Marxism Today January 1981

Football in Crisis
Guinea-Bissau Coup

Bob Rowthorn
The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy
For the first time in its history, the Left is now regarded as a serious political alternative. At the centre of this credibility is the alternative economic strategy. Bob Rowthorn, member of our editorial board recently awarded the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize for his book Capitalism, Conflict and Inflation, examines its strengths and weaknesses and argues that the Left must see it as part of an overall political approach.

Interview with Ted Knight
Cuts in public expenditure are a central feature of the Right's policy to deal with Britain's economic crisis. The struggle against those cuts is a key element of the fightback. The stand taken by the London Borough of Lambeth has been notable in this respect. In this interview, Ted Knight, Leader of Lambeth Council, assesses the success and problems of its stand. Jeff Rodrigues, Secretary of Lambeth Borough Communist Party, conducted the interview.

Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe
Socialist Strategy - Where Next?
The seventies saw major innovations in revolutionary strategy. By and large, though, these advances were political rather than theoretical. In this article, Ernesto Laclau, author of Politics and Ideology in Marxist Theory and Chantal Mouffe, who edited Gramsci and Marxist Theory, look at the theoretical evolution of revolutionary strategy and consider the next stage.

Simon Frith
John Lennon
The tragic death of John Lennon has robbed us of one of the truly great figures of postwar British culture. John Lennon, of all the Beatles, symbolised and helped to shape the great progressive changes of the sixties. Simon Frith, author of The Sociology of Rock and writer for the Melody Maker, considers John Lennon's achievement.

Jill Brown, Pamela Trevithick, Carol Metters
The Forward Face of Feminism
The authors continue the discussion

Lynn Garafola
American Culture - a cop out
The author looks at David Edgar's article which appeared in our October issue.

Tom Litterick — The Shattered Peace.
Pat Seyd — Labour in Power? British Social Democracy, A Short History of the Labour Party.


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Marxism Today February 1981
TV Franchising Local Government FinanceSexual Violence

David Plotke
Reagan: is it as bad as it sounds?
A right-wing Republican is now US President. American politics has shifted to the right. David Plotke, an editor of the American journal Socialist Review, examines the extent of this shift and the prospects for the US and the world with Reagan in the White House.

Fred Steward
The Politics of Technology
Technological issues are now big politics. A few examples —microprocessing, nuclear power, Concorde, juggernauts — suffice to make the point. Fred Steward, a lecturer in technology policy at Aston University and member of the Communist Party's Science and Technology Committee, looks at why technology has become such a hot political and social question — and argues that the Left must develop a coherent view on the direction and control of technology.

Tony Lane
Merseyside under the hammer
Jarrow and the South Wales mining villages both evoke memories of the thirties depression. Merseyside threatens to become a symbol of unemployment in the eighties. Tony Lane, at present a research officer for the TGWU based in Liverpool and author of The Unions Make us Strong, looks at Merseyside's plight and the growth of resistance.

Dan Smith
Goodbye to Detente?
The co-editor of Protest and Survive and former vice-chairperson of CND looks at the decline of detente.

Jane Darke
Architecture: the past fights back
A response to Richard Hill's article in our November issue.

Johanna Wilson
Import Controls - on the Left's terms
The author argues that Import Controls can play only a limited role.

Paul Levine — The Alternative Economic Strategy. There is an Alternative. The British
Economic Disaster.

Victor Kiernan — Scottish Capitalism.

Alan Hunt — Pashukanis: Selected Writings on Marxism and Law.



Marxism Today March 1981
Labour's BattlesTrade Union ImmunitiesEl Salvador

Jean Gardiner
Women, Recession and the Tories
Women made important advances in the seventies. Now Thatcherism and recession have changed all that: women are under attack. Jean Gardiner, a member of our editorial board andco-author of The Political Economy of British Capitalism, looks at what is happening.

Dave Triesman
Football in Decline
Football is Britain's great national winter sport. Yet it faces growing difficulties. Dave Triesman, a writer on sport, argues that football is in decline and only radical solutions can tackle the problem.

Piero Borghini
Italy: the intractable crisis
Italy faces the most serious political crisis in Western Europe. Piero Borghini, a member of the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party, looks at the nature of that crisis and the PCI's strategy.

Interview with Alan Fisher
Cuts in public expenditure have put the public sector unions at the centre of attention. NUPE is one of the largest. In this interview, Alan Fisher, General Secretary of NUPE and Chairman of the TUC, discusses the problems facing NUPE and the trade union movement generally.

Francis Mulhern
The Cambridge Affair
Suddenly, the English Faculty atCambridge University has hit the national headlines. Francis Mulhern, author of The Moment of 'Scrutiny', discusses the issues involved.

