Marxism Today January 1983

Powell the unilateralistBrazil PrivatisationIrish elections


Harold Wolpe
Apartheid's Deepening Crisis
The last decade has seen big changes in South Africa: economic crisis, widening black resistance and significant changes in Afrikaner strategy. What will be the outcome?

Eric Hobsbawm
Falkland's Fallout
The Falklands war was not really about the Falklands at all, it was about domestic politics. And it gave a new and ominous portent of what might happen after Thatcher.

Lynne Segal
A Question of Choice
The accepted wisdom is that Thatcherism is forcing women
back into home. But it's not quite like that.

Michael Rustin
Power to the Provinces!
Labour has traditionally been antagonistic, or at best lukewarm, towards decentralisation —be it devolution or regional government. Now the SDP is making the running on regionalism, and the Left can't afford to be left behind.

Jon Halliday
Mr Weathervane takes over in Japan
Nakesone has just been elected as the new premier, marking a significant
shift to the right in Japanese politics.

Channel Five
Sierra Design — Interview with Dan Connor
Songs Of Resistance — Mary Ellison

Bill Warman
The Unions: Caught on the Ebb Tide
The last contribution to our discussion.

Chris Pond — Images of Welfare — The Politics of Poverty — Poverty and

Sarah Lefanu — A Chain of Voices
Jenny Warren — Threat from the East?



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Marxism Today February 1983
Death in JeddahSouth Korea's miracle stumblesChanges at the topFrench pragmatism


A New Force in the Land
A roundtable discussion with Sally Davison, Helen John and Joan Ruddock
The Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp has captured the imagination of the country. It represents a new kind of politics. But what can — and can't — it do?

Chris Pond
Taxation: a political liability
In 1979, a major reason for the Tory victory was the promise to cut income tax. It hasn't happened. But taxation remains a key problem which the Left has neglected.

Dave Cook and Peter Hain
Proportional representation: threat or opportunity?
The emergence of the Alliance has put proportional representation much higher on the political agenda. The Left remains very divided on its own attitude. Here we present two conflicting views.

Harold Immanuel
Sizewell Syndrome
The Tory government is committed to a massive programme of nuclear power stations. Sizewell 'B' would be the first of many. But all the signs are that this is going to become — for the first time — a major political issue.

Doug Cook
Lessons of the NHS Dispute
The author looks at the recent health workers struggle.

Channel Five
Black footballers — Peter Ball
News on Channel 4 — Brian McNair
A Question of Silence — Sarah Lefanu
The Rise of the Slopes — Maria Loftus

Hilary Land — The Anti-Social Family
Martin Weegman — Feminine Sexuality — Feminism and Psychoanalysis
Grahame Thompson — The Lucas Plan — The Unequal Struggle?



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Marxism Today March 1983
Fleet Street shuffleThe sinking poundThe family way


Karl Marx: 100 Not Out
A roundtable discussion with Eric Hobsbawm, Ralph Miliband, Bob Rowthorn and Anne Sassoon.
This month is the centenary of Marx's death. His influence has been enormous. How do his ideas look today and what are the prospects for the future?

Simon Frith
Post Punk Blues
The late 70s saw the heyday of political pop. Since then it has waned, but pop continues to express the concerns and pleasures of the youth generation.

John Kelly
Tebbit Changes Tack
The assault on the unions remains central to Tory strategy. But the latest Green Paper marks a shift in the nature of that offensive.

What Does Marx Mean to You?

Marx's impact on Britain and the world is extraordinary. We asked people from a wide variety of different spheres and views what he means to them.

Christopher Husbands
Unemployment and Politics
A big majority of the British people regard unemployment as the biggest issue facing the nation. But it hasn't — as yet — produced a shift against the Tories.

Channel Five
Interview with Alan Ayckbourn
Rediffusing television — Gillian Skirrow
Celebrating the Centenary — Richard Dyer

Gerry Pocock
Falklands Fallout
The honourable record of the Left

Anne Sassoon — Marx: A Hundred Years On
Anthony Dorrell — Shostakovich: the man and his music



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Marxism Today April 1983

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The Nigerian exodus Local councils and decentralisationFagan and Trespass

Jon Bloomfield Year of Decision The peace movement is now more powerful than ever. But the Governmenthas embarked on a major counter-offensive. Can we stop Cruise?

Interview with Uri Avneri
Israel lurches to the Right With the invasion of the Lebanon, the Begin regime has shifted further to the right. And future prospects look far from hopeful.

Doreen Massey The Shape of Things to Come The composition of the workforce has changed profoundly. And so have
the regions that make up Britain. The Left has some thinking to do: because the implications are enormous.

Hugo Levie Britain Goes to the Sales
The Tories meant what they said. They are determined to dismember the public sector.

Hannah Kanter and Jennifer Peck
Rape: the Burden of Proof Rape law remains overwhelmingly biased against women.

