
Althusser and the Politics of Culture
Bernard Dix - The Road From Thatcherism






Marxism Today June 1981
FranceLocal Elections

Tony Bunyan
The Growing Power of the Military
Traditionally, the armed forces have largely been excluded from civil life in Britain. That is
beginning to change. Tony Bunyan, author of The Political Police in Britain and a member of the editorial group of State Research, looks at the way the military is steadily encroaching on domestic politics and what this means.

John Kelly
Steel - an irreversible decline?
The decline of British Steel has been one of the most dramatic examples of deindustrialisation. John Kelly, a lecturer in industrial relations and researcher on the steel industry, looks at the causes of its decline, the trade union response and what kind of alternative is needed.

Rodney Hilton
The English Rising of 1381
In 1381 there was an extraordinary uprising against the established authorities. It was broad, it was far reaching and its consequences were profound. On the 600th Anniversary of the 'Peasant's Revolt', Rodney Hilton, Professor of History at Birmingham University, looks at what it was and what forces lay behind it.

US Policy Toward Latin America
Reagan's foreign policy is aimed at restoring American power and influence. Latin America
occupies a central position in this design. The objective is to roll back the progressive
advances. In this interview, Saul Landau, co-author of Assassination on Embassy Row, looks at some of the issues. The interview was conducted by Mike Gatehouse.

Sam Russell, Ian Davison
Goodbye to Detente?
In these contributions to the discussion, the Foreign Editor of the Morning Star and the
secretary of the Scottish CND respectively, look at some new questions.

Brian Nichols
The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy
The author looks at the relationship between the alternative economic strategy and the fight against the cuts.

Raymond Williams — George Orwell, A Life
Andrew Chester — Memoirs of a Socialist Business Man
Eileen Phillips — Microelectronics: Capitalist Technology and the Working Class


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Marxism Today July r1981

The pound SNP Civil Service Dispute

Brenda Kirsch
Brixton and After
Within the space of a year there have been two serious clashes between the police and a local community. Brenda Kirsch, who is active in Lambeth politics and was a member of the Lambeth Inquiry into Police-Community Relations, examines the underlying causes of the Brixton disturbances and some of its longer term implications.

Interview with Wynne Godley
The Cambridge Economic Policy Group has an unrivalled reputation for medium term
economic forecasting. It has been a strong critic of the Tory government's deflationary policies and, for some time, a proponent of import controls. In this interview, Wynne Godley, the Director of the Group, discusses the impact of Tory policies, the prospects for the British economy and possible alternative policies, including those of the Left. The interview was conducted by Bob Rowthorn, a member of our Editorial Board, and Dave Currie.

Dave Laing
The Music Industry in Crisis
The self confidence of the large record companies in the sixties has given way to gloom and pessimism in the eighties. Dave Laing, a writer on popular music, looks at the reasons for the decline and what the Left's response should be.

Graham Trickey
Reproducing Royalty
In the month of the Royal Wedding, Graham Trickey, aMoming Star journalist, asks what its all about.


Bert Ramelson
The author argues that the Polish Communist Party is going through a process of renewal.

Judith Bloomfield
The author discusses the strategy of the Italian Communist Party.


Caroline Rowan — Women Workers in the First World War. The Politics of Motherhood.

Mark Harrison — Stalin's Successors: Leadership, Stability and Change in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union Since Stalin.

Ouanie Bain — Silver Linings.



Marxism Today August1981  

Time OutClaret and BlueUniversity Cuts Riots and the Police

Keith Cowling
Can the British Car Industry Survive?
The decline of the British car industry is without parallel in Western Europe. The one surviving British manufacturer, BL, is literally fighting for its life. Keith Cowling, Professor of Economics at Warwick University, examines the causes of the decline and how the industry might be saved.

Vicky Seddon
Violence Against Women: male power in action
The Yorkshire Ripper case suddenly made violence against women a national issue. Yet it is not a new phenomenon: it is an everyday threat. Vicky Seddon looks at its roots and what needs to be done.

Interview with Georges Seguy
The French elections marked the most important election victory for the Left in Western Europe since the immediate postwar period. In this interview, Georges Seguy, general secretary of the CGT, France's largest trade union centre, discusses the problems and

Monty Johnstone
Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic?
The question of democracy is central to political advance in Western Europe. But is the Marxist tradition adequate to the task?

Dave Forman

The Politics of Cancer
The author argues that cancer has many causes — and therefore a many-sided strategy is called for.


Peter Higgins — What Unemployment Means. The Workless State.
Mike Potter — Towards Socialist Welfare Work.


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Marxism Today September 1981

The Tory Attack on Training
West German Peace Movement

Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud
France Moves Left
The Left has finally ended over two decades of uninterrupted government by the FrenchRight. The recent elections could prove to be the most important for the European Left since 1945. The authors, both members of the French Communist Party, analyse the reasons for the
Left victory, why the Communist Party fared badly, and likely prospects.

Mark Harrison
Defence: the Tory dilemma
The Thatcher government promised major improvements in Britain's defence capacity. In the event, they have presided over a series of not insignificant cuts. The author, a lecturer in
economics at Warwick University, looks at the Tory dilemma.

Simon Watney
The present exhibition at the Hayward Gallery is a reminder of Picasso's unchallenged position as the greatest artist of the twentieth century. Simon Watney, author of English Post-Impressionism, looks at Picasso's achievement.

David Winchester

Trade Unions and the Recession
The new climate of mass unemployment and Thatcherism has put the trade unions on the defensive. David Winchester, lecturer in industrial relations at Warwick University, looks at the present state of the trade union movement and how it is responding.


Ray Chatwin Brixton and After
An examination of police-black relations.

PE Demetriou
The Music Industry in Crisis
The author looks at independent labels.

Reviews 28
John Allen Britain's Black Population — Labour and Racism.
Jeremy HawthornEssays on Realism


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Marxism Today October1981

Rise of US Dollar

Fermanagh-South Tyrone
Tabloid War

Interview with Mieczyslaw Rakowski
Over the last year Poland has captured the world's headlines. The formation of Solidarity
created a situation unique in Eastern Europe. The country continues to lurch from one crisis to the next. Mieczyslaw Rakowski is Deputy Premier and the government's chief negotiator with Solidarity. In this interview he discusses relations with Solidarity and Poland's prospects for the future.

Interview with Lech Walesa
The leader of Solidarity discusses its role and relationship to the state. Both interviews were conducted exclusively for Marxism Today in September by Monty Johnstone.

Jeff Rodrigues
The Riots of '81
This summer's riots have had a traumatic impact on the whole country. And their longer term consequences remain very unclear. The article examines some of the issues involved.

George Rude

The Riots in History
The author of The Crowd in History looks at some historical precedents for the recent riots.

Jean Gardiner and Sheila Smith
Feminism and the Alternative Economic Strategy
The alternative economic strategy has not only won the support of much of the labour
movement but also gained wider recognition. It remains, however, at a rather general level.
Here Jean Gardiner, co-author of The Political Economy of British Capitalism, and SheilaSmith, discuss what it should offer women.

Dave Priscott
Can Labour Succeed?
The Labour Left has, over the past two years, made impressive advances. Yet the Right
remains a powerful force, and there are signs of a major electoral crisis facing Labour. Dave Priscott, a member of the Editorial Board, looks at some of the questions.

Channel Five
The BBC Under PressureJonathan Coe
Sports CentresChris Lightbown
The Odeon ClosuresJohn Ellis

Cynthia CockburnSlump City
J FosterKarl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence


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Marxism Today November1981


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Labour After BrightonUS Defence ProposalsTUC ReformsSoviet Prices

Andrew Gamble Mrs Thatcher's Bunker:
the reshuffle and its consequences

The recent Cabinet reshuffle belied all expectations: it reinforced the position of the radical Right within the Government. Andrew Gamble, author of Britain in Decline, looks at where the Tories are going.

Simon Frith Youth in the Eighties
The experiences of youth in the eighties is quite different from previous postwar generations. Simon Frith, author of The Sociology of Rock, examines its implications .

Interview with Ken Livingstone
The GLC has embarked on a bold course of reform. In this interview, Ken Livingstone,
Leader of the GLC, explains what they are trying to do.

Goran Therborn Prospects for the European Left
The French elections have given new heart to the Left in Europe. But the picture remains very mixed. Goran Therborn, the well-known Swedish Marxist and author of What the Ruling Class Does When it Rules, argues that the Left's immediate prospects remain very uncertain.

John Grahl Reagan in Trouble
Wall Street has the jitters. Western Europe is worried. Is this a sign of things to come?

Channel Five
Sponsorship in Sport — Ron McKay
Post Punk Rock — Julie Burchill
Twilight in the Gods — Clive Barker
Television and the SDP — Justin Wren-Lewis

Discussion Alan Hunt Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic?
The author argues that the limitations of Lenin's contribution must be recognised.

Aidan Foster-Carter —
Marxist Theories of Imperialism.

Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism.

Patrick Seyd -
The Future of Socialism. Face the Future. Politics is for People.
The Socialist Agenda


Marxism Today December1981

European Peace MovementPrivate Rented HousingPolish Economic CrisisCancun —Third World Last?

Coming in from the Cold
A roundtable discussion with Tony Benn, Pete Carter and Jack Dromey
The People's March for Jobs was an extraordinary success. Here Tony Benn discusses with two of its national coordinators why it was so successful and what lessons the labour movement should draw from it.

Gwyn Williams
Mother Wales, get off me back ?
The image of Wales as a militant socialist country lives on. Gwyn Williams, Professor of History at University College Cardiff, argues this is now quite false: Wales is very different from what it was.

Roger Woddis
Santa in Crisis
Even Santa Claus has hit hard times.

George Catephores
Greece in the hour of change
Greece has shifted dramatically to the left. But George Catephores, a Greek economist living in Britain, argues that its most likely consequence will be to transform Greece into a modern European country.

Ireland's Intractable Crisis
Interviews with the UDA and the Provisional IRA
Northern Ireland remains in a state of permanent crisis. Andy Tyrie and John McMichael from the UDA and Danny Morrison from the Provisional IRA, in exclusive interviews with Bob Rowthorn, discuss relations between the two communities and the prospects for a settlement.

Channel Five

Musicals Bruce Cole
Imperial Architecture RevisitedRodney Mace
The Indian TourMihir Bose

Michael BleaneyThe Political Economy of British Capitalism
Theo NicholsArchitect or Bee? Living Thinkwork


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Marxism Today January 1982

CBILord DenningFitzgerald's Crusade

Bob Rowthorn
The Past Strikes Back
Britain's postwar decline is, by any standards, remarkable. The result has been growing political volatility. Bob Rowthorn, a member of our Editorial Board, discusses the causes o the process and what the SDP/Liberal Alliance might mean.

Monty Johnstone and Andreas Westphal
The Polish Crisis: is there a way out ?
For 18 months, Poland has been in a state of deep crisis. The authors examine its causes and possible scenarios. See also p5 for latest developments.

