Marxism Today January 1986

The Church reportChild abuse Halley's cometPhilippines Holidays

We Are The Champions: Liverpool vs the 1980s
Tony Lane
Liverpool is never out of the news. Be it Liverpool FC, Militant or John Lennon, it won't go away.

Moderate Muscle: The Alliance Takes Shape
Anthony Heath, Roger Jowell and John Curtice
What should we make of this Alliance? Was its vote in 1983a temporary aberration or is it here to stay?

The New Detente? East-West Relations After the Summit
Gerard Holden and Mary Kaldor
A new mood now prevails. At least they are talking.

The Beginning of the End? The Anglo-Irish Accord
A Roundtable Discussion
The Hillsborough Accord is in place. The meetings have started. Willnthis be a historic turning-point in Irish affairs, or just another episode in an old juggling act.

The Race For Pole Position: The Car Industry Revolution
Daniel T Jones and Andrew Graves
We are in the midst of a revolution in the car industry. And this one will make it easier for small manufacturers to survive.


MICHAEL RUSTIN Flexing Europe's muscles
STEPHEN BROWN Putting Europe back on the map

Classical BalletThe ArchersSteven Spielberg

ComradesThe British economy

The future of shop stewards food additives racism and trade unions


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Marxism Today February 1986

Fleet StreetWendy Savage CPSU congress

Tarzan Takes The High Ground
Andrew Gamble
Heseltine poses the biggest internal threat to Thatcher since 1979.

Turbulent Priests
Kenneth Leech
'Her Majesty's official opposition' is hardly a traditional description of
the Church of England. But these days it doesn't look so inappropriate.

Hung Parliament: The Choices Facing Labour
Michael Rustin
We can't keep ignoring it. What should Labour do if it doesn't command an overall majority at the next election?

The Alternative Economic Strategy: Goodbye to All That?
Sam Aaronovitch
Ten years ago, the Left felt secure in its economic prescriptions. It certainly doesn't now.


Joan CollinsTom WaitsCaribbean CricketQuiz Games

The New RightPoverty

British Gas French Trade Unions


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Marxism Today March 1986

Westland fallout A dream come true?Keep on truckin' Red faces at Lloyd's

Interview with Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson hit the headlines in 1984 with his bid to the Democratic nomination for the presidency. His emergence on to the national scene has given the black movement a new and powerful expression and American politics a new progressive voice. Stuart Hall went to Chicago to
interview him.

The Sparks Are Flying
John Lloyd
Wapping was long in the planning. But Murdoch would never have made it work without the EETPU. It's time to take Hammond and Co very seriously.

Just Another Child Abuse
Child abuse cases have become big news. But this is not a new issue.

The British Way of Death
John Robson
Britain has overtaken Finland as the country with the highest number of deaths from heart attacks. But, within Britain itself, there are enormous differences between women and men; North and South; and, most importantly, between social classes.

Black Gold Loses its Shine
Michael Bleaney
The fall in oil prices brings an era to an end. Just as the oil price
increases of the early 70s had profound effects on the world economy, so will this decline.



A Ministry for Women
JO RICHARDSON Labour's proposals
NATHALIE HADJIFOTIOU A vision of equality
GERRY POCOCK Steady as you are
BERT RAMELSON Gospel according to Sam

Alan Bush and Michael Tippett
Goldcrest's Revolution ANC film Stage design

Nelson MandelaAbsolute BeginnersUnemployment

Interview with Brenda Dean


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Marxism Today April 1986

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Sellafield PhilippinesRape Sentences
Olof Palme

Goodbye to the GLC • Beatrix Campbell
and Martin Jacques. On March 31, the GLC was abolished. For good reason, as far as the Tories were concerned. The Livingstone regime had shown just how popular and creative left-wing radicalism can be.

A Flexible Future: Britain's dual labour force
John Atkinson and Denis Gregory. New
divisions are appearing in the labour force between a secure 'core' and a vulnerable 'periphery'. What should the unions do about it?

Will Gorbachev Shake the World? A
Roundtable Discussion

Gorbachev has burst upon the world scene.
The face of Soviet politics has been
transformed. How far will it go?

