Marxism Today January 1984

Conflict in the southern SudanThe housing benefit bungleBack to jail


Lebanon: the Middle East battleground
Roger Owen
The Lebanon has been torn apart by internal and external strife. But now the situation has been internationalised in a quite new way.

Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1984
Raymond Williams
1984 has finally arrived. How has the novel stood the test of time?

The Culture Gap
Stuart Hall
Postwar Britain has witnessed enormous cultural changes. But the Left has remained at best indifferent, at worst hostile.

David Edgar
Imagine Thatcherism triumphs at the next election—and again and again.
Just what will Britain be like on the eve of the twenty-first century?

The Age of Unemployment
A roundtable discussion
Unemployment is the issue which most concerns the British people. But not much is happening.

Interview with Melvyn Bragg
The Genius of Venice — Tony del Renzio
Spotlight: The Unhipness of Eolk — Karl Dallas


John Cox — Soviet Policy under Brezhnev and Andropov: The Making of the Second Cold War: Cold War or Detente?

Nick Kimberley
— The Sound of the City: Sound Effects

Bert Munro and Des Walshe, and Anna Coote discuss 'Labour's Lost



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Marxism Today February 1984

Sinclair — a chip off the old block?Pension fundsYour shekel or your wallet

Caught in the Gender Trap
Jean Gardiner
One of the great social changes of the postwar period has been the transformation in the position of women. It is also one which the labour movement has failed to keep abreast with.

The New (Liberal) Left
Interview with
Michael Meadowcroft
British politics ain't what it once was. Party labels are no longer quite so self-defining. The emergence of a Left in the Liberal Party is a case in point.

Britain's Misspent Youth
Dan Finn
Once the MSC was about job-creation. Now it — and the YTS — are much more about cultural conditioning.

Yugoslavia: An Experiment in Crisis
Martin Myant
The Yugoslavs have developed a very individual style of socialism.
But they now face major economic problems, and their democratic processes are being severely criticised
The Unions: Is there life after Warrington?
John Mcllroy and John Lloyd
There's no doubt about it. The NGA dispute at Warrington was one of the most important in recent years. But what conclusions should we draw?

Panto Panto — Richard Dyer
Cinema from Three Continents — Roy Armes
Brookside — Christine Geraughty
Spotlight: The Trouble with Poetry — Michele Roberts

Andrew Gamble— The Thatcher government: Thatcher and friends
Fred Halliday — Class Struggle is the Name of the Game

Dave Cook and Roger Poole discuss 'Labour's Lost Millions'.



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Marxism Today March 1984
South Africa's dilemmaDrugs and xenophobia Monetarism in retreatSpanish Communist Party

Labour: Rump or Rebirth
Eric Hobsbawm
Labour can recover. But only if it respects its traditions.

Administrative Law: A New Tsar is Born?
Stephen Sedley
The judges have been quietly but inexorably redrawing the boundaries between the judiciary and the executive at the latter's expense.

Unions in Search of their Members
Richard Jewison
Left policies and leaders shouldn't be confused with the views of the trade union membership. OK. But how do you win the membership

Britain's Growing Greens
Interview with Jonathon Porritt
Green issues are becoming more central. But the relationship between the Left and green politics remains at best distant, at worst non-existent.

The Victorian Visionary
Robbie Gray
William Morris was not just an important Victorian figure, he has something to offer us today.

Opera's Rising Star — Anthony Arblaster
Light Dimensions — Michael Cross
Spotlight: Classical Music — Malcolm Barry

Cynthia Cockburn — Women in Control
Tricia Davis — The Left and the Erotic: Sex and Love
Betty Matthews — In The Tracks of Historical Materialism

Kathy Myers and Ann Sedley discuss feminism in 1984.



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Marxism Today April 1984

Divorce — keeping it in the familyAndropov's 455 daysTraining for jobsItalian unions

Storming the Town Halls: a Rate-Cap Revolution
John Stewart
The Conservative government, in its efforts to reduce local authorityexpenditure, is now challenging the very principle of local government.