Interview with Jack Adams
The BL workforce has suffered one defeat after another. Jack Adams, convenor at BL Longbridge, argues that now, with the latest wage dispute, there has been a big change in the atmosphere.

Henry Patterson
Paisley and Protestant Politics
Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party is on the offensive. Henry Patterson, author of Class Conflict and Sectarianism looks at the changes in Protestant politics.

Channel Five
Black actors — Anton Phillips
Channel 4 — Stuart Hood
Karpov v. Korchnoi — Graham Taylor

Robin Blackburn
Can Labour Succeed?
The author argues that Labour must be transformed into a socialist party.

Marian Sling — Socialism and Democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1948


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Marxism Today February 1982

Going PrivateNicaraguaCrisis in the Prisons

Chris Husbands
The Politics of Confusion
The two-party system is under greater threat than at anytime since 1945. Chris Husbands, a lecturer in sociology at the London School of Economics, traces the growth in political
volatility culminating in the present challenge from the SDP/Liberal Alliance

Monty Johnstone
Poland's Military Crackdown
On December 13 a 'state of war' was declared in Poland. Monty Johnstone assesses the significance of the military takeover and its implications.

Vic Allen
The Miners on the Move
The miners have been the scourge of British governments for over a decade. Now, in Arthur Scargill, they have a militant president. Vic Allen, author of The Militancy of British Miners, examines the radicalisation of the miners.

Outlook for the Socialist Economies
A roundtable discussion with Wlodzimierz Brus, Julian Cooper, Michael Ellman and Mario Nuti.
The prospects for the capitalist world in the eighties look bleak. But the economic outlook for the socialist countries is not much better.

John Griffith
The Law Lords and the GLC
The Law Lords have stunned the Left. Here John Griffith, author of The Politics of the Judiciary, examines the reasoning of the Law Lords and some of its implications.

Channel Five
Interview with David Puttnam
St Valentines Day — Cath Jackson
What Chance Popular Theatre ? — John McGrath

Tamara Deutscher — Solidarity: Poland's Independent Trade Union -- Poland: The State of the Republic
Vicky Seddon — Subject Women


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Marxism Today March1982

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RapeSSRCPCF Congress

Andrew Gamble - The Rise and Rise of the SDP The SDP/Liberal Alliance has already changed the shape of British politics. What is not so clear is what the SDP actually is and where it is going. Andrew Gamble, author of Britain in Decline, examines the possibilities.

Mick Kelly and Jean Palutikof - Facing up to the Weather We have just experienced one of Britain's worst ever winters. But, more seriously, fundamental changes may be taking place in our climate.

Beatrix Campbell - Women: not what they bargained for The equal pay movement has ground to a halt. The differentials between men and women won't budge. Beatrix Campbell, co-author of Sweet Freedom, argues that the only way forward now is by tackling the basic roots of women's inequality.

Ron Smith - Defence After Trident
Whatever the government, the prospects for Trident look rather unlikely. But, can the Left turn any future cancellation to wider advantage, asks Ron Smith, co-author of The Political Economy of British Capitalism.

Mario Nuti - Poland's Economic Mess
Poland's economic crisis is, arguably, the worst in Europe. Mario Nuti, Director of the
Centre for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Birmingham, looks at the problems facing the military government.

Channel Five
Bertolucci and Italian Cinema — Margaret Tarratt
Dr Hoggart's Farewell — Peter Smith
Rioting on the Media — Justin Wren-Lewis and Alan Clarke

Dafydd Elis Thomas - Mother Wales get off me Back?
The author, a Plaid Cymru MP, looks at the prospects for the Left in Wales

Alan Walker — Labour Party Pamphlets.
Stephen Sedley — Striking a Balance.
Gaby Charing — Women in Society.

Women's Oppression Today.

Marxism Today April 1982

NamibiaThe Bristol City EightYamal Gas Pipeline Change on the Ultra-Right

Interview with John Alderson
Policing in the Eighties
Last summer's riots have made policing a major political issue. Here John Alderson, the radically minded Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, discusses the role of the police.

Sam Aaronovitch
Recipe for Defeat
The Labour Left have made extraordinary advances in the Labour Party. But is that
progress now threatened by the Left's political weaknesses?

Robert M Young
The Darwin Debate
The recent Arkansas case renewed the century-old debate on Darwin's theory of evolution. The creationists lost, but the left should not be drawn into blanket support for the scientific establishment.

Christian Tyler
Tebbit's Law: A Tory Dream Come True?
The Tories have taken another lunge at the unions. If successful, the consequences for trade
unionism wouldbe drastic. The stakes are, indeed, high.

Paul Bew
The Irish Election
The result of the recent Irish election was another cliff-hanger. The author looks at the background to the present stalemate in Irish politics.

Channel Five 32
Urban Cowboys — Mary Harron
Reclaiming Fashion — Caroline Holder
The Stuff that Dreams are made of— Kevin Gough-Yates
Snooker — Sheila Capstick

Geoff Bell Paisley and Protestant Politics
The author looks at the position of the Protestants

Ralph Miliband — The Forward March of Labour Halted?
John Fantham — Triumph of the People. Nicaragua: the Sandinista Revolution
Tess Woodcraft — Girls, Wives, Factory Lives. Women, where are your jobs going?


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Marxism Today May 1982

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The TimesSouth African National PartyWhen is a Trespass not a Trespass

Tony Benn - Democracy and Marxism: A Mutual Challenge Marxism has changed the world. Here Tony Benn, in the full text of the Marx Memorial Lecture, printed exclusively in Marxism Today, argues that British democracy needs Marxism and Marxism needs democracy.

Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud - The French Experiment The Mitterand government is one year old. It is already the boldest Left experiment in Western
Europe since the war. But what is it - and will it last?

Michael Pentz - Opportunity or Opportunism? Both Reagan and Brezhnev have recently come up with new disarmament initiatives. But do they offer the peace movement anything?

Bob Rowthorn - Britain and Western Europe The Left has been strongly anti-EEC. Yet Britain's integration with Western Europe is an irreversible and growing reality. How should the Left respond to this process?

Frankie Rickford - The Hidden Victims
Public transport has become a major political issue. But the plight of those most dependent on it remains neglected.

Channel Five
Interview with Sheila Hancock
Sound Barriers -
Sue Steward
Shakespeare's Sisters - Cathy Itzin
Movie Roles - Mandy Rose

Charles Clarke and David Griffiths Recipe for Defeat Labour needs to become a popular, campaigning party.

David Edgar - Every Sweet Thing
Elizabeth Wilson - Sex, Politics and Society
Chantal Mouffe - The Long March of the French Left


Marxism Today June 1982

OPEC US Peace Movement Information Technology


Brian Pollitt
From El Salvador to the Falklands:

A strategy in disarray
From the moment of taking office, Reagan was determined to roll back progressive change in Latin America. The events of 1982, from El Salvador to the Falklands, suggest that strategy is now in disarray.

Raymond Williams
Democracy and Parliament
'Parliamentary democracy' has moved to the centre of political debate. But parliamentary democracy has many meanings — and it is not what it seems. Yet this is no reason for the Left
to be complacent.

Interview with Herbert McCabe OP
The Polish Pope and the Catholic Church
John Paul II has introduced a very new style of papacy. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church in Britain has been going through some big changes.

Jon Bloomfield
Between The Blocs: Europe's third road to peace
The new cold war has given rise to a European-wide peace movement. Unlike previously, it has a distinctively European perspective.

Lee Bridges and Paul Gilroy
Striking Back
The recent use by the Metropolitan Police of race in crime statistics must be seen in a wider political context.

Channel Five

Diana Ross — Richard Dyer
Wimbledon Styles — Dave Berry
Indian Art — Charles Ashleigh

Mick Costello
Tebbit's Law: A Tory dream come true
What is it, and how can it be defeated?


Steve Gooch — A Good Night Out
Grazia Ietto Gillies — The New International Division of Labour


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Marxism Today July 1982

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Adman and Eve - Arms Trade -
Red Brigades - The Politics of Handicap

Robert Gray - The Falklands Factor
Thatcher has exploited the Falklands issue to the full. And the Left has found itself on the defensive and divided.

Tom Nairn - Britain's Living Legacy The Falklands crisis has proved an extraordinary and unpredictable episode. It
is a reminder of the power of Britain's
imperial legacy.

Miguel del Campo - Malvinas Crisis: What Next in Argentina? The Argentinian invasion of the Malvinas has unleashed unpredictable forces in Argentina itself. Can the junta survive?

John Harrison - Thatcherism: is it working? The Treasury is now claiming that the economy has turned the corner. Thatcherism is beginning to work — or is it?

Melvyn Bragg -
Writers and War
The hero of war has historically been the hero of the novel. From the First World War, that tradition began to change. But the change is far from complete.

John Mcllroy - Anatomy of a Redundancy Struggle The fight to defend jobs at the Laurence Scott factory in Manchester became national news.
It lasted many months and won wide support, but in the end it was defeated. What can we learn?

Channel Five
The World Cup — Stan Levenson
Post-War Craft — Peter Dormer
British Cinema in Europe — Ian Christie
Where have all the books gone? — John Vincent

Ben Ramelson Britain and Western Europe
The case for withdrawal from the EEC is as strong as ever.

Fran Bennett — Sweet Freedom: the Struggle for Women's Liberation
Michael Barratt Brown — Britain in Decline
Nicholas Blake — Conspiracy: Law, Class and Society





Marxism Today August 1982
Bradford 12SDP LeadershipSpanish Communist Party


Pamela A Smith
The Palestinians and The Lebanon
Israel has inflicted a serious military defeat on the PLO. But the Palestinian problem will not go away.

John Kelly
Useful Work and Useless Toil
Millions of jobs are boring and unrewarding. But do they have to be?

John Callaghan
The Politics of the Militant Tendency
The Labour Right wants to exclude the Militant Tendency from the Labour Party. But what is Militant and what does it stand for?

Gwyn A Williams
Land of our Fathers
Wales is not what it used to be and the Welsh Left has still to adapt.

Cecil Gutzmore
The Notting Hill Carnival
It is in the classical tradition of carnivals — a festival and an expression of resistance.

Channel Five
Fassbinder - Derek Malcolm
Snap, Prattle and Pop - Claire Pollak
The Eisteddfod - Gareth Miles

John Lea and Jock Young
Race and Crime
We should resist a romantic view of black crime.


Chris Middleton - Of Marriage and the Market
Donald Sassoon - After Poland



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Marxism Today September 1982

Free NewspapersThe Democrats' New DawnHard Luck, Hard Rock


Tony Lane
The Unions: Caught on an Ebb Tide
The trade union movement is in difficulties — and it's not just because of
Thatcherism and unemployment.

Mihir Bose
Sport and South Africa
The sporting boycott of South Africa will not bring apartheid down, but it matters in more ways than is usually recognised.

