Dave Cope’s CPGB Bibliography is a hugely valuable resource for those of us involved with both researching and supporting research in the politics of the left. With 10 categories of materials produced by the CP, and 4 categories of material about the CP users can efficiently and quickly drill down through the database. The keyword facility is a useful additional tool, especially as it includes in its scope the (where applicable) “comments” field, with its explications and often fascinating nippets of additional information’.
John Powles, Head of Special Collections at Glasgow Caledonian University

Long after its dissolution, the history of the Communist Party of Great Britain continues to capture the interest and imagination of academics, writers and researchers. There can have been few political projects that generated such an intensity of debate, and produced such an enormous volume of literature. Despite its relatively small size, the influence of the CPGB - in the fields of politics, theory, culture, social policy, and anti-racism - was enormous.
Now, for the first time, through Dave Cope’s definitive survey, researchers can gain a true picture of the breath-taking pace of production, and ambitious range of projects undertaken by the Party during its 71year history.
Available to all on the web, this bibliography represents both a labour of love and an immensely valuable practical tool for anyone with an interest in Left-wing politics. It is to be highly recommended as an example of scholarship and clarity, and as an example of the manner in which the internet can be used to share, document, and democratise knowledge of our radical past.
John Callow, Librarian Marx Memorial Library