Universities & Left Review

Volume 1 No 1 Spring 1957
editorial and contents

Russia in transition Isaac Deutscher

The French left-long-run trends

Claude Bourdet

Destalinisation and European security

K A Jelenski

The new conservatism and the old

Stuart Hall

What is happening to capitalism?

G D H Cole

The future of Marxism in the social sciences
E J Hobsbawm

Socialism and the intellectual

E P Thompson

The crisis in town planning

Graeme Shankland

Housing the city dweller

D Gregory Jones

Commitment in cinema criticism

Lindsay Anderson

Commitment in art criticism

Peter De Francia

Dickens and his readers

Gabriel Pearson

Lucky Jim and the Labour Party

David Marquand

The Scottish University

John Mackintosh

Schools, class, society

Michael Amstrong

Full employment and after

Joan Robinson

Can political philosophy be neutral?
Charles Taylor

Basil Davidson, HD Dickinson, Richard Pear, Roger Morgan

Vol. 1 No 2 Summer 1957

editorial: Hungary, H-Bomb, Germany


The American "Income Revolution"
Gabriel Kolko

Socialism and the intellectuals

Mervyn Jones

Socialism and the intellectuals

Harold Silver

Socialism and the intellectuals

Charles Taylor

Socialism and the intellectuals

Rodney Hilton

Socialism and the intellectuals

E P Thompson

The Italian Left
Lelio Basso

Health and social class
Margot Jefferies

Working class culture

Raymond Williams

Scolarship boy
Alan Lovell

Variant reading
John Lewis

Candy flossing the Celtic fringe

Gwyn Illtyd Lewis

The Crisis in Town Planning

John Berger

Wyndham Lewis:Obsequy with teeth
Michael Ayrton

Free Cinema
Lindsay Anderson

Science and the humanities

Robert Cassen

Can capitalism survive?

Gordon Henderson

Schools, class, society

John Dixon & Sidney Lubin

Commitment and criticism

Michael Armstrong

What is happening to capitalism?

Henry Collins


A Left notebook

Ralph Samuel & Charles Taylor

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3rd issue Winter 1958

John Strachey The German tragedy

Francois Fejto Hungary and Socialism

M. S. Hasan Middle East nationalism

Karel Reisi A use for documentaries

John Saville Labour movement historiography

Ernest Gellner Contemporary logical positivism

The Insiders
A study of the men who rule British industry
A new policy for social ownership
Left notebook

A note on the second impression
The firms nobody owns
The horns of inflation
A democracy owning property
Inconspicuous colonialism
The scope of nationalisation
by Michael Artis and Peter Sedgwick
Retreat : The Labour Party and the public
corporations by Clive Jenkins
The democratisation of power
A postscript: Who governs Britain ?
by Ralph Milliband

