Marxism Today January 1985

A Tory revolutionMarcos in a messRunning rings around LondonAlliance for Science


Famine: What Can the Left Give?-
John Sender and Sheila Smith
The public response to the Ethiopian famine has been enormous. But the Left's profile is barely visible.

Who Dares Wins
Tony Benn
The Left can fight its way through its present problems if it looks to its strengths.

Faith, Hope or Clarity
Stuart Hall
The labour movement is in crisis. Faith in not enough. It must come to terms with that crisis and change accordingly.

The Company of Angela Carter- An Interview
From folklore and babies to feminism and recession, one of Britain's leading novelists discusses her work.

La Fin: France Abandons Socialism
Keith Dixon and Daniel Perraud
An experiment now in ruins. But the causes of the collapse of the Mitterrand government's radical aspirations must be sought in the past as well as the present.

Advertising for a Change — Interview with Johnny Wright
A Class of its Own — Alan Clarke
Radio Airwaves — Thomas O'Malley

Retreating from Reality — Tricia Davis
Size well Saga — David Thomas

Tariq Ali — Politics and Pyramids
Henry Neuberger — Babies and Bathwater



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Marxism Today February 1985

Contraception and confidentialityIndia at crossroads The new trade union leaders Who pays for the US deficit?

Britain's Sexual Counter-Revolutionaries
Rose Shapiro
Encouraged by the recent court decision on contraception for under-16s, the moral Right are on the offensive. And there is a sympathetic ear for them in high places.

Mining the Popular Front
Hywel Francis
In its 11 months, the miners' strike has found support in many different quarters. It has helped to sustain the strike. And in Wales, broad alliances insupport of the miners have been pursued in quite a new way.

Sterling Takes a Pounding
Michael Bleaney
Sterling has taken a dive. But what does it all mean?

CND's New Era: Interview with Joan Ruddock
The Geneva talks are underway. Cruise has been sited. Labour's defence proposals suffered a debacle in the last election. CND faces a new era.

No Private Drama
Dave Cook
The divisions within the Communist Party are now there for all to see. And their outcome will have a profound effect on the rest of the Left.

Keeping the Revolution Warm—Interview with Terry Eagleton
Polish Film—Monty Johnstone

The Cultural Front—Andy Croft
Misunderstanding or Misrepresentation — Pat Devine
The Menace of Anti communism—Richard Gott

James Curran — Rationale for the Right
David Green—Who Dares Wins



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Marxism Today March 1985

Dark blue turned deepest red?
Those that pay the fiddler . . .

Launderette philosophers • Unanswered questions

Ratecap Resistance
Interview with David Blunkett
We are on the eve of rate-capping. And the rate-capped authorities remain united in opposition. What will happen?

Back in the USSR: the past catches up
Monty Johnstone
The USSR has not achieved the ambitious objectives it set itself over
two decades ago. Only widespread reforms can tackle the malaise.

Ponting's Legal Torpedo
John Griffith
The Ponting verdict was a blow for democracy. And all the better for being unexpected.

Jaw-Jaw and War-War
Paul Rogers
The Geneva talks are about to commence. But the obstacles are
formidable and expectations low.

Striking the Right Note
Pete Carter
A most extraordinary industrial dispute, the most remarkable this century, but what strategic lessons can be drawn from the miners strike?

The Bard of Stratford — Interview with Benjamin Zephaniah
The Woodcraft Folk—Martin Stott
Art into Production — JohnWillett

Powerful Memories — Bill Schwarz
The History Men — Gregor McLennan

Ben Fine — Class Politics
John Foster—Moving the Goalposts
Lucy Bland — Britain's Sexual Counter-Revolutionaries



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Marxism Today April 1985

The impact of aidsGorbachev ushers in a new periodRestricting drugsThe new workers' co-operatives

The Retreat into Extremism
Eric Hobsbawm
The Left is trying to get its act together. Splendid isolation is not the answer.

The Case for the Defence
James Hinton
The peace movement has proved remarkably resilient. Nevertheless the
last election was a major setback for it, and the next one is beginning to loom on the horizon. The time is ripe for something new.

The Miners' Strike: A Balance Sheet
A Roundtable Discussion
The outcome of the miners' strike was a major setback. Now is the time to ask some questions.

NUM United: A Team in Disarray
Hywel Francis
A remarkable strike, unequalled this century. But from the beginning it was dogged by division and disunity.

Labouring Women
Interview with Frances Morrell
Until now feminism has made little impact on the Labour Party. But things are beginning to change.

Designs for Living—Interview with Betty Jackson
A Passage to India — Richard Dyer
Minority Television — Yvonne Neverson

An English Dissenter — Sally Davison
The Future of Science — Fred Steward
Female Prophecy — Elena Lieven

Alan Hunt — The Drama Unfolds
Lynne Segal — A New Morality



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Marxism Today May 1985

Enter the dragon
Towards 1963?
'Vive la difference. . .
The gaff blown


Rate-capping and Realignment- Interview with Ken Livingstone
The campaign against rate-capping is not what it might have been. The
GLC, in particular, ended in a debacle. The whole affair may prove something of a turning-point in local Labour politics. Realignments are not just on the agenda, they are well underway.