Interview with Denis Healey
The Shadow
Foreign Secretary sets out his view of the world.

Political Animals
Sara Mills and Patrick Williams
The animal liberation movement commands wide popular support today. The question of animal rights, however, raises fundamental questionsabout our view of politics and nature.


The TUC dilemma

Interview with Julien TempleGLC and the arts London marathon
Churchill's bill

Eddie Shah • Shakespeare

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Marxism Today May 1986

ads & classified

The US and Gadafy Labour and Militant Ireland's Protestants Crisis in education

Crime in the City
Richard Kinsey
The level of crime in our cities is growing apace. The Thatcher 'law and order' strategy has failed. But what has the Left to offer?

The AIDS Scare
For an illness which affects so few, the hysteria that has accompanied AIDS is hard to explain. Except that, for the most part, its victims are gay men.

The French Paradox
Keith Dixon
The Right is back in power in France - but with a left- wing president still occupying the Elysee Palace.

Europe's Left: the new continental blend
Donald Sassoon
The European Left has not been having an easy time of it. In the face of adversity, however, some significant rethinking has been taking place.

The dark side of the Sun
Interview with Clare Short.
Winston Churchill and his crew were making the 'moral' running in the House of Commons until, lo and behold, a Labour MP threw them into a state of confusion by proposing the outlawing of Page Three. . .



Glasgow's Mayfest Interview with Richard
Radio Two

Civil servants Tribal cultures


Teachers' unions Health and safety

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Marxism Today June1986

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Local electionsLibyaFeminising unions

Nuclear Cloud over Britain
Tony Hall
Chernobyl has changed nuclear politics in Britain. Suddenly, the nuclear industry is on the defensive and in a corner.

Soviet Power Failures
Zhores Medvedev
The Chernobyl disaster will have profound repercussions in the Soviet Union.

The Gadafy Factor: Thatcher and the
terrorist threat

George Joffe
The Conservative government found itself very isolated in its support for the US attack on Libya. But the Reagan-Thatcher line on Libyan terrorism has now gained widespread acceptance.

Aid Crusade: Interview with Glenys Kinnock and Joan Ruddock
Live Aid made famine and aid one of the big political issues. The Left was mainly a spectator. One World seeks to change all that.

The Battle of the Blackboard
Brian Simon
Before the local elections, the Thatcherites thought education might be a potential vote-winner. Voucher-schemes and centralisation were being actively canvassed. Now it looks rather different. On education, the government is on the defensive.

Party Music
Simon Frith and John Street
Political pop has become very much the flavour of the month. The latest expression is Red Wedge.

part 1 part 2


Crime • Post-Summit Prospects

Simone de Beauvoir Hi-tech architecture Royalty

Heroines • the MSC • Cricket

Royal College of Nursing
Multinational Ford and national unions

CLOSE UP on Bobby Robson


Marxism Today July 1986
South AfricaWappingSalt 2Drugs and advertisingAfrica and aid

People Aid • a new politics sweeps the land Stuart Hall and Martin Jacques
First Band Aid, then Live Aid, and recently Sport Aid have changed the political agenda. Aid is now a major national issue.

Making Waves • A Roundtable Discussion
Women's committees have tried to change the politics of local government. But, have they succeeded and are women's interests really represented by these structures?

After Atlanticism
Dan Smith
Suppose a Labour government does try and remove cruise. What will the US do? Will the opposition be so great as to force the government to back down?

Public Sector Possibilities
Robin Murray
Nationalisation has been in retreat. The old Morrisonian model is dead. But pragmatism is no solution. Public ownership matters. We need a new model, one of openness and diversity.

Homage to the Civil War
Manuel Azcarate
Fifty years ago this month saw the outbreak of the Spanish civil war. It ended in bitter defeat and paved the way for the second world war. But its legacy has served as an inspiration.


VIEWPOINT on Defence and the Alliance
Paddy Ashdown and Neville Pressley give their views.

