Marxism Today January 1990


Europe 2000
Neal Ascherson
Europe's central divide has been breached. A continent is on the move. Where will it stop?

Fax To The Future
Dick Hebdige
New era, new agitations. A global sampling of culture and politics is underway

Dilemmas Age-Old Arguments
Falkingham and Johnson,
Glancey, Mayo, Himmelweit
Britain's new generation gap; the case for (or against) the car; greening the North-South divide; treating embryos seriously

Quiz New Timers
Chris Granlund
Are you ready for the 90s?
a) no? b) get set c) go!

Dark Side Of The Decade
Geoff Mulgan
The tone of the 90s will be soft, green . . . and under strict control

After Communism
Martin Jacques
Sets the scene for our special assessment of the fallout from East Europe's political earthquake

The End Of The Affair
Campbell, Hobsbawm, Jacques, Lloyd, Telo
Whither the Left now?

Prague's Second Spring
Jon Bloomfield
This time, the democratic revolution is unstoppable


Leader David Edgar
Signs off the 80s

Eye To Eye Beatrix Campbell
In dispute, with Roger Poole

Martin Kettle
Why the Alps are going downhill

Preview Rick Glanvill
Takes the pulse of 90s' pop

Women and Hite, feminism and race

Satellite Material Worlds
Fascion Talks to Charlotte du Cann and Georgina Godley about fashion from the 80s to the 90s

Experience Broken Borders
Ute Tischler
Describes the turmoil of her life in East Berlin

Comics Rude Boy
Peter Guttridge
Can't see the funny side of Viz — the
magazine of the 80's

Music Cross-over Rock
Kobena Mercer
Says ditch your dogma and get into
black heavy metal

nterview Forest People
Kim Hendry
Talks to Susanna Hecht about the fight to save the Amazon rainforest

Close-up Edward Pearce

On Chris Patten: not so green these days

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Marxism Today February 1990


Splitting Image
Eric Hobsbawm
The Italian Communist Party is in metamorphosis. PCI leader Achille Ochetto discusses the historic moment and his party's future

From Pillars To Post
Zygmunt Bauman
Modernity and socialism were inseparably linked. But that doesn't mean socialism can't live in a post-modern world

Sisters Under The Skin

Rosalind Coward, Sarah Mower
Has the women's movement stopped
moving women? Two conflicting views

Commercial Nature
Fred Steward
Talks to David Bellamy about life as a green entrepreneur


Gareth Stedman Jones
Marx: The end of an '-ism'

John Hegley
Gives a poetic sermon

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell
Explores Esther Rantzen's consuming passions

Martin Kettle
Europe's unwelcome Muslims

Clare Henry
Laments a poor reproduction of Scottish art
Aids imagery

Rushdie fallout, cars, pop pap


Screen Gems
Andrea Stuart
Talks to Trix Worrell and Ayshe Raif
about scriptwriting for popular tv

Sporting Chances
Jim Riordan
Eastern Europe's shifting fortunes

Spanish Cities
Peter Guttridge meets Carlos Fuentes Mexico's magical realist

Offices Of Love
Rosalind Brunt
Why valentine cards are for showing off at work

Choice Words
Flower Power
Derek Jarman
From boys' school to city lights

Rob Steen
On big-kicking Joe Montana

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Marxism Today March 1990

Dream Come True
Martin Jacques
A new era is unfolding. The end of apartheid is in sight. Joe Slovo looks to the future

Flight From Jo'burg
Joseph Hanlon
Apartheid's economic legacy

Coming Up For Air
Stuart Hall
Ernesto Laclau
The collapse of the East European regimes has been greeted with much triumphalism: 'The West has won!' But it's not so simple. The real gains could even be for the Left...

