The New Reasoner

Summer 1957 issue 1
Soviet Socialism Hyman Levy
The Anatonomy of Mau Peter Worsley
An Open Letter to Shostakovich
Bernard Stevens
Dr. Marx and the Victorian Critics E. J.

Behind the Brick Wall Tibor Dery
Critique of the Poem for Adults Adam

Song of the Gillie More Hamish

Four Poems Tom McGrath

Chronicle, Polemic, Discussion

Striking the Balance Malcolm MacEwen
Mr. Rothstein and the Soviet Union
Leonard Hussey

Hungary in Retrospect Peter Fryer
A Note on Dogmatism John Saville
Notes on the Polish Theatre Jerry

A Question of Orthodoxy Comus

Is This the Time ? Jean-Paul Sartre
Internationalism Z. Romand

Discussion Article
Socialist Humanism part 1 E. P.

Socialist Humanism part 2 E. P.

Autumn 1957 issue 2
Steel Nationalisation John Hughe
The Day that Stalin Died Doris Lessing
The Fall of Babylon Randall Swingler
In Strydom's South Africa Paul Hogarth
Africa's National Congresses John Rex
Song of the Dead Soldier Christopher
Laski: An Old Reasoner? Stephen
Sorting Furs (poem) Jack Beeching
Nicholas Guillen (poem) Harold Silver

An Open Letter Harry Hanson
Marxism and Humanism Charles Taylor

Chronicle & Review
Workers' Councils Royden Harrison
The Soviet Changes Malcolm MacEwen

The Dignity of Science Leopold Infeld
The Freedom of the Writer Arthur Miller
Three Poems Nazim Hikmet
The Swimming Pool Nazim Hikmet

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Winter 1957 issue 3

John Saville: The Welfare State
Alexander Yashin: Levers
Peter Worsley: Dehumanised Humanity— Albert Schweitzer
Bertolt Brecht: Two Poems
Kenneth Muir: Marx's Conversion to


W. P. Jessup: The Making of 'London '
E. P. Thompson: God & King & Law
Joseph Clark: Letter from America

Jack Lindsay: Socialism and Humanism
John St. John: Response to Harry Hanson
Tim Envright: Materialism or Eclecticism?

Franco Fortini: Letter to a Communist
Paul Baran Economic Growth (a review)

Letter to Our Readers
Among Our Contributors
A Protest—and an Appeal


Spring 1958 issue 4

Beyond the Bomb
Can We Have a Neutral Britain?

Malcolm MacEwen: The Two Camps
Mervyn Jones: Scrolls from the Dead Land
C. Rajagopalachari: Positive Co-existence
K. Zilliacus: A Socialist Foreign Policy
38 M. Barratt-iBrown: A Foreign Economic Policy
John Rex: Central Africa and Racial Dictatorship

Titior Dery: Odysseus (short story) Montagu Slater: A Group of Poems
Paul Hogarth: Diego Rivera (Inset)
W. McGonagall: The Flowers that Bloom .
Impressions of Boris Pasternak
A Sputnik Symposium
N. W. Plrie: The Lunatic Fringe of Space
Tom Kaiser: Some Disagreements
Claude Roy: Not by Sputniks Alone

Alan Pickard: Democracy & Trade Unions
Christopher Hill: Antonio Gramsci
Cedric Belfrage: 'Masquerade' in Cairo
Gordon Cruikshank: Gomulka's Poland

Dal Vaughan: To the Future (Poem).

Stephen Hatch, Dorothy Thompson:
The Welfare State (discussion)

S. Dedijer: Freedom & Scientific Research

Letter to Our Readers
Among Our Contributors

Summer 1958 issue 5


Doris Lessing : The Sun Between Their Feet

G. D. H. Cole : Next Steps in British Foreign Policy

George Cruikshank : The Boa Desolator

Claude Bourdet: The Way to European Independence

D. G. Arnott: Ammunition for the Campaign

Christopher Logue : The Song of Autobiography

Ralph Miliband : The Politics of Contemporary Capitalism

Peter Worsley : Britain - Unknown Country

Jack Lindsay : Daumier and de Gaulle

Gyula Illyes : Ode to Bartok


Jan Szczepanski: Working-class and Intelligentsia in Poland

Ronald L. Meek : Marxism in Japan

Imre Nagy : On Socialist Morality


E. P. Thompson : Agency and Choice - 1

Roddy Barry : Is Neutrality Necessary?