The Egyptian Enigma
Chris Mowles
Egypt is beginning to stir again. But it is more likely to be a mild version of Sadat than a return to Nasser.

How the Other Half Lives
Beatrix Campbell
Labour's crisis isn't mainly about policies, it's about its relationship with the people.

Crossed Lines: Communists in Search of an Identity
Jon Bloomfield
The Communist Party may be small, but its present disputes affect the whole of the Left.

The Bleak Country
Frank Gaffikin and Andrew Nickson
The jobs crisis in the West Midlands is a product of global restructuring as much as the domestic recession.

Barry Manilow: opium of die missus — Barney Hoskyns
Photography's changing face
Allan Harkness
Gay Switchboard 10 years on
Jeffrey Weeks
Musicals now
Stephanie McKnight
Spotlight: China Watching
Brian Hipkin

Gregor McLennan — Class Power and State Power
John Peck — What is Proportional Representation?



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Marxism Today May 1984

New Ireland Forum CPSU and Spanish communists Racism and employment

To Buy or Not to Buy: is that the question?
David Griffiths and Chris Holmes
The Left has lost out badly on housing. It's time for a rethink.

Taking Liberties- Interview w i th Larry Gostin
Thatcherism Mark II is engendering a growing concern with civil liberties. But how do you defend civil liberties — and which ones?

Mapping out the Unions
Doreen Massey and Nicholas Miles
Once union membership was concentrated in a few areas. Now it is more and more widely dispersed. With far-reaching implications.

Full Employment: Slogan or Strategy?
John Grahl
Unemployment is widely perceived to be Britain's most important problem. But the Left has so far lost the ideological argument. Perhaps it's time to look again at what we are actually offering.

Class Conundrum
Gregor McLennan
Working class has never automatically meant Labour, let alone socialist.

Modern Dance — Chris Savage-King
2-Way Communication — Joel Cayford
The Pre-Raphaelites — Deborah Cherry
Architects in Crisis — Martin Pawley

George Matthews — 1939: The Communist Party and the War
Judy Kimble — Sex and Destiny: the politics of human fertility

Ann Pettifor — Women and the Labour Party
Ron Bellamy — Trends in the Communist Party



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Marxism Today June 1984

House of LordsVideo NastiesSouth American Slump Hungarian Reforms

This Lady's Not for Turning: Thatcherism
Mark III
Andrew Gamble
After the election, it began to look as if Thatcherism might have lost its way. Now it doesn't. But what will happen is an open question.

The Unbridgeable Gulf
Patrick Cockburn
The Iran-Iraq war is three and a half years old. Once it seemed that Iran might win, now it looks like continuing stalemate.

Overstating the State
Geoff Hodgson
The dominant socialist tradition in Britain is based on a highly centralised idea of socialism. It won't work — and we won't get there. We need a more decentralised concept.

Males, Morals and Majorities
Interview with Gloria Steinem
Women have made enormous gains in the US over the last two decades, but they are now under assault.

Fuelling Britain: the Future of Coal
Graham Gudgin
The present dispute is not about a handful of uneconomic jobs, it's about the whole future of the coal industry.

English Romanesque Art 1066-1200 — Rodney Hilton
Liverpool's Garden Festival — Bob Dent
Fanzines — Paul Mathur
French Crime Movies — David Nicholls

Sara Lefanu — Feminist Publishing
Hannah Kanter — Female Desire/Desire
Urvashi Butalia —Javady Alley / Woman at Point Zero/ The Republic of Cousins

Dave Richards — Communists in search of an identity
Nigel Stanley — Communist Party — where next?
Tess Woodcraft — How the other half lives
Adam Sharpies— Unemployment: Slogan or Strategy



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Marxism Today July 1984

Boycott by any other nameScience parksLaurels and hardy poetsThe Dutch decision

The Changing Face of Royalty
Rosalind Brunt
While so much in British society has been subject to question in the last decade, the Royal Family seems to have emerged unscathed. If anything its popularity has grown. Why is it so popular?