Bill Laughlan
Labour's Long Haul
The author discusses the implications of developments in the Labour Party for the Communist Party.

Dave Cook — Politics and Power 2
David Parker — Ideology and Popular Protest


Marxism Today April 1981

The BudgetEducation Cuts

Interview with Arthur Scargill
Since Thatcher took office the trade union movement has been on the defensive. The recent victory by the miners marked the first real break. It raised the spectre of 1970-74. In this interview, Arthur Scargill, the President of the Yorkshire Miners, looks at the significance of the Tory retreat, the problems now facing the labour movement, and longer term strategy.
The interview was conducted by Dave Priscott, a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party and our Editorial Board.

Stuart Hall
The'Little Caesars' of Social Democracy
The Council for Social Democracy represents the most important 'breakaway' from the Labour Party since 1931. Its avowed objective is a realignment of British politics and the emergence of the 'centre' as the dominant political force. In this article, Stuart Hall, co-author of Policing The Crisis, looks at its nature and significance.

Japan: the Right on the Offensive
The seventies saw major advances by the Japanese Left. Now the Right is on the offensive. But the Liberal Democrats underlying position is much weaker. In this special interview for Marxism Today, Koichiro Ueda, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party, examines political developments in the world's second most powerful capitalist country.

Stephen Sedley
The Growing Police Challenge
The Police force has adopted an increasingly independent and strident position on law and order. The latest example is the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure. Stephen Sedley, a barrister, looks at what is involved.


Adam Sharpies
The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy

The author, who works for the Labour Party's Research Department, discusses Bob Rowthorn's article in the January issue.

Paul Nicholls
Goodbye to Detente?
The discussion continues.

Tamara Deutscher — Chinese Revolutionary
Vic Allen — Challenge to Power



Marxism Today May 1981


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Poland The 364 EconomistsPeople's March for JobsBondage Judge Shakes Giscard

Sam Aaronovitch
Unemployment - halting the slide There are now some 2.5 million officially unemployed. The prospect is for a further big
increase. Unemployment has become a central issue in British politics. It will dominate the eighties. Sam Aaronovitch, author of The Road From Thatcherism and a member of the
Communist Party Economic Committee, looks at the causes of unemployment, how it can be
fought and what kind of policies are needed to tackle it.

Paul Olive Realignment - the case of the Liberals The Liberal Party, although only a small parliamentary force, has consistently retained a significant electoral base. That base, moreover, has over the years been expanding. Now, with the emergence of the SDP, the Liberals are in a new position. Paul Olive, a Morning Star reporter, looks at the Liberal Party and its likely prospects.

John Mathews The Politics of Cancer
Cancer is one of the big killers. But can anything be done about it? John Mathews, untilrecently a trade union health and safety researcher, argues that environmental factors are the key problem.

Jamaica in Turmoil
The recent election saw the defeat of Manley and a victory for the Right. In this interview,
Trevor Munro, general secretary of the Jamaican Workers Party, discusses the gravity of the setback, the reasons for it and what is likely to happen now. The interview was conducted by Ken Fuller.


John Harrison The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy
The co-author of The British Economic Disaster argues that the alternative economic strategy is too mild.

Tom Durkin Goodbye to Detente?
The author takes issue with previous contributions.

Richard Johnson - Arguments Within English Marxism: One Dimensional Marxism -
Althusser and the Politics of Culture
Bernard Dix - The Road From Thatcherism






Marxism Today June 1981
FranceLocal Elections

Tony Bunyan
The Growing Power of the Military
Traditionally, the armed forces have largely been excluded from civil life in Britain. That is
beginning to change. Tony Bunyan, author of The Political Police in Britain and a member of the editorial group of State Research, looks at the way the military is steadily encroaching on domestic politics and what this means.

John Kelly
Steel - an irreversible decline?
The decline of British Steel has been one of the most dramatic examples of deindustrialisation. John Kelly, a lecturer in industrial relations and researcher on the steel industry, looks at the causes of its decline, the trade union response and what kind of alternative is needed.

Rodney Hilton
The English Rising of 1381
In 1381 there was an extraordinary uprising against the established authorities. It was broad, it was far reaching and its consequences were profound. On the 600th Anniversary of the 'Peasant's Revolt', Rodney Hilton, Professor of History at Birmingham University, looks at what it was and what forces lay behind it.

US Policy Toward Latin America
Reagan's foreign policy is aimed at restoring American power and influence. Latin America
occupies a central position in this design. The objective is to roll back the progressive
advances. In this interview, Saul Landau, co-author of Assassination on Embassy Row, looks at some of the issues. The interview was conducted by Mike Gatehouse.