USSR After Brezhnev
The ascendancy of Lenin, Stalin, Khruschov and Brezhnev have marked distinctive phases in Soviet history. How should we view the Brezhnev era and what is likely to succeed it?

Alan Walker
Why We Need a Social Strategy
The welfare state has proved strikingly vulnerable to the Thatcherite offensive. There is no simple going back — so where do we go?

Ron Ayers
Militarism in the Third World
The alternative to arms supplies from the advanced countries is not indigenous arms manufacture.

Channel Five
Interview with Ngugi wa Thiong'o -
Silly Hats and the Navy: The Last Night of the Proms — Malcolm Barry and Olivia Harris
Ambiguities of the Estate — Robin Evans

Jenny Warren
Britain and Western Europe
The EEC is not the answer.

Alan Hunt — Law and Order: Arguments for Socialism
Rosalind Brunt — The Culture Gap. Popular Culture: Past and Present



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Marxism Today October 1982

Joseph's Education StrategyAssembly Elections in Northern Ireland The Tories
and the Foreign Office


Eric Hobsbawm
The State of the Left in Western Europe
The Right is weaker than a decade ago and the Left has made advances. But the
picture is uneven and insecure.

Kenneth Leech
Is the Church of England Really Moving to the Left?
The Falklands service, the national anthem, disarmament: the Right is accusing the Church of England of going to the left. What is actually happening?

Andre Gunder Frank
The Atlantic Alliance in Disarray
The alliance between the United States and the Western Europe has been the centrepiece of Western politics since the war. Now it is racked by feuding and tension.

Steve Iliffe
Health Care — a headache for the Left?
The NHS is under attack from the Tories. But the problems of health care are also long term and deep seated.

Peter Hain
Prospects for Labour
What kind of Labour Party is emerging from the post-1979 internal struggles?

Channel Five
Interview with Hugh Jenkins

Wren's Reputation — Nick Rowling

Gregor McLennan — Main Currents of Marxism. Is There a Future for Marxism? A Contemporary Critique of Historical Materialsm.
Bill Schwarz — Missing. Assassination on Embassy Row.



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Marxism Today November 1982

Crash of '83?US-Cuba RelationsPayment for Debt


Interview with Rodney Bickerstaffe
Going Public
The health workers' dispute has emerged as one of the most potent challenges to the Thatcher government's economic policies.

Anthony Barnett
Shackleton's Dream Island
The Tories have won the war: but what are they going to do with the spoils?

Stuart Hall
A Long Haul
The labour movement has been on the defensive since 1979 and the causes are long term and profound.

Robert Gray
Left Holding the Flag
'God Save the Queen', the Union Jack; how does the Left relate to Britain as a nation? It isn't easy — but a way must be found.

John Fairley
The Great Training Robbery
The Tories are transforming the face of training. And we haven't got much to say about it.

Dave Priscott, Pete Carter, Andrew Clarke The Unions: Caught on the Ebb Tide.
Tony Lane's article in the September issue has caused considerable
controversy. Here are three responses.

Channel Five

Women command the Flagship -
Lesley Hilton

Festival of Lights -
Zareer Masani

A Train Stopped in Moscow
John Birch

French broadcasting -
Suszi Benghiat

Jack Jones — Engineers at War 1939-45
Lionel Cliffe — The Ethiopian Revolution
John Hoffman — Communism and Philosophy: Marxism and the Methodologies of History



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Marxism Today December 1982
The Greens Women and Office WorkSteel — protect and survive


Anne Showstack Sassoon
Dual Role: women and Britain's crisis 6
Most women now work. But society still operates as if they don't. The result is a largely unseen but nonetheless profound social crisis.

Gerry Pocock
The End of a Dream?
Martial law in Poland is one year old. Its purpose was to destroy the independent workers' movement. Solidarity is certainly bowed — but is it defeated?

Redrawing the Political Map
A round table discussion with Sam Aaronovitch, Stuart Hall and Peter Jenkins.
By postwar standards, the last 4 years have seen dramatic political changes. 1983 will almost certainly see a general election. So where do we stand now: how strong is Thatcherism, is the
mould broken, can labour revive?

Timothy Hollins
The Cable Trip-Wire
Cable television is almost upon us. And the Inquiry into Cable Expansion seems to have given the green light.

Keith Cowling
The Heartland of Depression
In the long boom, the West Midlands was the symbol of prosperity. Today nowhere more dramatically describes the process of deindustrialisation and depression.

Channel Five

The Man Who Came to Christmas Dinner Leon Broome and John Bull

The Armslength Principle
Peter Dormer

African Music Lineup
Chris Stapleton

Local Radio
Thomas O'Malley

Jim Fyrth
The Unions: Caught on the Ebb Tide
The problem is the decline of political consciousness


Bernard Crick
The Politics of the Labour Party

Jon Bloomfield
Exterminism and the Cold War. Disarming Europe

Dennis Ogden
Poland: A Crisis for Socialism



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Marxism Today January 1983

Powell the unilateralistBrazil PrivatisationIrish elections


Harold Wolpe
Apartheid's Deepening Crisis
The last decade has seen big changes in South Africa: economic crisis, widening black resistance and significant changes in Afrikaner strategy. What will be the outcome?

Eric Hobsbawm
Falkland's Fallout
The Falklands war was not really about the Falklands at all, it was about domestic politics. And it gave a new and ominous portent of what might happen after Thatcher.

Lynne Segal
A Question of Choice
The accepted wisdom is that Thatcherism is forcing women
back into home. But it's not quite like that.

Michael Rustin
Power to the Provinces!
Labour has traditionally been antagonistic, or at best lukewarm, towards decentralisation —be it devolution or regional government. Now the SDP is making the running on regionalism, and the Left can't afford to be left behind.

Jon Halliday
Mr Weathervane takes over in Japan
Nakesone has just been elected as the new premier, marking a significant
shift to the right in Japanese politics.

Channel Five
Sierra Design — Interview with Dan Connor
Songs Of Resistance — Mary Ellison

Bill Warman
The Unions: Caught on the Ebb Tide
The last contribution to our discussion.

Chris Pond — Images of Welfare — The Politics of Poverty — Poverty and

Sarah Lefanu — A Chain of Voices
Jenny Warren — Threat from the East?



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Marxism Today February 1983
Death in JeddahSouth Korea's miracle stumblesChanges at the topFrench pragmatism


A New Force in the Land
A roundtable discussion with Sally Davison, Helen John and Joan Ruddock
The Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp has captured the imagination of the country. It represents a new kind of politics. But what can — and can't — it do?

Chris Pond
Taxation: a political liability
In 1979, a major reason for the Tory victory was the promise to cut income tax. It hasn't happened. But taxation remains a key problem which the Left has neglected.

Dave Cook and Peter Hain
Proportional representation: threat or opportunity?
The emergence of the Alliance has put proportional representation much higher on the political agenda. The Left remains very divided on its own attitude. Here we present two conflicting views.

Harold Immanuel
Sizewell Syndrome
The Tory government is committed to a massive programme of nuclear power stations. Sizewell 'B' would be the first of many. But all the signs are that this is going to become — for the first time — a major political issue.

Doug Cook
Lessons of the NHS Dispute
The author looks at the recent health workers struggle.

Channel Five
Black footballers — Peter Ball
News on Channel 4 — Brian McNair
A Question of Silence — Sarah Lefanu
The Rise of the Slopes — Maria Loftus

Hilary Land — The Anti-Social Family
Martin Weegman — Feminine Sexuality — Feminism and Psychoanalysis
Grahame Thompson — The Lucas Plan — The Unequal Struggle?



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Marxism Today March 1983
Fleet Street shuffleThe sinking poundThe family way


Karl Marx: 100 Not Out
A roundtable discussion with Eric Hobsbawm, Ralph Miliband, Bob Rowthorn and Anne Sassoon.
This month is the centenary of Marx's death. His influence has been enormous. How do his ideas look today and what are the prospects for the future?

Simon Frith
Post Punk Blues
The late 70s saw the heyday of political pop. Since then it has waned, but pop continues to express the concerns and pleasures of the youth generation.

John Kelly
Tebbit Changes Tack
The assault on the unions remains central to Tory strategy. But the latest Green Paper marks a shift in the nature of that offensive.

What Does Marx Mean to You?

Marx's impact on Britain and the world is extraordinary. We asked people from a wide variety of different spheres and views what he means to them.

Christopher Husbands
Unemployment and Politics
A big majority of the British people regard unemployment as the biggest issue facing the nation. But it hasn't — as yet — produced a shift against the Tories.

Channel Five
Interview with Alan Ayckbourn
Rediffusing television — Gillian Skirrow
Celebrating the Centenary — Richard Dyer

Gerry Pocock
Falklands Fallout
The honourable record of the Left

Anne Sassoon — Marx: A Hundred Years On
Anthony Dorrell — Shostakovich: the man and his music



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Marxism Today April 1983

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The Nigerian exodus Local councils and decentralisationFagan and Trespass

Jon Bloomfield Year of Decision The peace movement is now more powerful than ever. But the Governmenthas embarked on a major counter-offensive. Can we stop Cruise?

Interview with Uri Avneri
Israel lurches to the Right With the invasion of the Lebanon, the Begin regime has shifted further to the right. And future prospects look far from hopeful.

Doreen Massey The Shape of Things to Come The composition of the workforce has changed profoundly. And so have
the regions that make up Britain. The Left has some thinking to do: because the implications are enormous.

Hugo Levie Britain Goes to the Sales
The Tories meant what they said. They are determined to dismember the public sector.

Hannah Kanter and Jennifer Peck
Rape: the Burden of Proof Rape law remains overwhelmingly biased against women.

Channel Five
Woman's Hour — interview with Wyn Knowles and Sue MacGregor
Joan Armatrading — Mary Harron
Sanitising the War — Anthony Arblaster

Roy Lockett — Gramsci's Political Thought
Bob Jessop — Capitalist Democracy in Britain


Marxism Today May 1983

Zimbabwe in TurmoilMedia and New TechnologyAusterity in FranceThe Police Bill


David Currie
Opec Over a Barrel
The oil price has been cut. And Opec is now on the defensive and vulnerable.

Chris Pond
Rediscovering Poverty
Poverty has become the forgotten issue of British politics. That is now beginning
to change. But the labour movement still doesn't take it seriously.

John Gordon
North-South: the axis shifts
There is no sign of a New International Economic order. So the South is now
pressing for more pragmatic measures.

Phil Lee
Welfare State: The Second Front Opens
So far it's been mainly words and not much action. But the recent leaks suggest the Tories, given another chance, will go for bust.

Pat Hudson
The Right and the Green
West German politics has shifted right, with implications for the rest of Europe.