Berlinguer: Architect of Eurocommunism
Donald Sassoon
Over one million people attended his funeral. In retrospect, he looks like one of the great figures of postwar Europe.

Sheffield: Steelyard Blues
Dave Child and Mick Paddon
Sheffield has been Labour's greatest English stronghold, a city dominated by engineering and steel. Suddenly the latter is no more; the occupational structure has been transformed. Where will it lead?

The Greening of Britain
Malcolm MacEwen
Socialists have traditionally emphasised growth. Now it must be tempered by conservation.

Coalfield Women at the Face
a roundtable discussion
A unique feature of the miners strike has been the involvement of women in the coalfield.

Spreading the Arts — Interview with Joan Bakewell
Computer Games - Tom Conlon
The Royal Shakespeare Company—Paul Allen

Gareth Stedman Jones—Towards 2000/Wigan Pier Revisited

Anthony Barnett — Ernest Bevin Foreign Secretary/Labour in Power 1945-51 /The Labour Governments 1945-51

Hugo Young — Thatcherism Mark III
John Ross — Thatcherism Mark III
Tricia Davies — Crossed Lines
David Blunkett — How the Other Half Lives



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Marxism Today August1984

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The French far rightMunicipal militancyArtificial reproductionIndia—a crisis of identity

Redrawing the Frontline - Southern Africa in Transition
Victoria Brittain
The recent accords between South Africa and Mozambique and Angola are a major turning point. But the future in
Southern Africa remains unstable and

The Great Crash of 84?
David Green
The world debt crisis seems finally to have come to a head. Several American banks are on the edge of a precipice. Or will a way out be found?

Taking men on at their Games
Jennifer Hargreaves
Women today have a much better deal at the Olympics than they used to have. But it is still very unequal.

New Mirror Image Fades
Interview with Clive Thornton
It looked like a bold new experiment. An attempt to protect some of the better traditions of the Daily Mirror. Then along came Robert Maxwell.

Pension Power
Gareth Locksley and Richard Minns
Pension funds enjoy enormous power in the financial market. It's time the labour movement tried to use that power for broader objectives.

Gracious Living—Richard Dyer
Writing on the Wall for the GLC — Brian Hipkin
Elvis Costello— Simon Lockwood

Stephen Hayward — Fellow Travelling
Maria Loftus and Maggie Urmstone—A
Woman's Place is on Top

John Millner — Pluto Crime

Gordon Robinson — Berlinguer: Architect of

Nick Lewis — Class Conundrum



Marxism Today September 1984

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Labour's black sectionsSocial security- reviews and reformsPoles
Ethical medics

Strike to the finish-A roundtable discussion
The miners' strike is right at the centre of the political stage. Its outcome will determine much. But already this is a strike which will go down in the history books.

A Tale of Two Germanies • Jonathan Steele
Suddenly, relations between the two Germanies has become an issue of some controversy.

Breaking School Rules • Brian Simon
The Tories have failed to halt the spread of comprehensivisation. They are now seeking a major extension of centralised control over education. That's partly what lies behind the new exam reforms.

Dust to Dust-the World's Expanding Deserts

Adam Markham
Reports of drought and famine in Africa have become commonplace
on our television screens. Yet something can be done about it.

Star Spangled Economies
Lars Osberg
Over the last decade, the US has created many more jobs than West Europe. This is one of the reasons why the 'American model' has become fashionable amongst economic commentators. But this is only half the

Computing the Future — Interview with Richard Sharpe
Street Dancing — Chris Savage-King

Law and Order — Brenda Kirsch
Hidden from History — Alok Ray

Tom Baistow — Mirror's Image Fades
Steve Munby — Municipal Militancy






Marxism Today October 1984
Appeal of ReaganismStreet illegal The bingo warPolicing street collectors


The Face of Labour's Future
Eric Hobsbawm interviews Neil Kinnock
Labour has staged a major recovery in the opinion polls since the general election. Its long term revival, however, depends on what it has to offer the future.