The Spanish civil war in photos and songsAthletics and drugs
Thatcher's changing image

Terrorism Political strikes


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Marxism Today August 1986

Irish divorceTourismSpanish electionGay's The Word


The Apartheid Effect
Britain and South Africa
Sarah Benton
South Africa is likely to have a much bigger impact on British politics than Vietnam. Already Thatcher is in big trouble.

Divisions in the Laager
Roger Omond
New tensions are appearing in the Pretoria regime. But it is far from disintegrating.

Latin America: Can't pay.. .Won't pay?
John Wells
Latin America has been steamrollered by the debt crisis. As yet no country has defaulted, and now this looks unlikely, though not impossible. Meanwhile the region has suffered an unprecedented economic contraction.

Guilty Secrets: the role of women's therapy
Susie Orbach
Women's therapy emerged out of the women's liberation movement.
But the movement's decline over the last decade has thrown up new and difficult problems for the former.

VIEWPOINT on A Bill of Rights


Summer readingJournalismHousingUnions

Peacock ReportHistory of cinemaMartial artsNawal El Saadawi


CLOSE UP on Annie Lennox

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Marxism Today September 1986

The AllianceChileCommonwealthEducationWendy Savage

A Royal Coup: Mrs Thatcher vs the Queen
Andrew Gamble
In July a constitutional crisis seemed possible. Was the queen really as
critical of Mrs Thatcher's policies as the Sunday Times reports implied? (partly defaced original)

NewWave Unions
Interview with John Edmonds
On the eve of the TUC the General Secretary of the General Municipal Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union, talks to Beatrix Campbell about the options that lie ahead.

The State of the Movement
Charles Leadbeater
Since the late 70s the unions have been urged to change. What are the pressures being brought to bear and how well equipped is the movement to deal with the changes.

Unemployment-the resistible force-
Bob Rowthorn
Is mass unemployment a permanent feature of modern capitalism. It's not the case throughout Europe. The role of the working class is crucial.

Why Do Women Write?
Grace Nicholsand Fay Weldon Women's writing is now big business. But what motivates women to write?

The Sectarian Divide: Ireland after the Accord
Paul Bewand Henry Patterson
Ten months after signing the Anglo-Irish Agreement at Hillsborough, both Protestant and Catholic violence has intensified. The future looks bleak.



Football's troubles Soviet tvLiving with computers Interview with
Olivia O'Leary

Adolescent girlsWomen's friendships


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Marxism Today October 1986

Big Bang Bonanza:
Revolution is in the air as the City gears up for deregulation at the end of the month. But the chill wind of market
forces could blow yet more business away from Britain

Changing contours: the legacy of Henry Moore

Nuclear reactions:
the Chernobyl political fallout is landing in unexpected places

Phase-out: the liklihood of a major
nuclear accident

The Pill celebrates its 25th birthday

Card carrying students
the banks cash in

Phone-tapping: the CND case

Beatrix Campbell launches her new
monthly column with a sense of deja vu about the new-look Labour Party

Trade unions, football, Spanish civil war...

Labour's Prospects
Past Imperfect, FutureTense
The Labour Party has a real chance of winning the next election. Eric Hobsbawm examines its record in
government, and asks whether it can learn the lessons of the past

Peace in the Battle of the Sexes
Women have played a key role in the peace movement. Kate Soper argues that this does not suggest an innate 'feminine' rejection of violence

The Importance of Being Liberal
David Steel discusses his party's radicalism, its relationship with the SDP, and what he thinks of the Left

The Painful Path to Health
Steve Iliffe argues for a radical restructuring of health care to treat the afflictions facing the NHS

Wendy Savage talks about the medical profession and childbirth

Conservative chic - Britain's
retreat in the style wars

Credibility and mystery: John Berger writes on the meaning of words

Independent's Day: Andreas Whittam Smith talks about his hopes for the new quality newspaper to be launched this

Cabaret, lager, Rosa, touring bands


Maya Angelou's recollections; UCS work-in; Sarah Benton on Elizabeth Wilson; Umberto Eco; plus briefs