Sam Russell, Ian Davison
Goodbye to Detente?
In these contributions to the discussion, the Foreign Editor of the Morning Star and the
secretary of the Scottish CND respectively, look at some new questions.

Brian Nichols
The Politics of the Alternative Economic Strategy
The author looks at the relationship between the alternative economic strategy and the fight against the cuts.

Raymond Williams — George Orwell, A Life
Andrew Chester — Memoirs of a Socialist Business Man
Eileen Phillips — Microelectronics: Capitalist Technology and the Working Class


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Marxism Today July r1981

The pound SNP Civil Service Dispute

Brenda Kirsch
Brixton and After
Within the space of a year there have been two serious clashes between the police and a local community. Brenda Kirsch, who is active in Lambeth politics and was a member of the Lambeth Inquiry into Police-Community Relations, examines the underlying causes of the Brixton disturbances and some of its longer term implications.

Interview with Wynne Godley
The Cambridge Economic Policy Group has an unrivalled reputation for medium term
economic forecasting. It has been a strong critic of the Tory government's deflationary policies and, for some time, a proponent of import controls. In this interview, Wynne Godley, the Director of the Group, discusses the impact of Tory policies, the prospects for the British economy and possible alternative policies, including those of the Left. The interview was conducted by Bob Rowthorn, a member of our Editorial Board, and Dave Currie.

Dave Laing
The Music Industry in Crisis
The self confidence of the large record companies in the sixties has given way to gloom and pessimism in the eighties. Dave Laing, a writer on popular music, looks at the reasons for the decline and what the Left's response should be.

Graham Trickey
Reproducing Royalty
In the month of the Royal Wedding, Graham Trickey, aMoming Star journalist, asks what its all about.


Bert Ramelson
The author argues that the Polish Communist Party is going through a process of renewal.

Judith Bloomfield
The author discusses the strategy of the Italian Communist Party.


Caroline Rowan — Women Workers in the First World War. The Politics of Motherhood.

Mark Harrison — Stalin's Successors: Leadership, Stability and Change in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union Since Stalin.

Ouanie Bain — Silver Linings.



Marxism Today August1981  

Time OutClaret and BlueUniversity Cuts Riots and the Police

Keith Cowling
Can the British Car Industry Survive?
The decline of the British car industry is without parallel in Western Europe. The one surviving British manufacturer, BL, is literally fighting for its life. Keith Cowling, Professor of Economics at Warwick University, examines the causes of the decline and how the industry might be saved.

Vicky Seddon
Violence Against Women: male power in action
The Yorkshire Ripper case suddenly made violence against women a national issue. Yet it is not a new phenomenon: it is an everyday threat. Vicky Seddon looks at its roots and what needs to be done.

Interview with Georges Seguy
The French elections marked the most important election victory for the Left in Western Europe since the immediate postwar period. In this interview, Georges Seguy, general secretary of the CGT, France's largest trade union centre, discusses the problems and

Monty Johnstone
Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic?
The question of democracy is central to political advance in Western Europe. But is the Marxist tradition adequate to the task?

Dave Forman

The Politics of Cancer
The author argues that cancer has many causes — and therefore a many-sided strategy is called for.


Peter Higgins — What Unemployment Means. The Workless State.
Mike Potter — Towards Socialist Welfare Work.


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Marxism Today September 1981

The Tory Attack on Training
West German Peace Movement

Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud
France Moves Left
The Left has finally ended over two decades of uninterrupted government by the FrenchRight. The recent elections could prove to be the most important for the European Left since 1945. The authors, both members of the French Communist Party, analyse the reasons for the
Left victory, why the Communist Party fared badly, and likely prospects.

Mark Harrison
Defence: the Tory dilemma
The Thatcher government promised major improvements in Britain's defence capacity. In the event, they have presided over a series of not insignificant cuts. The author, a lecturer in
economics at Warwick University, looks at the Tory dilemma.

Simon Watney
The present exhibition at the Hayward Gallery is a reminder of Picasso's unchallenged position as the greatest artist of the twentieth century. Simon Watney, author of English Post-Impressionism, looks at Picasso's achievement.

David Winchester

Trade Unions and the Recession
The new climate of mass unemployment and Thatcherism has put the trade unions on the defensive. David Winchester, lecturer in industrial relations at Warwick University, looks at the present state of the trade union movement and how it is responding.


Ray Chatwin Brixton and After
An examination of police-black relations.

PE Demetriou
The Music Industry in Crisis
The author looks at independent labels.