Channel Five
Woman's Hour — interview with Wyn Knowles and Sue MacGregor
Joan Armatrading — Mary Harron
Sanitising the War — Anthony Arblaster

Roy Lockett — Gramsci's Political Thought
Bob Jessop — Capitalist Democracy in Britain


Marxism Today May 1983

Zimbabwe in TurmoilMedia and New TechnologyAusterity in FranceThe Police Bill


David Currie
Opec Over a Barrel
The oil price has been cut. And Opec is now on the defensive and vulnerable.

Chris Pond
Rediscovering Poverty
Poverty has become the forgotten issue of British politics. That is now beginning
to change. But the labour movement still doesn't take it seriously.

John Gordon
North-South: the axis shifts
There is no sign of a New International Economic order. So the South is now
pressing for more pragmatic measures.

Phil Lee
Welfare State: The Second Front Opens
So far it's been mainly words and not much action. But the recent leaks suggest the Tories, given another chance, will go for bust.

Pat Hudson
The Right and the Green
West German politics has shifted right, with implications for the rest of Europe.

Channel Five
Interview with Buchi Emecheta
Video and Pop — Paul Morley
Sir William Walton — Malcolm Barry

John Fisher— Farewell to the Working Class: Socialism and Survival
Jitendra Mohan — Dynamics of Global Crisis: Crisis in the Third World: The Third
World in Global Development

Letters & Notes

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Marxism Today June 1983


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Chinese Foreign Policy The Trident Factor Drought in Africa

Interview with Neil Kinnock
Over the last four years, Labour has been trying to come to terms with both Thatcherism and its own longer-term decline. In this interview, Neil Kinnock, one of the major figures on the Labour Left, explores these issues and post-election prospects.

Dave Triesman - They're Off . . .
The flat racing season is well underway, the Derby is about to happen. Horse racing exercises an enormous influence on rich and poor alike.

John Grahl - The Liberal Revolutionary
Keynes has had a greater impact on British politics this century than any other thinker. For many years, he was almost sacrosanct. Now he is derided by the radical Right. The Left still can't make up its mind.

Dave Morris - Unemployment Blues
The trade union movement is in difficulties — and, at root, the problem is unemployment.

David Arnold - The Man behind the Film
Gandhi remains one of the great figures of the twentieth century. But his long run legacy for India is an ambiguous one.

Channel Five
Interview with Alexei Sayle
James Bond in the 80s — Tony Bennett
Mass Market Feminism — Margaret Tarratt

Andrew Gamble — Thatcher's Britain: Britain Can Work: After the New
Right: The Salisbury Review

Veronica Beechey — Brothers



Marxism Today July 1983


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NicaraguaShipbuilding on the rocksIndonesia

Andrew Gamble Thatcher: The Second Coming
The Thatcherite revolution has consolidated its hold on British society,
leaving the left in apparent disarray.

Doreen Massey The Contours of Victory
The Tory victory reveals new patterns of political allegiances and challenges
accepted wisdom about party loyalty.

Vicky Seddon Keeping Women in their Place
Sexual harassment is an added and unpleasant burden facing working
women. But recent research suggests that it plays a significant role in emphasising sexual divisions at work.

Brian Wood
Impasse in Namibia
A flurry of recent diplomatic activity has failed to dislodge apartheid's grip on Namibia. What are the prospects now for liberation?

Channel 4: The First Nine Months
Interview with Jeremy Isaacs
Stuart Hood talks to the chief executive of the controversial experiment in broadcasting

Channel Five
Tycoon by Design — Adrian Forty
Young British Novelists — Anita Phillips
Italian Summers — Iain Chambers and Lidia Curti

Malcolm Rutherford — The Politics of Thatcherism
Esmee Barnsby — Feminism, Culture and Politics




Marxism Today August 1983


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Jam or Jerusalem?The Japanese electionsDepo Provera

Iran — Revolution in Reverse
The overthrow of the Shah was one of the great popular revolutions of this century. But the Islamic regime that replaced it has been highly ambiguous. Now it has turned on the Left. Here we interview A Sadeg,
a representative of the Tudeh Party.

Stan Parker The British on Holiday
Foreign holidays are on the increase, but hoiday-making in Britain still predominates.

Paul Hirst Hanging — the End of the Rope The pro-hanging lobby has been defeated, but this issue is unlikely to go away.

Donald Sassoon Christian Democracy's crumbling edifice
The recent Italian elections resulted in a stunning defeat for Christian Democracy and new possibilities for the Italian communists.

Opinion pollsters or opinion formers?
A roundtable discussion with James Curran, Peter Kellner and Bob Worcester.
The general election saw a positive epidemic of opinion polls. They also
remain controversial. We explore some of the issues.