Labour Party fringe meetings

Raphael Samuel warns against opening wounds within the Left

David Edgar on Norman Tebbit

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Marxism Today November 1986

Labour Facing Flak
A non-nuclear defence policy may not be as popular as some of its advocates claim. To win support, it must be part of a credible alternative foreign policy

Black Power:
The US sanctions vote

Poll Teasers -
drugs dominate the campaigns as America goes to the polls

Fighting The Raj And The NF
One of Britain's key anti-racist activists retires

Shares At the Sales
privatisation is proving a bonanza for advertising agencies as the public is
invited to spend, spend, spend

Union Mergers:
the contours of Britain's unions look as if they might be in for quite a shake-up

Roses Are Red:
the Labour Party's new image

Beatrix Campbell looks at the 'right to choose', the
teenage mother and Victoria Gillick

Black workers, CP bashing, women and peace, healthy living


The Rejkjavik Fiasco
Hopes were high for the mini-summit. Gerard Holden explains why it all went wrong and where it leaves us

Eric Hobsbawm talks about the cataclysmic year that changed the course of communist history

Dodging The Taxing Questions
Labour's got the right priorities, but John Grahl and Bob Rowthorn argue that it isn't facing up to how to pay for them

Marxism Today's Fund Special

Women in The Mainstream
Taking positions of power brings pressures that many women face for the first time. Six women discuss what it has meant for them, and what their experiences reveal

Return of The Fighter
Steve Vines looks at Israel's new prime minister, and argues a Middle East
settlement looks even more distant


Britain has a new sporting
hero, an unlikely one, Brummie Nigel Mansell

High Comedy: Michelene Wandour interviews Victoria Wood

A Star Dies: Pat Phoenix's glittering career
Pluto Goes To The Dogs

America's Blues Sisters

Pat Barker: the mop and pen

The Mission, National Service, new computers, theatre

Anthony Barnett on Harold
Wilson and Jack Jones; class
warriors into battle; The
Trotspotter's Wisden; PR

Peace meetings plus notes on contributors

Hywel Francis urges an honest approach to analysing the miners' strike

Joan Smith on Duke Hussey

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Marxism Today December 1986

Beeb In The Deck
It is difficult to take Tebbit seriously.
But we should. He's trying to make the broadcasters even more cautious

Scientific breakthrough:
Nobel prize for woman's research

Bickering Brothers:
The struggle for power inside the TGWU

Star wars:
Britain's scientists boycott SDI cash


death is the latest chapter in South Africa's efforts at destabilisation

Biting the vote:
Sinn Fein makes historic turn and goes constitutional

Beatrix Campbell looks at the flop that was the Jarrow March and asks for some new thinking

Health politics; incomes policy and economics; yuppie mums; Reykjavik; strike breaking; 1956 and after


No Light at the End of the Tunnel
The Tories are presently riding high in the opinion polls. At the moment they
look a likely bet for a third term. Stuart Hall argues the nightmare is far from over

Family Matters
The fragile post-1960s consensus on morality and the family is in tatters, but what will replace it? Five women from across the political spectrum debate the family and morality in the 80s

Journey to Pretoria
Apartheid has been shaken. For two years now South Africa has been in uproar. Joe Slovo from the ANC executive talks to Jonathan Steele about where it will all lead

Sixteen: Sweet or Sorry?
How real are the choices being offered to girls in employment? Cynthia Cockburn explains why sexual stereotyping lingers on

Life After Reykjavik
So near but so far: was that the story of Reykjavik? Denis Healey and Fedor Burlatsky consider the prospects for detente following the mini-summit


Panto Dames:
dressing up is hard to do

Is the Camera Female?
Women photographers 1900-1955

Paradise Postponed:
Christmas at home and abroad, the yawning culture gap

the lifeline to young middle America revives
ageing British rock music


Turkey dinners:
dale trails; diary dates; music; movies and
bizarre bazaars

1986 Christmas Crackers
Tom Sawyer on strikes and the unions; critical canons; foodie fadbooks; women's mags; nukes; and fascinating fiction

Kids at Christmas plus notes on contributors

Susannah Tarbush on Assad and the Middle East

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