Channel Five
Interview with Buchi Emecheta
Video and Pop — Paul Morley
Sir William Walton — Malcolm Barry

John Fisher— Farewell to the Working Class: Socialism and Survival
Jitendra Mohan — Dynamics of Global Crisis: Crisis in the Third World: The Third
World in Global Development

Letters & Notes

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Marxism Today June 1983


ads & classified

Chinese Foreign Policy The Trident Factor Drought in Africa

Interview with Neil Kinnock
Over the last four years, Labour has been trying to come to terms with both Thatcherism and its own longer-term decline. In this interview, Neil Kinnock, one of the major figures on the Labour Left, explores these issues and post-election prospects.

Dave Triesman - They're Off . . .
The flat racing season is well underway, the Derby is about to happen. Horse racing exercises an enormous influence on rich and poor alike.

John Grahl - The Liberal Revolutionary
Keynes has had a greater impact on British politics this century than any other thinker. For many years, he was almost sacrosanct. Now he is derided by the radical Right. The Left still can't make up its mind.

Dave Morris - Unemployment Blues
The trade union movement is in difficulties — and, at root, the problem is unemployment.

David Arnold - The Man behind the Film
Gandhi remains one of the great figures of the twentieth century. But his long run legacy for India is an ambiguous one.

Channel Five
Interview with Alexei Sayle
James Bond in the 80s — Tony Bennett
Mass Market Feminism — Margaret Tarratt

Andrew Gamble — Thatcher's Britain: Britain Can Work: After the New
Right: The Salisbury Review

Veronica Beechey — Brothers



Marxism Today July 1983


ads & classified

NicaraguaShipbuilding on the rocksIndonesia

Andrew Gamble Thatcher: The Second Coming
The Thatcherite revolution has consolidated its hold on British society,
leaving the left in apparent disarray.

Doreen Massey The Contours of Victory
The Tory victory reveals new patterns of political allegiances and challenges
accepted wisdom about party loyalty.

Vicky Seddon Keeping Women in their Place
Sexual harassment is an added and unpleasant burden facing working
women. But recent research suggests that it plays a significant role in emphasising sexual divisions at work.

Brian Wood
Impasse in Namibia
A flurry of recent diplomatic activity has failed to dislodge apartheid's grip on Namibia. What are the prospects now for liberation?

Channel 4: The First Nine Months
Interview with Jeremy Isaacs
Stuart Hood talks to the chief executive of the controversial experiment in broadcasting

Channel Five
Tycoon by Design — Adrian Forty
Young British Novelists — Anita Phillips
Italian Summers — Iain Chambers and Lidia Curti

Malcolm Rutherford — The Politics of Thatcherism
Esmee Barnsby — Feminism, Culture and Politics




Marxism Today August 1983


ads & classified

Jam or Jerusalem?The Japanese electionsDepo Provera

Iran — Revolution in Reverse
The overthrow of the Shah was one of the great popular revolutions of this century. But the Islamic regime that replaced it has been highly ambiguous. Now it has turned on the Left. Here we interview A Sadeg,
a representative of the Tudeh Party.

Stan Parker The British on Holiday
Foreign holidays are on the increase, but hoiday-making in Britain still predominates.

Paul Hirst Hanging — the End of the Rope The pro-hanging lobby has been defeated, but this issue is unlikely to go away.

Donald Sassoon Christian Democracy's crumbling edifice
The recent Italian elections resulted in a stunning defeat for Christian Democracy and new possibilities for the Italian communists.

Opinion pollsters or opinion formers?
A roundtable discussion with James Curran, Peter Kellner and Bob Worcester.
The general election saw a positive epidemic of opinion polls. They also
remain controversial. We explore some of the issues.

Channel Five
Armchair Travelling — Stephen Hayward
Popular and Political Theatre — an interview with Dario Fo
The Artists' International Association — Lynda Morris

John Saville, The Liberal Revolutionary
The mixed blessing of 1945

Julian Cooper — The Economics of Feasible Socialism
Dennis Ogden — Andropov





Marxism Today September 1983


ads & classified

A drop in the ocean?Squeezing the poorChile's shaky junta

Bob Rowthorn • Think positive — rethink Labour
Labour suffered a historic defeat in the general election. Worse could follow. Now is the time for some serious rethinking.

Ray Forrest • Home sweet home
The Thatcher years have seen major changes in housing. Council housing is on the retreat and owner-occupation is increasingly important.

For whom the block votes?
A roundtable discussion
The Tories want to loosen, possibly break, the ties between Labour and the unions. At the election, a minority of trade unionists voted Labour. In this roundtable, six trade
unionists discuss the problems and how to tackle them.

James Donald •
Class of 83
The Left must regain the initiative on education. But to do so, it needs to reassess its arguments.

Ian Davison • Will protest survive? CND after the election
As cruise gets closer, CND becomes more important. But the election didn't help.

Channel Five
Interview with Salman Rushdie
Paul Robeson: Militant Humanism — Richard Dyer
Latin American Cinema — Michael Chanan

Reviews 43
Eileen Phillips — Arguments for Socialism series
Brian Bolton — Why are the British bad at manufacturing? — Japan
in the passing lane.




Marxism Today October 1983

Crime PreventionPolish economic reformEqual pay

Labour's Lost Millions
Eric Hobsbawm
Labour was trounced in June. It could be marginalised over the next decade — or sooner. So what do we do about it?

Feminism is Dead? Long Live Feminism
Tricia Davis
The Tories have a far more subtle position on women than is generallynrecognised. They have been forced to acknowledge the strength of feminism. So why is the Left retreating from it?

Interview with David Yip, the Chinese

David Yip, the star of The Chinese Detective, looks at the series and the
problems confronting the ethnic minorities on the screen and in society.

The Popular Front Revisited
Dave Priscott
The Left has underestimated the strength and threat of Thatcherism. The experience of the 30s serves as both a warning and a guide.

Privatising Pleasure — the Communications Revolution
Peter Golding and Graham Murdock
A revolution is being wrought in the communications industries, yet the Left is hardly aware of its existence, let alone what to do about it.

Interview with Keith Waterhouse
Political Theatre — David Edgar
Televised Football — David Berry and Steve Pinder
Spotlight: No Go Music — Chris Bohn

Richard Saville — The Cambridge Economic History of India:
Civilisation and Capitalism
Michael Rustin — What is to be Done about the Family?



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Marxism Today November 1983
The rain that killsRacism in FranceNigeria comes of age


Central America: the Eagle Hovers • Jenny Pearce
The US strategy isn't working. So Reagan, bit by bit, is escalating the situation. Where will it end?

The Uneasy Alliance
Andrew Gamble
The Alliance came out of the election as victor and loser. Now it faces difficult options — and new tensions.

Caught in the Wheels
Cynthia Cockburn
Engineering and technology is a man's world. The era of 'equal opportunities' has made virtually no difference. There's got to be some explanation.

Interview with George Melly
A tour of the 60s, Thatcherism, jazz and surrealism with one of jazz's best-known personalities.

The Long and Winding Road
A roundtable discussion
The Communist Party, like the rest of
the Left, is not without its problems. Four leading Communists discuss how they see things.


Interview with Peter Preston, Guardian editor

Radio Franchises — Thomas O'Malley
Hip Little Englanders — Marek Kahn
Spotlight: The Fringe — Paul Allen


Karl Dallas — Victor: an unfinished song
Alan Macdougall — Inside the Inner City


Michael Meacher and Robin Cook respond to Eric Hobsbawm's 'Labour's Lost Millions'.



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Marxism Today December 1983

Mirror's imageTrouble at the polyHongkong: crisis? what crisis?


America Presents Arms
John Cox
The US invades Grenada. It's all too familiar. But things are changing.
The third world is now at the centre of the cold war.

The Caribbean's Stolen Jewel
Andy Green
Grenada's revolution was young, but it had done a lot.

France's Resurgent Right
Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud
The French Right is on the offensive — and making unholy alliances.

Labour's capital gains: The GLC experience
Michael Ward
The Labour GLC has pioneered a new kind of municipal socialism.

Iran's Revolution turns sour
Fred Halliday
The Iranian revolution has gone badly wrong. The Left has been suppressed and the Tudeh Party forced underground.

Street credibility — Rosalind Brunt
Happy Birthday, WEA — Trevor Blackwell
Women Draw 1984
Spotlight: Christmas Wines — Edmund Penning-Rowsell

We asked a variety of people which book they most enjoyed reading in 1983.

Eric Heffer continues the discussion on Eric Hobsbawm's 'Labour's Lost Millions'.



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Marxism Today January 1984

Conflict in the southern SudanThe housing benefit bungleBack to jail


Lebanon: the Middle East battleground
Roger Owen
The Lebanon has been torn apart by internal and external strife. But now the situation has been internationalised in a quite new way.

Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1984
Raymond Williams
1984 has finally arrived. How has the novel stood the test of time?

The Culture Gap
Stuart Hall
Postwar Britain has witnessed enormous cultural changes. But the Left has remained at best indifferent, at worst hostile.

David Edgar
Imagine Thatcherism triumphs at the next election—and again and again.
Just what will Britain be like on the eve of the twenty-first century?

The Age of Unemployment
A roundtable discussion
Unemployment is the issue which most concerns the British people. But not much is happening.

Interview with Melvyn Bragg
The Genius of Venice — Tony del Renzio
Spotlight: The Unhipness of Eolk — Karl Dallas


John Cox — Soviet Policy under Brezhnev and Andropov: The Making of the Second Cold War: Cold War or Detente?

Nick Kimberley
— The Sound of the City: Sound Effects

Bert Munro and Des Walshe, and Anna Coote discuss 'Labour's Lost



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Marxism Today February 1984

Sinclair — a chip off the old block?Pension fundsYour shekel or your wallet

Caught in the Gender Trap
Jean Gardiner
One of the great social changes of the postwar period has been the transformation in the position of women. It is also one which the labour movement has failed to keep abreast with.

The New (Liberal) Left
Interview with
Michael Meadowcroft
British politics ain't what it once was. Party labels are no longer quite so self-defining. The emergence of a Left in the Liberal Party is a case in point.

Britain's Misspent Youth
Dan Finn
Once the MSC was about job-creation. Now it — and the YTS — are much more about cultural conditioning.

Yugoslavia: An Experiment in Crisis
Martin Myant
The Yugoslavs have developed a very individual style of socialism.
But they now face major economic problems, and their democratic processes are being severely criticised
The Unions: Is there life after Warrington?
John Mcllroy and John Lloyd
There's no doubt about it. The NGA dispute at Warrington was one of the most important in recent years. But what conclusions should we draw?

Panto Panto — Richard Dyer
Cinema from Three Continents — Roy Armes
Brookside — Christine Geraughty
Spotlight: The Trouble with Poetry — Michele Roberts

Andrew Gamble— The Thatcher government: Thatcher and friends
Fred Halliday — Class Struggle is the Name of the Game

Dave Cook and Roger Poole discuss 'Labour's Lost Millions'.