1945 and all that
Basil Davidson
This month sees the 40th anniversary of the victory over fascism in Europe. The Thatcherites would prefer us to forget it. Not surprisingly, for it doesn't fit into their picture of history one bit. But what does it offer us today?

VE Day - What Does it Mean to You?
We asked a range of people to give their views on the significance of
the defeat of fascism in 1945.

What Price Democracy?
Alan Hunt
Democracy and socilaism are intertwined. Unless people believe that
socialism will be more democratic than capitalism, then it won't happen.

Auntie Shows Her Age
The future of die BBC has rarely been more uncertain.


The Party Revisited — Interview with Trevor Griffiths

The British Art Show
—Jeremy Vanes

Dethroning the Working Class — David Forgacs
Back to the Land — Lee Chadwick

Alexey P Kozlov—View from the USSR
Jimmy Airlie — Miners' strike balance sheet
Sid Piatt — Miners' strike: a NALGO view



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Marxism Today June1985

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Rate for the jobLimping duckA new centre of gravity

West on the Dole - Goran Therborn
Unemployment dominates the West. Yet the experience of some countries, which have managed largely to avoid it, suggests that mass unemployment is not inevitable. But if we fail, the social map of our societies is likely to be transformed. A Brazilian scenario could be the outcome.

Who'll get Pleasure from Leisure? - Simon Frith
Leisure is being transformed. It's becoming more important in people's lives and an industry in its own right. But what kind of leisure will it be?

Strained Greens- Interview with Petra Kelly
The West German Greens have burst onto the European political stage in the last decade. But is now looks as if thei
meteoric rise could be at an end.

Smashing the State: Thatcher's radical crusade Andrew Gamble
Who would have guessed? A Tory government deciding to reform the state. And that's exactly what's happening.

Infertility-a suitable case for treatment?
Marge Berer
Infertility has become a major political issue. The Powell Bill may have fallen, but the Left urgently needs to decide where it stands.

Michael Jackson: the importance of being earnest? — Graham McCann
A Proletarian Outsider—Bob Dent
Crossing the Picket Line - Interview with Finetime Fontayne

Centrifugal Forces — Meghnad Desai
Assessing the Strike—John Kelly
National Identity — Jude Bloomfield

David Graham — New channels for TV
Stuart Hood — Auntie shows her age
Paddy Ashdown — A new partnership





Marxism Today July 1985

Beating a retreatSinn Fein on the move Splendid isolationLabour's new economic policy?


Welfare State - Safety Net or Poverty Trap

Peter Alcock
The Social Security Reviews have finally seen the light of day. But, in
Thatcherite terms, they are a halfway house.

The Long March to Modernisation: China after Mao-
Interview with Qi Xiyu
It's a hundred flowers all over again, at least on the economic front.

First Principles - A View from the Right
Ferdinand Mount
Socialism is in crisis. It's time to return to basics.

Paternalism Revisited
Gareth Stedman Jones
Socialism certainly needs rethinking. We do need to cast some things aside—but not certain essentials.

The Arts: Bad Counsel Prevails
Colin Chambers
The furore provoked by Gowrie and Rees-Mogg has now died down a bit. But the future of the arts remains up for grabs.


Anyone for Tennis? — Alan Bairner
Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen
In the UK
— Graham McCann
Funding British Films—Chris Goodwin
A Night at the Opera — Neil Pettinger

The Political Agenda of the 80s—Andrew Gamble
The Invisible Poor — Moira O'Toole
Cricket Leadership — Mihir Bose

Peter Jenkins— Thatcher's Statism?
Tom Ling—Towards Two Nations
Gerry Pocock—Views on the USSR



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Marxism Today August 1985


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Biting the bulletPort-pourri Down but not out •

Lebanon-Towards Pax Syriana?- Roger Owen
Lebanon has become everyday news - and a tragedy. Will it disintegrate or are the contours of a stable settlement now visible?

The Shape of the Workforce to Come
- Veronica Beechey
Just imagine. By 1990, one in four of all jobs will be part-time, and half this workforce will be women. . .

David Hockney: a painter with class
Simon Watney
David Hockney is a rare figure: an English painter who is a household name.

Unfinished business: the breaking of the NUM • Hywel Francis
The secession of the Notts area now looks imminent. If it happens, the NUM could be reduced to virtual impotence.