Britain's Deadly Diet
Julie Sheppard
Food has long been considered a private matter. But gradually diet is coming to be recognised for what it is, a major determinant of the nation's health and well-being.

Sale of the Century
Dexter Whitfield
BT shares are now jostling with soap powder on the nation's TV commercials. This is the sale to end all (privatisation) sales. And by the end of it the Tories will have gone a long way, indeed, down the privatisation road.

Preaching Progress
Interview with the Bishopof Durham, David Jenkins
Conflict in the Church of England has become a regular topic of news. The Church is in a state of flux.

The Hongkong Syndrome
Walter Easey
It could hardly be more different from the Falklands. And the deal currently being stitched together is likely to fall apart, sooner or later.


All Actors should be Working Class
Interview with Tony Booth and Pat Phoenix

Supergirl — Tessa Perkins

The Running Boom—Mark Ferryman

Pregnancy and Choice — Jan Mellor
A Voice in the Wilderness — Pamela A Smith
Lenin's heirs—Brian Nicholls

Barry Hugill — Breaking School Rules
Marc Wadsworth and Iqbal Wahhab — Black Sections



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Marxism Today November1984

The bullet bites backNo strike, no sayThe Vatican and Liberation TheologyHealth care Reaganomics

An Unhappy Marriage? The Labour-Union Link -
Peter Hain
There was talk of going for contracting-in. Instead the Tories have plumped for something far more ambitious — severing the links between individual unions and the Labour Party. There is an awful lot at stake here.

Reagan's American Dream
David Plotke
It looks like Reagan again. But why has he been so successful? From a European vantage point, it doesn't seem so obvious.

Refurnishing the Corridors of Power
Richard Norton-Taylor
All is not well in Whitehall. The Tisdall and Ponting cases are expressions of a deeper unease. It's about Thatcherism's attempt to reshape the civil

The State — Socialism's Old Caretaker
Stuart Hall
Not so long ago, the Left was unambiguously/or state intervention, at
least in a lot of areas. Now it's not so sure. It needs to sort out where it stands. Because this is one of the issues on which Thatcherism has been so effective.

Britain's Drug Problem
Bent Gordon
Drug-taking is on the increase. But is it as bad as some claim, and what do the new Tory proposals amount to?

Breaking New Style — Interview with Jeff Banks
Beware Working Woman — Janice Winship

Mozambique: Ideals and Reality — Paul Fauvet
Hegemony in Dispute— Roger Simon

Following last month's interview with Neil Kinnock, Peter Kellner, Gordon McLennan, Joan Maynard and Robin Cook discuss Kinnock's first year.



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Marxism Today December 1984

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Britain and EthiopiaTrouble at the BoardMondale raygunned
Information technology industry breaks ranks

Hopes, Dreams and Dirty Nappies
Sheila Rowbotham
The Left doesn't believe in Utopias. It should. They give us hope and imagination.

Let a Thousand Enterprises Bloom
China has gone in for a dose of decentralisation and the market.

Labour and the People Ken Livingstone and
Beatrix Campbell
One of the few left stars that has been burning brightly is the GLC.
What wider lessons does it offer?

Bump Starting Britain John Grahl
The old Keynesian model is dead - The radical Right are in trouble. But what does the Left offer the future?

What Britain Thinks
Gregor McLennan
Public opinion remains as contradictory and ambiguous as ever.

Ways of Witnessing — Interview with John Berger
Following the Fight to the Finish — Paul Marshall

It's nearly 1985, and time to look back on 1984.
This is our round up:
1984: A Year of New Alliances?—Anne Phillips
Who's Afraid of Tariq Ali—Peter Riddell
Rigging Miracles — Joanna Goulding
Are You Wearing the Right Aftershave? — Carol Sarler
Pop's Young Fogeys — Marek Kohn
Video Viewpoint— Dave Rushton

Keith Hill — Unions Labour: the nitty gritties
Ken Coates — Ballot Boycott