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Marxism Today March 1984
South Africa's dilemmaDrugs and xenophobia Monetarism in retreatSpanish Communist Party

Labour: Rump or Rebirth
Eric Hobsbawm
Labour can recover. But only if it respects its traditions.

Administrative Law: A New Tsar is Born?
Stephen Sedley
The judges have been quietly but inexorably redrawing the boundaries between the judiciary and the executive at the latter's expense.

Unions in Search of their Members
Richard Jewison
Left policies and leaders shouldn't be confused with the views of the trade union membership. OK. But how do you win the membership

Britain's Growing Greens
Interview with Jonathon Porritt
Green issues are becoming more central. But the relationship between the Left and green politics remains at best distant, at worst non-existent.

The Victorian Visionary
Robbie Gray
William Morris was not just an important Victorian figure, he has something to offer us today.

Opera's Rising Star — Anthony Arblaster
Light Dimensions — Michael Cross
Spotlight: Classical Music — Malcolm Barry

Cynthia Cockburn — Women in Control
Tricia Davis — The Left and the Erotic: Sex and Love
Betty Matthews — In The Tracks of Historical Materialism

Kathy Myers and Ann Sedley discuss feminism in 1984.



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Marxism Today April 1984

Divorce — keeping it in the familyAndropov's 455 daysTraining for jobsItalian unions

Storming the Town Halls: a Rate-Cap Revolution
John Stewart
The Conservative government, in its efforts to reduce local authorityexpenditure, is now challenging the very principle of local government.

The Egyptian Enigma
Chris Mowles
Egypt is beginning to stir again. But it is more likely to be a mild version of Sadat than a return to Nasser.

How the Other Half Lives
Beatrix Campbell
Labour's crisis isn't mainly about policies, it's about its relationship with the people.

Crossed Lines: Communists in Search of an Identity
Jon Bloomfield
The Communist Party may be small, but its present disputes affect the whole of the Left.

The Bleak Country
Frank Gaffikin and Andrew Nickson
The jobs crisis in the West Midlands is a product of global restructuring as much as the domestic recession.

Barry Manilow: opium of die missus — Barney Hoskyns
Photography's changing face
Allan Harkness
Gay Switchboard 10 years on
Jeffrey Weeks
Musicals now
Stephanie McKnight
Spotlight: China Watching
Brian Hipkin

Gregor McLennan — Class Power and State Power
John Peck — What is Proportional Representation?



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Marxism Today May 1984

New Ireland Forum CPSU and Spanish communists Racism and employment

To Buy or Not to Buy: is that the question?
David Griffiths and Chris Holmes
The Left has lost out badly on housing. It's time for a rethink.

Taking Liberties- Interview w i th Larry Gostin
Thatcherism Mark II is engendering a growing concern with civil liberties. But how do you defend civil liberties — and which ones?

Mapping out the Unions
Doreen Massey and Nicholas Miles
Once union membership was concentrated in a few areas. Now it is more and more widely dispersed. With far-reaching implications.

Full Employment: Slogan or Strategy?
John Grahl
Unemployment is widely perceived to be Britain's most important problem. But the Left has so far lost the ideological argument. Perhaps it's time to look again at what we are actually offering.

Class Conundrum
Gregor McLennan
Working class has never automatically meant Labour, let alone socialist.

Modern Dance — Chris Savage-King
2-Way Communication — Joel Cayford
The Pre-Raphaelites — Deborah Cherry
Architects in Crisis — Martin Pawley

George Matthews — 1939: The Communist Party and the War
Judy Kimble — Sex and Destiny: the politics of human fertility

Ann Pettifor — Women and the Labour Party
Ron Bellamy — Trends in the Communist Party



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Marxism Today June 1984

House of LordsVideo NastiesSouth American Slump Hungarian Reforms

This Lady's Not for Turning: Thatcherism
Mark III
Andrew Gamble
After the election, it began to look as if Thatcherism might have lost its way. Now it doesn't. But what will happen is an open question.

The Unbridgeable Gulf
Patrick Cockburn
The Iran-Iraq war is three and a half years old. Once it seemed that Iran might win, now it looks like continuing stalemate.

Overstating the State
Geoff Hodgson
The dominant socialist tradition in Britain is based on a highly centralised idea of socialism. It won't work — and we won't get there. We need a more decentralised concept.

Males, Morals and Majorities
Interview with Gloria Steinem
Women have made enormous gains in the US over the last two decades, but they are now under assault.

Fuelling Britain: the Future of Coal
Graham Gudgin
The present dispute is not about a handful of uneconomic jobs, it's about the whole future of the coal industry.

English Romanesque Art 1066-1200 — Rodney Hilton
Liverpool's Garden Festival — Bob Dent
Fanzines — Paul Mathur
French Crime Movies — David Nicholls

Sara Lefanu — Feminist Publishing
Hannah Kanter — Female Desire/Desire
Urvashi Butalia —Javady Alley / Woman at Point Zero/ The Republic of Cousins

Dave Richards — Communists in search of an identity
Nigel Stanley — Communist Party — where next?
Tess Woodcraft — How the other half lives
Adam Sharpies— Unemployment: Slogan or Strategy



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Marxism Today July 1984

Boycott by any other nameScience parksLaurels and hardy poetsThe Dutch decision

The Changing Face of Royalty
Rosalind Brunt
While so much in British society has been subject to question in the last decade, the Royal Family seems to have emerged unscathed. If anything its popularity has grown. Why is it so popular?

Berlinguer: Architect of Eurocommunism
Donald Sassoon
Over one million people attended his funeral. In retrospect, he looks like one of the great figures of postwar Europe.

Sheffield: Steelyard Blues
Dave Child and Mick Paddon
Sheffield has been Labour's greatest English stronghold, a city dominated by engineering and steel. Suddenly the latter is no more; the occupational structure has been transformed. Where will it lead?

The Greening of Britain
Malcolm MacEwen
Socialists have traditionally emphasised growth. Now it must be tempered by conservation.

Coalfield Women at the Face
a roundtable discussion
A unique feature of the miners strike has been the involvement of women in the coalfield.

Spreading the Arts — Interview with Joan Bakewell
Computer Games - Tom Conlon
The Royal Shakespeare Company—Paul Allen

Gareth Stedman Jones—Towards 2000/Wigan Pier Revisited

Anthony Barnett — Ernest Bevin Foreign Secretary/Labour in Power 1945-51 /The Labour Governments 1945-51

Hugo Young — Thatcherism Mark III
John Ross — Thatcherism Mark III
Tricia Davies — Crossed Lines
David Blunkett — How the Other Half Lives



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Marxism Today August1984

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The French far rightMunicipal militancyArtificial reproductionIndia—a crisis of identity

Redrawing the Frontline - Southern Africa in Transition
Victoria Brittain
The recent accords between South Africa and Mozambique and Angola are a major turning point. But the future in
Southern Africa remains unstable and

The Great Crash of 84?
David Green
The world debt crisis seems finally to have come to a head. Several American banks are on the edge of a precipice. Or will a way out be found?

Taking men on at their Games
Jennifer Hargreaves
Women today have a much better deal at the Olympics than they used to have. But it is still very unequal.

New Mirror Image Fades
Interview with Clive Thornton
It looked like a bold new experiment. An attempt to protect some of the better traditions of the Daily Mirror. Then along came Robert Maxwell.

Pension Power
Gareth Locksley and Richard Minns
Pension funds enjoy enormous power in the financial market. It's time the labour movement tried to use that power for broader objectives.

Gracious Living—Richard Dyer
Writing on the Wall for the GLC — Brian Hipkin
Elvis Costello— Simon Lockwood

Stephen Hayward — Fellow Travelling
Maria Loftus and Maggie Urmstone—A
Woman's Place is on Top

John Millner — Pluto Crime

Gordon Robinson — Berlinguer: Architect of

Nick Lewis — Class Conundrum



Marxism Today September 1984

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Labour's black sectionsSocial security- reviews and reformsPoles
Ethical medics

Strike to the finish-A roundtable discussion
The miners' strike is right at the centre of the political stage. Its outcome will determine much. But already this is a strike which will go down in the history books.

A Tale of Two Germanies • Jonathan Steele
Suddenly, relations between the two Germanies has become an issue of some controversy.

Breaking School Rules • Brian Simon
The Tories have failed to halt the spread of comprehensivisation. They are now seeking a major extension of centralised control over education. That's partly what lies behind the new exam reforms.

Dust to Dust-the World's Expanding Deserts

Adam Markham
Reports of drought and famine in Africa have become commonplace
on our television screens. Yet something can be done about it.

Star Spangled Economies
Lars Osberg
Over the last decade, the US has created many more jobs than West Europe. This is one of the reasons why the 'American model' has become fashionable amongst economic commentators. But this is only half the

Computing the Future — Interview with Richard Sharpe
Street Dancing — Chris Savage-King

Law and Order — Brenda Kirsch
Hidden from History — Alok Ray

Tom Baistow — Mirror's Image Fades
Steve Munby — Municipal Militancy






Marxism Today October 1984
Appeal of ReaganismStreet illegal The bingo warPolicing street collectors


The Face of Labour's Future
Eric Hobsbawm interviews Neil Kinnock
Labour has staged a major recovery in the opinion polls since the general election. Its long term revival, however, depends on what it has to offer the future.

Britain's Deadly Diet
Julie Sheppard
Food has long been considered a private matter. But gradually diet is coming to be recognised for what it is, a major determinant of the nation's health and well-being.

Sale of the Century
Dexter Whitfield
BT shares are now jostling with soap powder on the nation's TV commercials. This is the sale to end all (privatisation) sales. And by the end of it the Tories will have gone a long way, indeed, down the privatisation road.

Preaching Progress
Interview with the Bishopof Durham, David Jenkins
Conflict in the Church of England has become a regular topic of news. The Church is in a state of flux.

The Hongkong Syndrome
Walter Easey
It could hardly be more different from the Falklands. And the deal currently being stitched together is likely to fall apart, sooner or later.


All Actors should be Working Class
Interview with Tony Booth and Pat Phoenix

Supergirl — Tessa Perkins

The Running Boom—Mark Ferryman

Pregnancy and Choice — Jan Mellor
A Voice in the Wilderness — Pamela A Smith
Lenin's heirs—Brian Nicholls

Barry Hugill — Breaking School Rules
Marc Wadsworth and Iqbal Wahhab — Black Sections



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Marxism Today November1984

The bullet bites backNo strike, no sayThe Vatican and Liberation TheologyHealth care Reaganomics

An Unhappy Marriage? The Labour-Union Link -
Peter Hain
There was talk of going for contracting-in. Instead the Tories have plumped for something far more ambitious — severing the links between individual unions and the Labour Party. There is an awful lot at stake here.

Reagan's American Dream
David Plotke
It looks like Reagan again. But why has he been so successful? From a European vantage point, it doesn't seem so obvious.