Mute Points? — Interview with Daniel Miller
East Enders - Christine Geraghty
Mission England — Rosalind Brunt

Roll Over Gramsci: a selection of holiday reading — Joanna Goulding
The Beginning of a Debate — John Saville
A Mine of Information — Brenda Kirsch

Peter Ashby — Basic income
Margaret Beckett — 'Deserving' poor
Frank Field — Women and children first






Marxism Today September 1985

Two cheers for democracySomething old, something new Uganda's tormentThe Johnson Matthey affair

Apartheid's Crumbling Bastions
Jonathan Steele
South Africa has erupted. It has become almost, but not quite, ungovernable. Is this the beginning of the end?

The Unions: Fighting on New Terrain -
A Roundtable Discussion
Six years on the defensive is a long time. But the political levy ballots suggest the future could be different.

Sex and Morals-Rearming the Left
Lucy Bland
When it comes to sexual morality, the moral Right is making the running. But the Left is unclear about its own position.

Why Aid Came Alive
David Edgar
Live Aid is one of the most important political developments of the 80s.
And who would ever have guessed? But can the Left grasp its significance?

Black Sections: Radical demand...
or Distraction?

A Roundtable Discussion
Suddenly black politics is making headline news. Or at least, black sections in the Labour Party are.

Own Goals and Penalties — Alan Bairner
Penguin's Progress — Ken Worpole
The Quality of Mersey — Ian Williams

Mailer's Pen is Bigger than the Norm — John McVicar
Sex Symbols — Frank Mort
Immigrant Husbands — Fiona Mactaggart

Irene Bruegel and Ariane Hegewisch — Part-time work
Paul Thompson — Militant's machine
Monty Johnstone — History lesons



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Marxism Today October 1985


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The Handsworth riotsAir crashesDavid Lange Car Imports

Kinnock's Crusaders - Beatrix Campbell
The new Labour leadership is just two years old. With the next electionnot so far away, what should we make of it?

Holy Disorders: the Battle for the Vatican's Soul -John Wilkins
In November the Vatican council meets. Behind it lies a bitter battle overthe direction of the Catholic church.

Soft Blue Shuffle - Andrew Gamble
The cabinet reshuffle was a bid to revive the government's flaggingpopularity. Is Thatcherism on the way out?

An Alternative to the Alternative: Labour'sEconomic Strategy Interview with Roy Hattersley
Labour's deputy leader has sparked controversy with his recent economic proposals. Do they represent a major break with previous strategies?

Towards Youthopia? - Phil Cohen
From Heysel to Handsworth, what's happening to the class of 85?




Boxing on the increasePaul WellerYuppies versus hippiesAerobics

Liberal strategiesThird World development

The TUC after Blackpool • Eddie Shah • Banking deals for women


CLOSE UP on Madonna


Marxism Today November 1985

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Mitterand's crisisLabour After BournemouthHungary

Summit to Talk About
Margot Light
Gorbachev and Reagan are about to meet. Will the world be able to breathe a little more easily?

Labour: The Feminist Touch
Anna Coote
Is Labour about to recognise that women make up half the population? Unlikely, but now's the moment.

Growing Greens
Fred Steward
Behind the Greenpeace headlines is a
green movement very much on the up.

Rainbows and Warriors
Interview with Steve Sawyer
Greenpeace has been treading on the toes of governments for some while This time the response led to an almighty scandal. But what is Greenpeace? We interview one
of the leading figures in Greenpeace

Riot Acts: The Politics of Despair
Dave Cook
Just four years on, the country has
been shaken yet again by inner-city riots.
Where are we going?

Benetton Britain: The New Economic Order

Robin Murray
Keynesianism won't work any more. And the main reason is the new
industrial revolution.


on The French Experience

Woody AllenBooker Prize
Interview with Neville Brody, designer of The Face
Laura Ashley

Ireland • John Fowles • Fashion

Multi-union deals • Liverpool •
Public sector award


on Gorbachev


Marxism Today December 1985

South AfricaChannel TunnelFowler reviews Muslim politics


Unnatural Disaster: The Politics of Famine
Ray Bush
Concern about the famine in Africa has grown apace. But there is still little understanding of what causes it.

Realignment- For What?
Stuart Hall
'Realignment' is the talk of the town. But what is it supposed to achieve?

Europe Flexes Its Muscles
Jon Bloomfield
Western Europe is, bit by bit, acquiring a new cohesion and independence. What it might be used for is another matter.

Marilyn: The Dream Lingers
Graham McCann
It is now over 20 years since Marilyn Monroe died, yet fascination with her life and what it represented remains as strong as ever.

Teachers' Hard Lessons
Martin Lawn
A year on, and the teachers' dispute remains unresolved. The issues behind it all are profound

Nick Newman's Cut Out 'n Keep Diary for 1986


VIEWPOINT on economic strategies
Beyond the local
J Grahl and P Teague
Andrew Glyn

Interview with Jonathan MillerMiners' music Sergeant Bilko

The year's reading: a Christmas selection


The future of the mining unions
Women's health - a union issue


CLOSEUP on Bob Geldof

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