Channel Five
Armchair Travelling — Stephen Hayward
Popular and Political Theatre — an interview with Dario Fo
The Artists' International Association — Lynda Morris

John Saville, The Liberal Revolutionary
The mixed blessing of 1945

Julian Cooper — The Economics of Feasible Socialism
Dennis Ogden — Andropov





Marxism Today September 1983


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A drop in the ocean?Squeezing the poorChile's shaky junta

Bob Rowthorn • Think positive — rethink Labour
Labour suffered a historic defeat in the general election. Worse could follow. Now is the time for some serious rethinking.

Ray Forrest • Home sweet home
The Thatcher years have seen major changes in housing. Council housing is on the retreat and owner-occupation is increasingly important.

For whom the block votes?
A roundtable discussion
The Tories want to loosen, possibly break, the ties between Labour and the unions. At the election, a minority of trade unionists voted Labour. In this roundtable, six trade
unionists discuss the problems and how to tackle them.

James Donald •
Class of 83
The Left must regain the initiative on education. But to do so, it needs to reassess its arguments.

Ian Davison • Will protest survive? CND after the election
As cruise gets closer, CND becomes more important. But the election didn't help.

Channel Five
Interview with Salman Rushdie
Paul Robeson: Militant Humanism — Richard Dyer
Latin American Cinema — Michael Chanan

Reviews 43
Eileen Phillips — Arguments for Socialism series
Brian Bolton — Why are the British bad at manufacturing? — Japan
in the passing lane.




Marxism Today October 1983

Crime PreventionPolish economic reformEqual pay

Labour's Lost Millions
Eric Hobsbawm
Labour was trounced in June. It could be marginalised over the next decade — or sooner. So what do we do about it?

Feminism is Dead? Long Live Feminism
Tricia Davis
The Tories have a far more subtle position on women than is generallynrecognised. They have been forced to acknowledge the strength of feminism. So why is the Left retreating from it?

Interview with David Yip, the Chinese

David Yip, the star of The Chinese Detective, looks at the series and the
problems confronting the ethnic minorities on the screen and in society.

The Popular Front Revisited
Dave Priscott
The Left has underestimated the strength and threat of Thatcherism. The experience of the 30s serves as both a warning and a guide.

Privatising Pleasure — the Communications Revolution
Peter Golding and Graham Murdock
A revolution is being wrought in the communications industries, yet the Left is hardly aware of its existence, let alone what to do about it.

Interview with Keith Waterhouse
Political Theatre — David Edgar
Televised Football — David Berry and Steve Pinder
Spotlight: No Go Music — Chris Bohn

Richard Saville — The Cambridge Economic History of India:
Civilisation and Capitalism
Michael Rustin — What is to be Done about the Family?



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Marxism Today November 1983
The rain that killsRacism in FranceNigeria comes of age


Central America: the Eagle Hovers • Jenny Pearce
The US strategy isn't working. So Reagan, bit by bit, is escalating the situation. Where will it end?

The Uneasy Alliance
Andrew Gamble
The Alliance came out of the election as victor and loser. Now it faces difficult options — and new tensions.

Caught in the Wheels
Cynthia Cockburn
Engineering and technology is a man's world. The era of 'equal opportunities' has made virtually no difference. There's got to be some explanation.

Interview with George Melly
A tour of the 60s, Thatcherism, jazz and surrealism with one of jazz's best-known personalities.

The Long and Winding Road
A roundtable discussion
The Communist Party, like the rest of
the Left, is not without its problems. Four leading Communists discuss how they see things.


Interview with Peter Preston, Guardian editor

Radio Franchises — Thomas O'Malley
Hip Little Englanders — Marek Kahn
Spotlight: The Fringe — Paul Allen


Karl Dallas — Victor: an unfinished song
Alan Macdougall — Inside the Inner City


Michael Meacher and Robin Cook respond to Eric Hobsbawm's 'Labour's Lost Millions'.



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Marxism Today December 1983

Mirror's imageTrouble at the polyHongkong: crisis? what crisis?


America Presents Arms
John Cox
The US invades Grenada. It's all too familiar. But things are changing.
The third world is now at the centre of the cold war.

The Caribbean's Stolen Jewel
Andy Green
Grenada's revolution was young, but it had done a lot.

France's Resurgent Right
Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud
The French Right is on the offensive — and making unholy alliances.

Labour's capital gains: The GLC experience
Michael Ward
The Labour GLC has pioneered a new kind of municipal socialism.

Iran's Revolution turns sour
Fred Halliday
The Iranian revolution has gone badly wrong. The Left has been suppressed and the Tudeh Party forced underground.

Street credibility — Rosalind Brunt
Happy Birthday, WEA — Trevor Blackwell
Women Draw 1984
Spotlight: Christmas Wines — Edmund Penning-Rowsell

We asked a variety of people which book they most enjoyed reading in 1983.

Eric Heffer continues the discussion on Eric Hobsbawm's 'Labour's Lost Millions'.



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