Clarke's Unhealthy Obsession

Sarah Benton
The ambulance dispute has left its mark on Kenneth Clarke. It may also prompt the unions to rethink

Refusing Holy Orders
Gita Sahgal and Nira Yuval-Davis
When religious outlooks turn to dogmatism, it is women who are at the sharp end

Moscow's Red Alert
Jonathan Steele
Gorbachev's revolution is on its knees. Two Moscow MPs discuss the unfolding drama and the consequences of failure

Fred Halliday On the Soviet southern border, Azerbaijani unrest is much more than a little local difficulty

God Bless The Child
James Runcie
To be a child in Britain these days is a real dog's life

Ralf Dahrendorf
German unity is inevitable. Now is not a time for old hang-ups

Eye To Eye
Geoff Mulgan
Investigates Andrew Neil's aversion to the British Establishment

Martin Kettle
On Berliners' common interests

Brenda Polan
Why British vogue cannot match Paris

Marxism's future. Plus, women, whine and song

Playing Safe
On the private worlds of tv drama

Television Mark Lawson

Experience Once A Catholic
Rex Wockner
Witnesses a modern murder in the cathedral

Interview Mothercare
Jean Grimshaw
Questions Phyllis Chesler's image of

Fiction: Here Comes John
Bridget O'Connor
John is not afraid of Aids

Books: Herstories
Melissa Benn
On a chorus of 60s' feminism

Zhores Medvedev, Lorna Sage, Jeremy Green: Kagarlitsky and Brzezinski on the USSR; Primo Levi; and the long-awaited Pynchon novel

Close-up Deborah Philips

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Marxism Today April 1990


Blue Blooded Revolt
Andrew Gamble
Mid terms were made to upset governments. But this time, even die-hard Tory stalwarts are muttering rebellion

Lessons For The Locals
Alan Alexander
The poll tax tightens a screw that national no governments have been turning on local councils for 45 years

Promised land?
Richard Evans
The character of German nationalism is
complex and contradictory. Imminent
unification is prompting both optimism
and anxiety

Russian Roulette
Charlie Leadbeater
The Soviet economy is in tatters - in no small part because of perestroika. The political scenarios are looking increasingly scary

Work Your Body!
Matt Seaton
The fitness boom has passed from 80s' fad to 90s' lifestyle. Along the way, it has revolutionised our attitudes to sport
and our own well-being


Wendy Savage It should be a woman's right to choose IVF

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell Talks to Tatyna Zaslavkaya about telling the truth before the age of perestroika

Martin Kettle Italy's communists in metamorphosis

Jonathan Glancey Redesigning sport for everyday consumption

Children, bishops and tv drama


Leisure Horseplay
Andy Medhurst
A visit to the grand national and other
horsey days out

Television Power Play
John Ellis
Who calls the shots in the tv interview?

Travel Highway Codes
Charlotte Du Cann
Bags packed and ready to hit the road

Choice Words
Goalkeeper Beano, the bible and a green awakening

Streetlife Nick Lezard
John Healy tells of life on the road

HO Nazareth, BeatrixCampbell, Rob Rowthorn
Kureishi's first novel; the new Labour Party and life in the year 2000

Jason Nisse
Rise and fall of the Saatchi brothers

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Marxism Today May 1990


The Silent Road To Power
David Marquand
Labour is surging ahead as Thatcherism implodes. But what would a Labour government do?

Centre Of Attraction
Ivor Crewe
We are witnessing an extraordinary turnaround in Labour's electoral fortunes

Europe's Vale Of Tears
Ralf Dahrendorf
The countries of Eastern Europe are on the move. They want freedom, but will they find it?

Soul To Sole
Alice Rawsthorn
In the marketing of sports shoes, the
multinationals' success is decided at street level

Dangerous Liaisons
Beatrix Campbell
When it comes to activism, there is now a vacuum on the left. That's why the trotskyist groups have hijacked the poll tax campaign

Curtains For The Theatre
Ken Worpole
The civic theatre is dying and a dynamic new performance culture is struggling to be born


Hill History learns its lessons

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell Talks to Robin Cook about party, poll tax and popular politics

Martin Kettle The Brits dig in over the Eurotunnel

Andrea Stuart
Eddie Murphy, Hollywood's funny money man

Sporting chances, single-parent embryos, taxes and travel

The Rivals
Sarah Villiers
There's a lot more than 42 miles between Glasgow and Edinburgh

Cultural Feasts
Ruth Wishart
Mayfest's community spirit faces a European invasion

Music And Movement
Rob Prince
African music is on the festival's frontline

Amanda Lipman
Avenging Angels What becomes of heroines who hate?