Peter Smith : The Welfare State

Christopher Hill: Fresh Light on Marx

Jane Roberts : Galileo and the Dogmatists

Excerpts from the Yugoslav Draft Programme

Letter to Our Readers



Autumn 1958 issue 6


Harry Hanson : Britain and the Arabs John St. John : The Exile
David Ross : The Fall of Paris, 1958
Adam Wazyk : The Railway Carriage

Ralph Miliband : The Transition to the Transition
John Rex : The Labour Bureaucracy

Art and the Community (with illustrated supplement)

Barnett Stross : Parliament and Patronage
John Berger : Art and Labour
Michael Barratt-Brown : The £ and the 1%
Peter Ibbotson : Labour's Education Policy

Royden Harrison : ' Practical, Capable Men '

Mervyn Jones : Notes on a Train
Peter Worsley : Coast to Coast

Dora Scarlett: Revisionism in East Germany

Letter to Our Readers


Winter 195 8 issue 7

On the Cover : drawings by Andre Francois

John Stuart Mill & E.O.K.A.
Ronald L. Meek : A Dogmavisionist in Warscow
Peter Barnes : A Safe Job
D. G. Arnott: Pu-240, U-235 & Homo Sap
John Marshall: St. Ann's Well Notebook
Trex & Transport House
Herbert Smith : Keeping House
Dora Scarlett: A Bureau in Hungary
V. G. Kiernan : Wordsworth Revisited
New Reasoner Folio 1
Lajos Tamasi: A Rhapsody
Tom Mboya : Kenya Reviewed

Alasdair Maclntyre : From the Moral Wilderness
Kenneth Muir : Education Policy

Maria Vejan : Religion in Poland
Dorothy Thompson : Delegation Fraternelle

Ken Alexander on Conviction;
J. T. Murphy on Communist
Malcolm MacEwen on Nagy;
John Hughes on Nationalisation;
Peter Worsley on the Middle Classes; M. Barratt-Brown on the Common Market;
Iris Murdoch on Dr. Zhivago

V. Ivasheva : Revisionism in Britain
Letter to Our Readers


Spring 1959 issue 8

Mervyn Jones : The Glossy Election Dorothy E. Cole : Socialist Pensions (with drawings by James Boswell)
T. N. Street: The Pound and the ElectionI

Two Tributes to G. D. H. Cole
Kingsley Martin
Asa Briggs

Jacques Prevert: Pater Noster
Ronald L. Meek : Mr. Strachey's Economics
Arnold Rattenbury : Girl in a Yellow Sack
Peter Thirlby : The Piper on the Parapet
Bernard Stevens : Rutland Boughton
John McLeish : Contemporary Soviet Psychology
Alasdair Maclntyre : From the Moral Wilderness II.

John Saville on British Communist History
A. H. Halsey on Inequalities in Education
Alba Taylor on Religion in Poland
Eric Heffer on The ' Vanguard' Theory

Cedric Belfrage : ' Communist Social Democrats' in Kerala
Claude Bourdet: The Imperial Frenchmen

Rodney Hilton on Christopher Hill and his Critics;
Alfred Dressier on Humanists and Revisionists ;
Dorothy Thompson on The Chartist Challenge ;
A. E. P. Duffy on Labour's Origins

Letter to Our Readers



Summer 1959 issue 9

E. P. Thompson : The New Left
D. G. Arnott: Campaign Notebook
David Ross : The Life & Logic of John Foster Dulles
Roddy Barry : Giancarlo (story)
Ronald L. Meek : Professor BIyumin's Economics
Tibor Meray : Imre Nagy, Communist
V. G. Kiernan : Culture and Society

John Rex on The Meaning of the Accra Conferences ;
M. W. K. Chiume on Nyasaland's Case for Secession.

A. H. Hanson and Mervyn Jones on The Moral Wilderness ;
D. F. Swift on Intelligence and Education

F. Le Gros Clark : World Without War
Richard Pear on World War III.; Malcolm MacEwen on China's Forward Leap ;
Ken Alexander on Public Bosses;
Martin Baillie on Art and Philosophy ; Ralph Miliband on The Yugoslav Programme ;
Ronald L. Meek on Marx and
Hegel's Nose
Alasdair Maclntyre on Soviet Ideology.

Antonio Gramsci : Letters on the Jewish Question
The Ket and the Pottle
Letter to our Readers

Autumn 1959 issue 10

On the Cover: The Bishop of Steel and the Archmedium of Mass Annointing the Third Tory Victory (G. Cruikshank, 1821)

E. P. Thompson : A Psessay in Ephology
John Saville : A Note on West Fife
Ronald L. Meek : Karl Marx's Economics
Edwin Brooks : Comrades and Aldermen
R. W. Davies : The Russian Economy
W. Woroszylski: The Cruel Star
Alison Ravetz : A Note on V. G. Childe
Paul Hogarth : Russian Graphic Art of 1905 (pictures)

H. A. Turner : Unsocialist Wages Policy
Michael Kidron : The Limits of Reform
John Corina : Wages and Earnings
Ken Alexander & John Hughes : A Reply to Critics

From the Rt. Hon. John Strachey, M.P. From Henry Pelling
From Peter Cadogan

Conrad Bollinger on Welfare and New Zealand ;
T. R. Kaiser on The Individual and the Universe ;
Malcolm Caldwell on Public Enterprise

Peter Worsley : Further Letters of Gramsci

Letter to Our Readers