Russia alive Michael Kullman ,
In black and white Norman Birnbaum; Jean Jenkins

Amerika, Wacht auch ! Ian Woolf
Thee deep sleep of England Stuart Hall

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4 Summer 1958


France: The Authoritarianism of the Fifties
Ralph Samuel and Michael Segal

The Wandering Jew as Thinker and Revolutionary—Isaac Deutscher

Inside the Whale Again—Stuart Halt

A Commitment Dialogue—with Christopher Logue

To My Fellow Artists
Christopher Logue

Realism and the Contemporary Novel—Raymond Williams

The End of Liberal Criticism
Graham Martin

Pages from a Painter's Diary
John Berger

Mr. Osborne and an Indifferent Society—W. I. Can

Artist, Critic and Teacher
Paddy Whannel

British Economic Policy Since the War—Michael Barratt-Brown

The Insiders—Nationalization
John Hughes

Prices and Programmes—Paul Derrick

Nato, Neutralism and Survival
E. P. Thompson

The Face of Youth
The Anti-Culture Born of Despair—Michael Kullman

The Unnoticed Generation

Derek Allcorn

Nihilism's Organization Man
Clancy Sigal

The Social Thinking of D. H. Lawrence—Raymond Williams

Down in the Forest
—D. J. Enright

On Not Misrepresenting Philosophy—Alasdair Maclntyre

Reply to Mr. Maclntyre—Ernest Gellner

Poland Between the Camps—Gordon Cruickshank

The Deep South
—Alfred H. Greenberg

The Poverty of the Poverty of Historicism—Charles Taylor

Left Notebook
Noel Brailsford—Norman MacKenzie

Big Sir and the Oranges and Lemons—Stuart Hall

Cinema at Dead End—Rod Prince

Mr. Raymond and the Dead Souls—Stuart Hall

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5 Autumn 1958


4 The Habit of Violence : Notting Hill

An Open Letter To The Congress of Cultural Freedom

Planning For Human Needs
The Real Outrage — Gordon Redfern

Alienation and Community
— Charles Taylor

One New Town — John Harlow

Impressions of Two New Towns — Janet Hase and others

Glasgow Adolescents — Greta Duncan and Roy Wilkie

A Sense of Classlessness — Stuart Hall
Mass Communications

BBC and ITV After Three Years — Richard Hoggart

The Lively Medium ? — Audrey and Kit Coppard

Report From A Country School — Brian Jackson

The Press The People Want — Raymond Williams

Social Constraints and Academic Freedom — Norman Birnbau

The Welfare State
The Controllers — Michael Barratt-Brown

The Economics of Prosperity — Norman MacKenzie

New Authoritarianism — New Left — Ralph Samuel

A Culture In Common — Graham Martin

The Mass Persuaders : Advertising

The Algebra Of The Revolution — Alasdair MacIntyre

A Piece of Revelation : Zhivago — Michael Kullmann

Twelve Painters — Mary Turner

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Volume 1 No 6 Spring 1959

Editorial: Will Mr. Gaitskell Miss the Boat?

The Politics of Adolescence
Stuart Hall

Where Next for the Campaign
Alan Lovell

Labour's Task in Central Africa
John Rex

Plan for Progress
Michael Barratt-Brown

Room at the Top
Paddy Whannel

Dr. Zhivago: A Discussion
Stanley Mitchell and Michael Kullmann

The Ginger JarBertolt Brecht

BOAC: Anatomy of a Strike
Clive Jenkins

Steel: The Facts

The Controllers II
Michael Barratt-Brown

Photography and Realism
Roger Mayne

Class and Classlessness
Ralph Samuel

Commitment in Politics
Edward Thompson

Postscript on CyprusGordon Marr

Communications: Historicism — Congress of Cultural Freedom

Cultural Notebook

Economic Notebook

Book Reviews:
Causes of World War III
Justin Grossman
Brighter than a Thousand Suns
Madeleine Simms
TV. and the Child
Paddy Whannel
Labour Movement History
-- Eric Hosbawm

Contents & covers


7 Autumn 1959

Editorial: ULR to New Left Review

Round Table

Poem: Far Cry from Africa
Derek Walcott

Poem : Brother Cain—Robin Amis

Nato, The Bomb and Socialism
Peter Sedgwick

Two Steps Forward, One Step Sideways—Rod Prince

Absolute Beginnings—Stuart Hall

The Boss as Hero—Ralph Samuel

Dispute in Print—William Hampton

Forty-Hour Week?

The Realism of Arthur Miller
Raymond Williams

A Look Back at Osborne
Graham Martin

Ashes and Diamonds—Rod Prince and Alan Lovell

The Controllers III Michael Barratt Brown

The Big Swipe—Stuart Hall

Cultural Notebook

Socialist Realism—A Soviet writer

Book Reviews:
China Shakes the World Again

Roy Wilkie
Jazz and its Publics—Paddy Whannel
Lady Sang the Blues—Francis Newton
Sociological Imagination—A. H. Halsey
Saul Bellow's American
Michael Harrington
Road to Wigan Pier—Asa Briggs
Power at the Top—Ralph Miliband
All in a Lifetime—Dennis Butt

Poem : Your Immortal Memory, Burns!—Hugh MacDiarmid

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