Nicholas Harman:
Smiling Through The secrets of the Dunkirk spirit

Christine Geraghty:
Street Talk
Bet Lynch is still pulling pints, not punches

Suzanne Moore: Burying Differences Gender, post-modern style

Liz Levy: Shades Of Green Green Book Fortnight

Back Page
Jeanette Winterson Reveals almost all

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Marxism Today June 1990


Back To Square One
John Gittings
It all started a year ago in Tiananmen Square. But then China went into deep freeze. What chancea thaw now?

The Velvet Revolution
Jon Bloomfield, Jan Urban, Valtr Komarek
Czechoslovakia goes to the polls and faces some hard decisions

Feeling The Quality
Dick Hebdige
The quality newspaper market has exploded. In comes profiling and lifestyle, out goes a distinctive political line

State Of The Nations
Nationalism is back with a vengeance. Or is it?

Housewife's Choice
Naomi Wolf
A young woman is haunted by the ghosts of pre-feminist suburbia


Andrew Gamble
Who is this guy Heseltine anyway?

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell Talks to Michael Grade about Channel Four, life and politics

Martin Kettle
Thatcher is not all wrong about political union

Andrew Clements
The blooming of new opera

Labour's renaissance, poll-tax campaigns, civic theatre and physical culture

World Cup
Global Penalties International football is in injury time

Mondiale Index
Chris Granlund
The essential A-Z of the World Cup

Sporting Style
Antonio Melechi, Steve Redhead
In 1990, Italy is the world champion of style

Worldwide Wanderers
John Williams
Football fans are part of one vast international club

Copmpetition Team Talents
Ten ways to avoid the World Cup and one chance to win a bottle of bubbly

Arts Critical Condition
Brandon Taylor
The avant-garde is dead. Long live the avant-garde

Michael Archer, Joanna Briscoe, Nicholas Lezard
Art and pessimism in the 90s, soap-boxing historical sagas and the Ian McEwan touch

Back Page
George Melly Looking for a trout stream in Paris

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Marxism Today July 1990

Global Warning
Tim O'Riordan
Global warming is creating a global politics. It gives new meaning to the idea of limited sovereignty

A Head Without A Heart
Charlie Leadbeater
Labour's policy review is a cautious document, too cautious by half, but it's on the right lines

A Picture Of Health
Chris Ham
The Conservative reforms of the NHS should be built on by an incoming Labour government

Desperately Seeking
Helena Kennedy, Isabel Koprowski, Mandy Merck, Suzanne Moore, Clare Short
Pornography has divided women. The argument Consensus is not just about what action we should take, but the nature of pornography itself. Is there any common ground?

London's Turning
Chris Hamnett
London isn't what it used to be. There has been a demographic revolution

What's It Worth Then?
Frank Mort
There's a huge new market for classical music. Is it the old yearning for aesthetic value?


Fred Steward
Food glorious food

Eye To Eye
David Edgar Talks to Sebastian Coe about running for power

Geoffrey Hosking The fall and rise of Boris Yeltsin

Frank Cottrell Boyce The Merseyside Festival of Comedy

Peter Preston hits back. Plus, housewives, tokenism and nationalism

Paolo Hewitt
Get A Life: Jazzie B and Soul II Soul groove around the world

Chris Dighton
Court Out: British tennis players are world-class losers

Peter Matthews
Back To Basics: Getting back to the future is a hidden pleasure at the movies

Ute Tischler
German Sisters: German unification is bringing new divisions

John Cage
Chance Operations: James Joyce and other random noises

Bhikhu Parekh
World Of Difference: The challenge of identity

Kim Hendry
Guns And Roses: Sara Paretsky talks about feminist crime fiction

Back Page
Tony Blair Lead guitarist turned front-bench politician

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Marxism Today August 1990


Breaking Down The Blocs
Edward Mortimer
A new Europe is in the making. What is it going to look like?