Refurnishing the Corridors of Power
Richard Norton-Taylor
All is not well in Whitehall. The Tisdall and Ponting cases are expressions of a deeper unease. It's about Thatcherism's attempt to reshape the civil

The State — Socialism's Old Caretaker
Stuart Hall
Not so long ago, the Left was unambiguously/or state intervention, at
least in a lot of areas. Now it's not so sure. It needs to sort out where it stands. Because this is one of the issues on which Thatcherism has been so effective.

Britain's Drug Problem
Bent Gordon
Drug-taking is on the increase. But is it as bad as some claim, and what do the new Tory proposals amount to?

Breaking New Style — Interview with Jeff Banks
Beware Working Woman — Janice Winship

Mozambique: Ideals and Reality — Paul Fauvet
Hegemony in Dispute— Roger Simon

Following last month's interview with Neil Kinnock, Peter Kellner, Gordon McLennan, Joan Maynard and Robin Cook discuss Kinnock's first year.



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Marxism Today December 1984

ads & classified

Britain and EthiopiaTrouble at the BoardMondale raygunned
Information technology industry breaks ranks

Hopes, Dreams and Dirty Nappies
Sheila Rowbotham
The Left doesn't believe in Utopias. It should. They give us hope and imagination.

Let a Thousand Enterprises Bloom
China has gone in for a dose of decentralisation and the market.

Labour and the People Ken Livingstone and
Beatrix Campbell
One of the few left stars that has been burning brightly is the GLC.
What wider lessons does it offer?

Bump Starting Britain John Grahl
The old Keynesian model is dead - The radical Right are in trouble. But what does the Left offer the future?

What Britain Thinks
Gregor McLennan
Public opinion remains as contradictory and ambiguous as ever.

Ways of Witnessing — Interview with John Berger
Following the Fight to the Finish — Paul Marshall

It's nearly 1985, and time to look back on 1984.
This is our round up:
1984: A Year of New Alliances?—Anne Phillips
Who's Afraid of Tariq Ali—Peter Riddell
Rigging Miracles — Joanna Goulding
Are You Wearing the Right Aftershave? — Carol Sarler
Pop's Young Fogeys — Marek Kohn
Video Viewpoint— Dave Rushton

Keith Hill — Unions Labour: the nitty gritties
Ken Coates — Ballot Boycott



Marxism Today January 1985

A Tory revolutionMarcos in a messRunning rings around LondonAlliance for Science


Famine: What Can the Left Give?-
John Sender and Sheila Smith
The public response to the Ethiopian famine has been enormous. But the Left's profile is barely visible.

Who Dares Wins
Tony Benn
The Left can fight its way through its present problems if it looks to its strengths.

Faith, Hope or Clarity
Stuart Hall
The labour movement is in crisis. Faith in not enough. It must come to terms with that crisis and change accordingly.

The Company of Angela Carter- An Interview
From folklore and babies to feminism and recession, one of Britain's leading novelists discusses her work.

La Fin: France Abandons Socialism
Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud
An experiment now in ruins. But the causes of the collapse of the Mitterrand government's radical aspirations must be sought in the past as well as the present.

Advertising for a Change — Interview with Johnny Wright
A Class of its Own — Alan Clarke
Radio Airwaves — Thomas O'Malley

Retreating from Reality — Tricia Davis
Size well Saga — David Thomas

Tariq Ali — Politics and Pyramids
Henry Neuberger — Babies and Bathwater



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Marxism Today February 1985

Contraception and confidentialityIndia at crossroads The new trade union leaders Who pays for the US deficit?

Britain's Sexual Counter-Revolutionaries
Rose Shapiro
Encouraged by the recent court decision on contraception for under-16s, the moral Right are on the offensive. And there is a sympathetic ear for them in high places.

Mining the Popular Front
Hywel Francis
In its 11 months, the miners' strike has found support in many different quarters. It has helped to sustain the strike. And in Wales, broad alliances insupport of the miners have been pursued in quite a new way.

Sterling Takes a Pounding
Michael Bleaney
Sterling has taken a dive. But what does it all mean?

CND's New Era: Interview with Joan Ruddock
The Geneva talks are underway. Cruise has been sited. Labour's defence proposals suffered a debacle in the last election. CND faces a new era.

No Private Drama
Dave Cook
The divisions within the Communist Party are now there for all to see. And their outcome will have a profound effect on the rest of the Left.

Keeping the Revolution Warm—Interview with Terry Eagleton
Polish Film—Monty Johnstone

The Cultural Front—Andy Croft
Misunderstanding or Misrepresentation — Pat Devine
The Menace of Anti communism—Richard Gott

James Curran — Rationale for the Right
David Green—Who Dares Wins



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Marxism Today March 1985

Dark blue turned deepest red?
Those that pay the fiddler . . .

Launderette philosophers • Unanswered questions

Ratecap Resistance
Interview with David Blunkett
We are on the eve of rate-capping. And the rate-capped authorities remain united in opposition. What will happen?

Back in the USSR: the past catches up
Monty Johnstone
The USSR has not achieved the ambitious objectives it set itself over
two decades ago. Only widespread reforms can tackle the malaise.

Ponting's Legal Torpedo
John Griffith
The Ponting verdict was a blow for democracy. And all the better for being unexpected.

Jaw-Jaw and War-War
Paul Rogers
The Geneva talks are about to commence. But the obstacles are
formidable and expectations low.

Striking the Right Note
Pete Carter
A most extraordinary industrial dispute, the most remarkable this century, but what strategic lessons can be drawn from the miners strike?

The Bard of Stratford — Interview with Benjamin Zephaniah
The Woodcraft Folk—Martin Stott
Art into Production — JohnWillett

Powerful Memories — Bill Schwarz
The History Men — Gregor McLennan

Ben Fine — Class Politics
John Foster—Moving the Goalposts
Lucy Bland — Britain's Sexual Counter-Revolutionaries



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Marxism Today April 1985

The impact of aidsGorbachev ushers in a new periodRestricting drugsThe new workers' co-operatives

The Retreat into Extremism
Eric Hobsbawm
The Left is trying to get its act together. Splendid isolation is not the answer.

The Case for the Defence
James Hinton
The peace movement has proved remarkably resilient. Nevertheless the
last election was a major setback for it, and the next one is beginning to loom on the horizon. The time is ripe for something new.

The Miners' Strike: A Balance Sheet
A Roundtable Discussion
The outcome of the miners' strike was a major setback. Now is the time to ask some questions.

NUM United: A Team in Disarray
Hywel Francis
A remarkable strike, unequalled this century. But from the beginning it was dogged by division and disunity.

Labouring Women
Interview with Frances Morrell
Until now feminism has made little impact on the Labour Party. But things are beginning to change.

Designs for Living—Interview with Betty Jackson
A Passage to India — Richard Dyer
Minority Television — Yvonne Neverson

An English Dissenter — Sally Davison
The Future of Science — Fred Steward
Female Prophecy — Elena Lieven

Alan Hunt — The Drama Unfolds
Lynne Segal — A New Morality



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Marxism Today May 1985

Enter the dragon
Towards 1963?
'Vive la difference. . .
The gaff blown


Rate-capping and Realignment- Interview with Ken Livingstone
The campaign against rate-capping is not what it might have been. The
GLC, in particular, ended in a debacle. The whole affair may prove something of a turning-point in local Labour politics. Realignments are not just on the agenda, they are well underway.

1945 and all that
Basil Davidson
This month sees the 40th anniversary of the victory over fascism in Europe. The Thatcherites would prefer us to forget it. Not surprisingly, for it doesn't fit into their picture of history one bit. But what does it offer us today?

VE Day - What Does it Mean to You?
We asked a range of people to give their views on the significance of
the defeat of fascism in 1945.

What Price Democracy?
Alan Hunt
Democracy and socilaism are intertwined. Unless people believe that
socialism will be more democratic than capitalism, then it won't happen.

Auntie Shows Her Age
The future of die BBC has rarely been more uncertain.


The Party Revisited — Interview with Trevor Griffiths

The British Art Show
—Jeremy Vanes

Dethroning the Working Class — David Forgacs
Back to the Land — Lee Chadwick

Alexey P Kozlov—View from the USSR
Jimmy Airlie — Miners' strike balance sheet
Sid Piatt — Miners' strike: a NALGO view



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Marxism Today June1985

ads & classified

Rate for the jobLimping duckA new centre of gravity

West on the Dole - Goran Therborn
Unemployment dominates the West. Yet the experience of some countries, which have managed largely to avoid it, suggests that mass unemployment is not inevitable. But if we fail, the social map of our societies is likely to be transformed. A Brazilian scenario could be the outcome.

Who'll get Pleasure from Leisure? - Simon Frith
Leisure is being transformed. It's becoming more important in people's lives and an industry in its own right. But what kind of leisure will it be?

Strained Greens- Interview with Petra Kelly
The West German Greens have burst onto the European political stage in the last decade. But is now looks as if thei
meteoric rise could be at an end.

Smashing the State: Thatcher's radical crusade Andrew Gamble
Who would have guessed? A Tory government deciding to reform the state. And that's exactly what's happening.

Infertility-a suitable case for treatment?
Marge Berer
Infertility has become a major political issue. The Powell Bill may have fallen, but the Left urgently needs to decide where it stands.

Michael Jackson: the importance of being earnest? — Graham McCann
A Proletarian Outsider—Bob Dent
Crossing the Picket Line - Interview with Finetime Fontayne

Centrifugal Forces — Meghnad Desai
Assessing the Strike—John Kelly
National Identity — Jude Bloomfield

David Graham — New channels for TV
Stuart Hood — Auntie shows her age
Paddy Ashdown — A new partnership





Marxism Today July 1985

Beating a retreatSinn Fein on the move Splendid isolationLabour's new economic policy?


Welfare State - Safety Net or Poverty Trap

Peter Alcock
The Social Security Reviews have finally seen the light of day. But, in
Thatcherite terms, they are a halfway house.

The Long March to Modernisation: China after Mao-
Interview with Qi Xiyu
It's a hundred flowers all over again, at least on the economic front.

First Principles - A View from the Right
Ferdinand Mount
Socialism is in crisis. It's time to return to basics.

Paternalism Revisited
Gareth Stedman Jones
Socialism certainly needs rethinking. We do need to cast some things aside—but not certain essentials.

The Arts: Bad Counsel Prevails
Colin Chambers
The furore provoked by Gowrie and Rees-Mogg has now died down a bit. But the future of the arts remains up for grabs.


Anyone for Tennis? — Alan Bairner
Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen
In the UK
— Graham McCann
Funding British Films—Chris Goodwin
A Night at the Opera — Neil Pettinger

The Political Agenda of the 80s—Andrew Gamble
The Invisible Poor — Moira O'Toole
Cricket Leadership — Mihir Bose

Peter Jenkins— Thatcher's Statism?
Tom Ling—Towards Two Nations
Gerry Pocock—Views on the USSR



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Marxism Today August 1985


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Biting the bulletPort-pourri Down but not out •

Lebanon-Towards Pax Syriana?- Roger Owen
Lebanon has become everyday news - and a tragedy. Will it disintegrate or are the contours of a stable settlement now visible?