Reviews 28
John Allen Britain's Black Population — Labour and Racism.
Jeremy HawthornEssays on Realism


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Marxism Today October1981

Rise of US Dollar

Fermanagh-South Tyrone
Tabloid War

Interview with Mieczyslaw Rakowski
Over the last year Poland has captured the world's headlines. The formation of Solidarity
created a situation unique in Eastern Europe. The country continues to lurch from one crisis to the next. Mieczyslaw Rakowski is Deputy Premier and the government's chief negotiator with Solidarity. In this interview he discusses relations with Solidarity and Poland's prospects for the future.

Interview with Lech Walesa
The leader of Solidarity discusses its role and relationship to the state. Both interviews were conducted exclusively for Marxism Today in September by Monty Johnstone.

Jeff Rodrigues
The Riots of '81
This summer's riots have had a traumatic impact on the whole country. And their longer term consequences remain very unclear. The article examines some of the issues involved.

George Rude

The Riots in History
The author of The Crowd in History looks at some historical precedents for the recent riots.

Jean Gardiner and Sheila Smith
Feminism and the Alternative Economic Strategy
The alternative economic strategy has not only won the support of much of the labour
movement but also gained wider recognition. It remains, however, at a rather general level.
Here Jean Gardiner, co-author of The Political Economy of British Capitalism, and SheilaSmith, discuss what it should offer women.

Dave Priscott
Can Labour Succeed?
The Labour Left has, over the past two years, made impressive advances. Yet the Right
remains a powerful force, and there are signs of a major electoral crisis facing Labour. Dave Priscott, a member of the Editorial Board, looks at some of the questions.

Channel Five
The BBC Under PressureJonathan Coe
Sports CentresChris Lightbown
The Odeon ClosuresJohn Ellis

Cynthia CockburnSlump City
J FosterKarl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence


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Marxism Today November1981


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Labour After BrightonUS Defence ProposalsTUC ReformsSoviet Prices

Andrew Gamble Mrs Thatcher's Bunker:
the reshuffle and its consequences

The recent Cabinet reshuffle belied all expectations: it reinforced the position of the radical Right within the Government. Andrew Gamble, author of Britain in Decline, looks at where the Tories are going.

Simon Frith Youth in the Eighties
The experiences of youth in the eighties is quite different from previous postwar generations. Simon Frith, author of The Sociology of Rock, examines its implications .

Interview with Ken Livingstone
The GLC has embarked on a bold course of reform. In this interview, Ken Livingstone,
Leader of the GLC, explains what they are trying to do.

Goran Therborn Prospects for the European Left
The French elections have given new heart to the Left in Europe. But the picture remains very mixed. Goran Therborn, the well-known Swedish Marxist and author of What the Ruling Class Does When it Rules, argues that the Left's immediate prospects remain very uncertain.

John Grahl Reagan in Trouble
Wall Street has the jitters. Western Europe is worried. Is this a sign of things to come?

Channel Five
Sponsorship in Sport — Ron McKay
Post Punk Rock — Julie Burchill
Twilight in the Gods — Clive Barker
Television and the SDP — Justin Wren-Lewis

Discussion Alan Hunt Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic?
The author argues that the limitations of Lenin's contribution must be recognised.

Aidan Foster-Carter —
Marxist Theories of Imperialism.

Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism.

Patrick Seyd -
The Future of Socialism. Face the Future. Politics is for People.
The Socialist Agenda


Marxism Today December1981

European Peace MovementPrivate Rented HousingPolish Economic CrisisCancun —Third World Last?

Coming in from the Cold
A roundtable discussion with Tony Benn, Pete Carter and Jack Dromey
The People's March for Jobs was an extraordinary success. Here Tony Benn discusses with two of its national coordinators why it was so successful and what lessons the labour movement should draw from it.

Gwyn Williams
Mother Wales, get off me back ?
The image of Wales as a militant socialist country lives on. Gwyn Williams, Professor of History at University College Cardiff, argues this is now quite false: Wales is very different from what it was.

Roger Woddis
Santa in Crisis
Even Santa Claus has hit hard times.

George Catephores
Greece in the hour of change
Greece has shifted dramatically to the left. But George Catephores, a Greek economist living in Britain, argues that its most likely consequence will be to transform Greece into a modern European country.

Ireland's Intractable Crisis
Interviews with the UDA and the Provisional IRA
Northern Ireland remains in a state of permanent crisis. Andy Tyrie and John McMichael from the UDA and Danny Morrison from the Provisional IRA, in exclusive interviews with Bob Rowthorn, discuss relations between the two communities and the prospects for a settlement.

Channel Five

Musicals Bruce Cole
Imperial Architecture RevisitedRodney Mace
The Indian TourMihir Bose

Michael BleaneyThe Political Economy of British Capitalism
Theo NicholsArchitect or Bee? Living Thinkwork


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