Universal Principles
Geoff Andrews
The politics of citizenship is more than just a question of constitutional reform

Desire And Power
Kathy Acker
A seven-step guide to talking about sex

War Of Positions
Maureen Freely
The link between power and desire doesn't mean that men must always win

Dangerous Pleasures
Is cruising a nostalgia trip for gay men?

Straight Acting
Richard Dyer
Heterosexuality is a very strange thing when you think about it

Nice And Sexy
Andrea Stuart
Mean and moody or nice and sexy: the choice is yours

The Battle For The Family
Malcolm Wicks
The traditional family is in decline. How will this influence the social policy of the 90s?

Lenin's Crystal Ball
Peter Davies
Meet the New Age moonies of the Left


Donald Sassoon
Is German power a threat to Europe?

Eye To Eye
Charlie Leadbeater Talks to Ted Honderich about politics and selfishness

John Lloyd
There's a bull in the Polish china shop

Hilary Robinson
Edinburgh is the six-festival city

The green crusade, porn and the law, design and consumerism

Rogan Taylor
Forever England: At the World Cup, England's fans were out in the cold

Competition Results of the MT World XI competition

Michele Roberts
Child Of Frank A bedtime story of the future

Howard Brenton
Howard's Way : The changing face of Moscow and the survivors who live there

Geoff Mulgan, Matt Seaton
Free marketeers and mean machines

Back Page
Peter Jonas Notes on life and love

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Marxism Today September 1990

Britain's Blessed Trinity
Martin Woollacott
The end of the cold war is sending shivers down the backbone of Britain

A Farewell To Arms
Paul Rogers
The peace dividend could burst the bubble of Britain's bloated defence budget

The Buck Stops Here
Geoff Mulgan
The politics of responsibility is putting its stamp on the new decade

Clinging To The Wreckage
Stuart Hall
Marxism runs out of steam and the post-modern epoch moves into top gear

Movement In Motion
David Metcalf
The unions could be about to get moving again in the 1990s



Paul Rogers
The Gulf crisis challenges the new world order

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell
Exclusive interview with Alan Clark on Britain's defence policy

Richard Evans
The German rush to unification

Martin Pawley
The motor car is heading for a fall

Jo Richardson on the family; gay desire;
ultra-Left religions

Sara Villiers
Sticky Memories Julian Clary goes to camp in Scotland

Paolo Hewitt
Kiss And Tell Kiss
FM pirates embrace the law with a
licence to spin

Olivia Sagan
Crete's Enigma
Learning to live in a foreign culture is a history lesson for life

Simon Watney
Global Pictures Images of the globe expand the known world

Teresa Gorman
Read, Right And Blue Havelock Ellis by torchlight

Ken Worpole, DIY culture and Acker-phobia
Suzanne Moore Berlin, Gandhi and Dr Who

Back Page Baroness Flather

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Marxism Today October 1990

Goodbye To All That
Eric Hobsbawm
1989 marked the end of the era ushered in by 1917

The Global Turn
William Wallace
The shape of the post-cold war order is yet to be determined

Orders For A New World
Martin Walker
The Gulf crisis reminds us that the US is still a formidable power

Straight Talking
Fred Halliday, Joe Stork
If all else fails, should the US invade Iraq?

The Quest For Peace
Roger Owen
The Middle East will never be the same again

The Great Divide
Andrew Gamble
Europe is the issue which most divides the Tories

European By Default
John Lloyd
Labour is pro-Europe, at last, but still not European


Martin Jacques Has
Labour got what it takes?