The Shape of the Workforce to Come
- Veronica Beechey
Just imagine. By 1990, one in four of all jobs will be part-time, and half this workforce will be women. . .

David Hockney: a painter with class
Simon Watney
David Hockney is a rare figure: an English painter who is a household name.

Unfinished business: the breaking of the NUM • Hywel Francis
The secession of the Notts area now looks imminent. If it happens, the NUM could be reduced to virtual impotence.

Mute Points? — Interview with Daniel Miller
East Enders - Christine Geraghty
Mission England — Rosalind Brunt

Roll Over Gramsci: a selection of holiday reading — Joanna Goulding
The Beginning of a Debate — John Saville
A Mine of Information — Brenda Kirsch

Peter Ashby — Basic income
Margaret Beckett — 'Deserving' poor
Frank Field — Women and children first






Marxism Today September 1985

Two cheers for democracySomething old, something new Uganda's tormentThe Johnson Matthey affair

Apartheid's Crumbling Bastions
Jonathan Steele
South Africa has erupted. It has become almost, but not quite, ungovernable. Is this the beginning of the end?

The Unions: Fighting on New Terrain -
A Roundtable Discussion
Six years on the defensive is a long time. But the political levy ballots suggest the future could be different.

Sex and Morals-Rearming the Left
Lucy Bland
When it comes to sexual morality, the moral Right is making the running. But the Left is unclear about its own position.

Why Aid Came Alive
David Edgar
Live Aid is one of the most important political developments of the 80s.
And who would ever have guessed? But can the Left grasp its significance?

Black Sections: Radical demand...
or Distraction?

A Roundtable Discussion
Suddenly black politics is making headline news. Or at least, black sections in the Labour Party are.

Own Goals and Penalties — Alan Bairner
Penguin's Progress — Ken Worpole
The Quality of Mersey — Ian Williams

Mailer's Pen is Bigger than the Norm — John McVicar
Sex Symbols — Frank Mort
Immigrant Husbands — Fiona Mactaggart

Irene Bruegel and Ariane Hegewisch — Part-time work
Paul Thompson — Militant's machine
Monty Johnstone — History lesons



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Marxism Today October 1985


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The Handsworth riotsAir crashesDavid Lange Car Imports

Kinnock's Crusaders - Beatrix Campbell
The new Labour leadership is just two years old. With the next electionnot so far away, what should we make of it?

Holy Disorders: the Battle for the Vatican's Soul -John Wilkins
In November the Vatican council meets. Behind it lies a bitter battle overthe direction of the Catholic church.

Soft Blue Shuffle - Andrew Gamble
The cabinet reshuffle was a bid to revive the government's flaggingpopularity. Is Thatcherism on the way out?

An Alternative to the Alternative: Labour'sEconomic Strategy Interview with Roy Hattersley
Labour's deputy leader has sparked controversy with his recent economic proposals. Do they represent a major break with previous strategies?

Towards Youthopia? - Phil Cohen
From Heysel to Handsworth, what's happening to the class of 85?




Boxing on the increasePaul WellerYuppies versus hippiesAerobics

Liberal strategiesThird World development

The TUC after Blackpool • Eddie Shah • Banking deals for women


CLOSE UP on Madonna


Marxism Today November 1985

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Mitterand's crisisLabour After BournemouthHungary

Summit to Talk About
Margot Light
Gorbachev and Reagan are about to meet. Will the world be able to breathe a little more easily?

Labour: The Feminist Touch
Anna Coote
Is Labour about to recognise that women make up half the population? Unlikely, but now's the moment.

Growing Greens
Fred Steward
Behind the Greenpeace headlines is a
green movement very much on the up.

Rainbows and Warriors
Interview with Steve Sawyer
Greenpeace has been treading on the toes of governments for some while This time the response led to an almighty scandal. But what is Greenpeace? We interview one
of the leading figures in Greenpeace

Riot Acts: The Politics of Despair
Dave Cook
Just four years on, the country has
been shaken yet again by inner-city riots.
Where are we going?

Benetton Britain: The New Economic Order

Robin Murray
Keynesianism won't work any more. And the main reason is the new
industrial revolution.


on The French Experience

Woody AllenBooker Prize
Interview with Neville Brody, designer of The Face
Laura Ashley

Ireland • John Fowles • Fashion

Multi-union deals • Liverpool •
Public sector award


on Gorbachev


Marxism Today December 1985

South AfricaChannel TunnelFowler reviews Muslim politics


Unnatural Disaster: The Politics of Famine
Ray Bush
Concern about the famine in Africa has grown apace. But there is still little understanding of what causes it.

Realignment- For What?
Stuart Hall
'Realignment' is the talk of the town. But what is it supposed to achieve?

Europe Flexes Its Muscles
Jon Bloomfield
Western Europe is, bit by bit, acquiring a new cohesion and independence. What it might be used for is another matter.

Marilyn: The Dream Lingers
Graham McCann
It is now over 20 years since Marilyn Monroe died, yet fascination with her life and what it represented remains as strong as ever.

Teachers' Hard Lessons
Martin Lawn
A year on, and the teachers' dispute remains unresolved. The issues behind it all are profound

Nick Newman's Cut Out 'n Keep Diary for 1986


VIEWPOINT on economic strategies
Beyond the local
J Grahl and P Teague
Andrew Glyn

Interview with Jonathan MillerMiners' music Sergeant Bilko

The year's reading: a Christmas selection


The future of the mining unions
Women's health - a union issue


CLOSEUP on Bob Geldof

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Marxism Today January 1986

The Church reportChild abuse Halley's cometPhilippines Holidays

We Are The Champions: Liverpool vs the 1980s
Tony Lane
Liverpool is never out of the news. Be it Liverpool FC, Militant or John Lennon, it won't go away.

Moderate Muscle: The Alliance Takes Shape
Anthony Heath, Roger Jowell and John Curtice
What should we make of this Alliance? Was its vote in 1983a temporary aberration or is it here to stay?

The New Detente? East-West Relations After the Summit
Gerard Holden and Mary Kaldor
A new mood now prevails. At least they are talking.

The Beginning of the End? The Anglo-Irish Accord
A Roundtable Discussion
The Hillsborough Accord is in place. The meetings have started. Willnthis be a historic turning-point in Irish affairs, or just another episode in an old juggling act.

The Race For Pole Position: The Car Industry Revolution
Daniel T Jones and Andrew Graves
We are in the midst of a revolution in the car industry. And this one will make it easier for small manufacturers to survive.


MICHAEL RUSTIN Flexing Europe's muscles
STEPHEN BROWN Putting Europe back on the map

Classical BalletThe ArchersSteven Spielberg

ComradesThe British economy

The future of shop stewards food additives racism and trade unions


CLOSE UP on Terence Conran

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Marxism Today February 1986

Fleet StreetWendy Savage CPSU congress

Tarzan Takes The High Ground
Andrew Gamble
Heseltine poses the biggest internal threat to Thatcher since 1979.

Turbulent Priests
Kenneth Leech
'Her Majesty's official opposition' is hardly a traditional description of
the Church of England. But these days it doesn't look so inappropriate.

Hung Parliament: The Choices Facing Labour
Michael Rustin
We can't keep ignoring it. What should Labour do if it doesn't command an overall majority at the next election?

The Alternative Economic Strategy: Goodbye to All That?
Sam Aaronovitch
Ten years ago, the Left felt secure in its economic prescriptions. It certainly doesn't now.


Joan CollinsTom WaitsCaribbean CricketQuiz Games

The New RightPoverty

British Gas French Trade Unions


CLOSE UP on Winnie Mandela

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Marxism Today March 1986

Westland fallout A dream come true?Keep on truckin' Red faces at Lloyd's

Interview with Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson hit the headlines in 1984 with his bid to the Democratic nomination for the presidency. His emergence on to the national scene has given the black movement a new and powerful expression and American politics a new progressive voice. Stuart Hall went to Chicago to
interview him.

The Sparks Are Flying
John Lloyd
Wapping was long in the planning. But Murdoch would never have made it work without the EETPU. It's time to take Hammond and Co very seriously.

Just Another Child Abuse
Child abuse cases have become big news. But this is not a new issue.

The British Way of Death
John Robson
Britain has overtaken Finland as the country with the highest number of deaths from heart attacks. But, within Britain itself, there are enormous differences between women and men; North and South; and, most importantly, between social classes.

Black Gold Loses its Shine
Michael Bleaney
The fall in oil prices brings an era to an end. Just as the oil price
increases of the early 70s had profound effects on the world economy, so will this decline.



A Ministry for Women
JO RICHARDSON Labour's proposals
NATHALIE HADJIFOTIOU A vision of equality
GERRY POCOCK Steady as you are
BERT RAMELSON Gospel according to Sam

Alan Bush and Michael Tippett
Goldcrest's Revolution ANC film Stage design

Nelson MandelaAbsolute BeginnersUnemployment

Interview with Brenda Dean


CLOSE UP on Viv Richards

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Marxism Today April 1986

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Sellafield PhilippinesRape Sentences
Olof Palme

Goodbye to the GLC • Beatrix Campbell
and Martin Jacques. On March 31, the GLC was abolished. For good reason, as far as the Tories were concerned. The Livingstone regime had shown just how popular and creative left-wing radicalism can be.

A Flexible Future: Britain's dual labour force
John Atkinson and Denis Gregory. New
divisions are appearing in the labour force between a secure 'core' and a vulnerable 'periphery'. What should the unions do about it?

Will Gorbachev Shake the World? A
Roundtable Discussion

Gorbachev has burst upon the world scene.
The face of Soviet politics has been
transformed. How far will it go?

Interview with Denis Healey
The Shadow
Foreign Secretary sets out his view of the world.

Political Animals
Sara Mills and Patrick Williams
The animal liberation movement commands wide popular support today. The question of animal rights, however, raises fundamental questionsabout our view of politics and nature.


The TUC dilemma

Interview with Julien TempleGLC and the arts London marathon
Churchill's bill

Eddie Shah • Shakespeare

CLOSE UP on John Smith


Marxism Today May 1986

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The US and Gadafy Labour and Militant Ireland's Protestants Crisis in education

Crime in the City
Richard Kinsey
The level of crime in our cities is growing apace. The Thatcher 'law and order' strategy has failed. But what has the Left to offer?

The AIDS Scare
For an illness which affects so few, the hysteria that has accompanied AIDS is hard to explain. Except that, for the most part, its victims are gay men.

The French Paradox
Keith Dixon
The Right is back in power in France - but with a left- wing president still occupying the Elysee Palace.

Europe's Left: the new continental blend
Donald Sassoon
The European Left has not been having an easy time of it. In the face of adversity, however, some significant rethinking has been taking place.

