Unpublished Memoirs

Author Title Hard Copy Location Year Pages Comment
Brewster, Frieda "A Long Journey Home" NMLH      
Collinson, Arthur "One Way Only: An Autobiography of an Old-Time Trade Unionist" Brunel Univ. Library   257 Founder member who left in 1931.
Cox, Idris "Personal and Political Recollections" NMLH   60  
Cox, Idris "Story of a Welsh Rebel" Swansea Univ.   112  
Crawfurd, Helen   MML   403 The first CP Women's Organiser in 1922.
Davies, Bob "The Beginning of the British CP - Personal Recollections" MML   100 See also "Our History" No. 23. Active in NW in NUWM.
Dorrell, Harry Falling Cadence: An Autobiography of Failure Brunel Univ. Library      
Dutt, R P "One of the Many" NMLH     1st 6 chapters of his autobiog.
Edward, R H, (Bert)   Ruskin College Library   397  
Elias, Sid "Reminiscences" WCML   99 Leader of NUWM.
Etheridge, Dick   Warwick Univ.     Leading figure at Longbridge car factory.
Exell, Arthur "Abraham Lazarus alias "BIll Firestone" - Life Story" Ruskin College Library   40  
Exell, Arthur "My Life Story" Ruskin College Library   32  
Fagan, Hymie "An Autobiography" Brunel Univ. Library   154 CP fulltimer for 60 years.
Fagg, Len "A Man of Kent" Warwick Univ.; Modern Records Centre   154 In CP in Ramsgate till 1925.
Garman, Douglas "A Man of Quality" Univ. of Nottingham, Dept. of Manuscripts     Biography. Important literary figure who was head of CP's Education Dept. between 1940 and 1950.
Gibson, John   Brunel Univ. Library   7 Clydeside Shop Stewards.
Goldfinger, David "Memoirs" NMLH 1954 131 Jewish East End
Heslop, Harrod "From Tyne to Tone:A Journey" Brunel Univ. Library   293  
Horton, Ron "Richard (Dick) Pennifold" East Sussex Record Office, Lewes   4 Beautifully hand-written memoir (author was artist one of whose specialities was script) about founder member of Brighton CP. [Location: AMS6375 1/70]
Horton, Ron   East Sussex Record Office, Lewes 1968? 5 Typescript of memories of earliest days of Brighton CP by founder member.[Location: ACC 8112 14/5]
Jackson, T A "Solo Trumpet: An Interim Report on Fifty "Red" Years" - 3 vols MML     3 vols; much more detail than in the published edition.
Jackson, T A   NMLH/MML??      
James, T H "We Tread But One Path" Rotherham Central Library, Local Studies Dept. Also MML.   85 Yorkshire unemployed activist who fought in Spain.
James, T H We Tread But One Path Rotherham Central Library 1966   Sheffield activist.
Jenkins, Mick "Prelude to Better Days" WCML   245 Much on YCL. Full time official in NW.
Kettle, Margot John Gollan NMLH     Biography.
McQuilkin, William   Paisley Central Library, Local History Dept.   3  
Murphy, Molly "Nurse Molly" NMLH 1958   Wife of J T Murphy; nurse in Spain. Edited version by R Darlington published in 1998 (5816).
Newbold, J T, Walton Memoirs John Rylands Univ. Library, Manchester      
Rawlings, Joe "Stormy Petrel: Struggle or Starve" Ruskin College Library   13 This library also contains 2 shorter versions of his memoirs.
Roche, Jim "Autobiographical Account of Events in CP,1956-7" Ruskin College Library   40  
Russell, Ralph "They Think I Lost - Conclusions from a Communist Life" NMLH     Students;India.
Saklatvala, S   OIOC      
Young, Harry "Harry's Autobiography" Brunel Univ. Library     First National Organiser of YCL & rep. in Moscow 1922-9; YCI Secretariat; edited "C.I." 1932-5. Left CP mid 1930s for SPGB in which he remained active till his death in 1996.