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell
Talks to John Newing, chief constable of Derbyshire constabulary

Simon Louvish
The state of the art of Israeli culture

Up Front
Suzanne Moore
The disturbing return of the anti-sexist man

What next for the unions?
Plus, global greenness, Utopias and Prince Charles

Andy Medhurst
The Lynch Mob David Lynch scales the twin peaks of film and tv

Falling Apart
Physical breakdown and emotional trauma lead David Jackson to a new self-image

Nancy Jachec
Romancing The Stone Richard Long's art of stone

James Runcie
Words And Vision A lesson in rhetoric for Labour

Dave Hill
Global Hero Paul Gascoigne isn't quite the old-style hero

Allan Massie The New Reich: Reflections on German unity

Cairns Craig; Scottish Book Fortnight;

Bob Rowthorn The spirit of competition

Back Page Helen Storey Waking up to Gaudi and the Bahamas

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Marxism Today November 1990


Hard Terms
John Grahl
Entering the ERM might help the Tories cling to power, but there's a bumpy ride ahead

Pragmatism Rules, OK?
Charlie Leadbeater
The age of ideology is dead. We are now living in the era of pragmatism

Seen But Not Heard
Beatrix Campbell
When it comes to 'satanic' abuse, the children are still not believed

Greening The State
Fred Steward
The latest environmental policy statements herald a new stage of debate on the green state

Keep It In The Family
Chris Hamnett
The dream of inheriting a home, and thereby a fortune, may prove to be a mirage


Brian Simon
The great battle over education

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell
Talks to science-fiction writer Ursula Le Guin

David Bell
The French Socialist Party has a long
pro-European tradition

Anna Veen: Margaret Atwood interviewed

David Chandler: Invisible London

Up Front
Suzanne Moore
The rise and rise of the 'pretended' family

Anti-sexist men; Gulf crisis and the end of communism

Fred Steward
Animal Magic
The traditional wildlife programme may be facing extinction

Ken Worpole
Boiling Billy Jazz on the wild side

Matt ffytche
Velvet Underground Czech poet Jana Stroblova looks back on a year of

Sue Vice
The Outsider Confessions of a closet heterosexual

Choice Words
Jayne Cortez
All That Jazz Jazz poetry from Mississippi to New York

Mary Kaldor
The Hard Sell Consuming passions in eastern Europe

Homo Academicus
Peter Collier
How the French determine their taste

Back Page
Andrea Dworkin
False gods, a dying city and luxury hotels

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Marxism Today December 1990

Making Sense Of Europe
Ralf Dahrendorf
Now is not the time for little-Englandism - nor Euro-idealism

Unfinished Business
Helen Wallace
The present plans to reform the EC are far too limited in scope

Europe's Third World
Neal Ascherson
A progress report one year after the revolutions of 1989


March Without Vision
Stuart Hall, Martin Jacques
Thatcherism is on its last legs. What does the Labour Party have to offer?

The Moment Of Truth
Beatrix Campbell, Monty Johnstone, Nina Temple
The Communist Party debates its future in the wake of 1989


David Edgar
British theatre has enemies in high places

Eye To Eye
Beatrix Campbell Interview with Paddy Ashdown

Robert Taylor
The Swedish model of social democracy is under siege

World Aids Day :Alison Whyte on women and Aids and Cherry Smyth on video

Up Front
Suzanne Moore
The end of the television age

Ritual sex abuse; education policy and hairy men

Design Directions Special
Identity crisis in the design industry
Alice Rawsthorn

Five experts discuss design's future

Graphics Image Machine
Rick Poynor
New technology is bringing sweeping changes to graphic design

Fiction Mission Impossible
Chris Savage KingMalcolm
meets a tramp who is full of style ideas

Burnt Offerings

Kim Hendry
Hollywood discovers the Mendes story

Purple Haze
Dollan Cannell
Jimi Hendrix 20 years on

Back Page Caron Wheeler Blue Elephant, merchant bankers and
Harvest Crunch

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