The dark side of the Sun
Interview with Clare Short.
Winston Churchill and his crew were making the 'moral' running in the House of Commons until, lo and behold, a Labour MP threw them into a state of confusion by proposing the outlawing of Page Three. . .



Glasgow's Mayfest Interview with Richard
Radio Two

Civil servants Tribal cultures


Teachers' unions Health and safety

CLOSE UP on Alice Walker


Marxism Today June1986

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Local electionsLibyaFeminising unions

Nuclear Cloud over Britain
Tony Hall
Chernobyl has changed nuclear politics in Britain. Suddenly, the nuclear industry is on the defensive and in a corner.

Soviet Power Failures
Zhores Medvedev
The Chernobyl disaster will have profound repercussions in the Soviet Union.

The Gadafy Factor: Thatcher and the
terrorist threat

George Joffe
The Conservative government found itself very isolated in its support for the US attack on Libya. But the Reagan-Thatcher line on Libyan terrorism has now gained widespread acceptance.

Aid Crusade: Interview with Glenys Kinnock and Joan Ruddock
Live Aid made famine and aid one of the big political issues. The Left was mainly a spectator. One World seeks to change all that.

The Battle of the Blackboard
Brian Simon
Before the local elections, the Thatcherites thought education might be a potential vote-winner. Voucher-schemes and centralisation were being actively canvassed. Now it looks rather different. On education, the government is on the defensive.

Party Music
Simon Frith and John Street
Political pop has become very much the flavour of the month. The latest expression is Red Wedge.

part 1 part 2


Crime • Post-Summit Prospects

Simone de Beauvoir Hi-tech architecture Royalty

Heroines • the MSC • Cricket

Royal College of Nursing
Multinational Ford and national unions

CLOSE UP on Bobby Robson


Marxism Today July 1986
South AfricaWappingSalt 2Drugs and advertisingAfrica and aid

People Aid • a new politics sweeps the land Stuart Hall and Martin Jacques
First Band Aid, then Live Aid, and recently Sport Aid have changed the political agenda. Aid is now a major national issue.

Making Waves • A Roundtable Discussion
Women's committees have tried to change the politics of local government. But, have they succeeded and are women's interests really represented by these structures?

After Atlanticism
Dan Smith
Suppose a Labour government does try and remove cruise. What will the US do? Will the opposition be so great as to force the government to back down?

Public Sector Possibilities
Robin Murray
Nationalisation has been in retreat. The old Morrisonian model is dead. But pragmatism is no solution. Public ownership matters. We need a new model, one of openness and diversity.

Homage to the Civil War
Manuel Azcarate
Fifty years ago this month saw the outbreak of the Spanish civil war. It ended in bitter defeat and paved the way for the second world war. But its legacy has served as an inspiration.


VIEWPOINT on Defence and the Alliance
Paddy Ashdown and Neville Pressley give their views.

The Spanish civil war in photos and songsAthletics and drugs
Thatcher's changing image

Terrorism Political strikes


CLOSE UP on Sarah Ferguson

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Marxism Today August 1986

Irish divorceTourismSpanish electionGay's The Word


The Apartheid Effect
Britain and South Africa
Sarah Benton
South Africa is likely to have a much bigger impact on British politics than Vietnam. Already Thatcher is in big trouble.

Divisions in the Laager
Roger Omond
New tensions are appearing in the Pretoria regime. But it is far from disintegrating.

Latin America: Can't pay.. .Won't pay?
John Wells
Latin America has been steamrollered by the debt crisis. As yet no country has defaulted, and now this looks unlikely, though not impossible. Meanwhile the region has suffered an unprecedented economic contraction.

Guilty Secrets: the role of women's therapy
Susie Orbach
Women's therapy emerged out of the women's liberation movement.
But the movement's decline over the last decade has thrown up new and difficult problems for the former.

VIEWPOINT on A Bill of Rights


Summer readingJournalismHousingUnions

Peacock ReportHistory of cinemaMartial artsNawal El Saadawi


CLOSE UP on Annie Lennox

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Marxism Today September 1986

The AllianceChileCommonwealthEducationWendy Savage

A Royal Coup: Mrs Thatcher vs the Queen
Andrew Gamble
In July a constitutional crisis seemed possible. Was the queen really as
critical of Mrs Thatcher's policies as the Sunday Times reports implied? (partly defaced original)

NewWave Unions
Interview with John Edmonds
On the eve of the TUC the General Secretary of the General Municipal Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union, talks to Beatrix Campbell about the options that lie ahead.

The State of the Movement
Charles Leadbeater
Since the late 70s the unions have been urged to change. What are the pressures being brought to bear and how well equipped is the movement to deal with the changes.

Unemployment-the resistible force-
Bob Rowthorn
Is mass unemployment a permanent feature of modern capitalism. It's not the case throughout Europe. The role of the working class is crucial.

Why Do Women Write?
Grace Nicholsand Fay Weldon Women's writing is now big business. But what motivates women to write?

The Sectarian Divide: Ireland after the Accord
Paul Bewand Henry Patterson
Ten months after signing the Anglo-Irish Agreement at Hillsborough, both Protestant and Catholic violence has intensified. The future looks bleak.



Football's troubles Soviet tvLiving with computers Interview with
Olivia O'Leary

Adolescent girlsWomen's friendships


CLOSE UP on Mick McGahey

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Marxism Today October 1986

Big Bang Bonanza:
Revolution is in the air as the City gears up for deregulation at the end of the month. But the chill wind of market
forces could blow yet more business away from Britain

Changing contours: the legacy of Henry Moore

Nuclear reactions:
the Chernobyl political fallout is landing in unexpected places

Phase-out: the liklihood of a major
nuclear accident

The Pill celebrates its 25th birthday

Card carrying students
the banks cash in

Phone-tapping: the CND case

Beatrix Campbell launches her new
monthly column with a sense of deja vu about the new-look Labour Party

Trade unions, football, Spanish civil war...

Labour's Prospects
Past Imperfect, FutureTense
The Labour Party has a real chance of winning the next election. Eric Hobsbawm examines its record in
government, and asks whether it can learn the lessons of the past

Peace in the Battle of the Sexes
Women have played a key role in the peace movement. Kate Soper argues that this does not suggest an innate 'feminine' rejection of violence

The Importance of Being Liberal
David Steel discusses his party's radicalism, its relationship with the SDP, and what he thinks of the Left

The Painful Path to Health
Steve Iliffe argues for a radical restructuring of health care to treat the afflictions facing the NHS

Wendy Savage talks about the medical profession and childbirth

Conservative chic - Britain's
retreat in the style wars

Credibility and mystery: John Berger writes on the meaning of words

Independent's Day: Andreas Whittam Smith talks about his hopes for the new quality newspaper to be launched this

Cabaret, lager, Rosa, touring bands


Maya Angelou's recollections; UCS work-in; Sarah Benton on Elizabeth Wilson; Umberto Eco; plus briefs

Labour Party fringe meetings

Raphael Samuel warns against opening wounds within the Left

David Edgar on Norman Tebbit

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Marxism Today November 1986

Labour Facing Flak
A non-nuclear defence policy may not be as popular as some of its advocates claim. To win support, it must be part of a credible alternative foreign policy

Black Power:
The US sanctions vote

Poll Teasers -
drugs dominate the campaigns as America goes to the polls

Fighting The Raj And The NF
One of Britain's key anti-racist activists retires

Shares At the Sales
privatisation is proving a bonanza for advertising agencies as the public is
invited to spend, spend, spend

Union Mergers:
the contours of Britain's unions look as if they might be in for quite a shake-up

Roses Are Red:
the Labour Party's new image

Beatrix Campbell looks at the 'right to choose', the
teenage mother and Victoria Gillick

Black workers, CP bashing, women and peace, healthy living


The Rejkjavik Fiasco
Hopes were high for the mini-summit. Gerard Holden explains why it all went wrong and where it leaves us

Eric Hobsbawm talks about the cataclysmic year that changed the course of communist history

Dodging The Taxing Questions
Labour's got the right priorities, but John Grahl and Bob Rowthorn argue that it isn't facing up to how to pay for them

Marxism Today's Fund Special

Women in The Mainstream
Taking positions of power brings pressures that many women face for the first time. Six women discuss what it has meant for them, and what their experiences reveal

Return of The Fighter
Steve Vines looks at Israel's new prime minister, and argues a Middle East
settlement looks even more distant


Britain has a new sporting
hero, an unlikely one, Brummie Nigel Mansell

High Comedy: Michelene Wandour interviews Victoria Wood

A Star Dies: Pat Phoenix's glittering career
Pluto Goes To The Dogs

America's Blues Sisters

Pat Barker: the mop and pen

The Mission, National Service, new computers, theatre

Anthony Barnett on Harold
Wilson and Jack Jones; class
warriors into battle; The
Trotspotter's Wisden; PR

Peace meetings plus notes on contributors

Hywel Francis urges an honest approach to analysing the miners' strike

Joan Smith on Duke Hussey

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Marxism Today December 1986

Beeb In The Deck
It is difficult to take Tebbit seriously.
But we should. He's trying to make the broadcasters even more cautious

Scientific breakthrough:
Nobel prize for woman's research

Bickering Brothers:
The struggle for power inside the TGWU

Star wars:
Britain's scientists boycott SDI cash


death is the latest chapter in South Africa's efforts at destabilisation

Biting the vote:
Sinn Fein makes historic turn and goes constitutional

Beatrix Campbell looks at the flop that was the Jarrow March and asks for some new thinking

Health politics; incomes policy and economics; yuppie mums; Reykjavik; strike breaking; 1956 and after


No Light at the End of the Tunnel
The Tories are presently riding high in the opinion polls. At the moment they
look a likely bet for a third term. Stuart Hall argues the nightmare is far from over

Family Matters
The fragile post-1960s consensus on morality and the family is in tatters, but what will replace it? Five women from across the political spectrum debate the family and morality in the 80s

Journey to Pretoria
Apartheid has been shaken. For two years now South Africa has been in uproar. Joe Slovo from the ANC executive talks to Jonathan Steele about where it will all lead

Sixteen: Sweet or Sorry?
How real are the choices being offered to girls in employment? Cynthia Cockburn explains why sexual stereotyping lingers on

Life After Reykjavik
So near but so far: was that the story of Reykjavik? Denis Healey and Fedor Burlatsky consider the prospects for detente following the mini-summit


Panto Dames:
dressing up is hard to do

Is the Camera Female?
Women photographers 1900-1955

Paradise Postponed:
Christmas at home and abroad, the yawning culture gap

the lifeline to young middle America revives
ageing British rock music


Turkey dinners:
dale trails; diary dates; music; movies and
bizarre bazaars

1986 Christmas Crackers
Tom Sawyer on strikes and the unions; critical canons; foodie fadbooks; women's mags; nukes; and fascinating fiction

Kids at Christmas plus notes on contributors

Susannah Tarbush on Assad and the Middle East

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