CP National Magazines

Title Published by Year
Africa Newsletter   1947
1947. "Monthly/bi-monthly in early 1950s. Became "Africa Bulletin" (no longer CP) Sept 1954, published by Association For African Freedom from 1955. Monthly, till Feb 1957. Reduced to 8pp. Ed. D Buckle (from 1950).
Anchors Aweigh Seamen's Cttee 1947?
No.3 Nov 1948; prior to this issue the paper was London based.
Architects and Allied Technicians Group Bulletin   1950
No.1 March 1950: "Marxism and Modern Architecture".
Artists' Group Bulletin   1954?
No.1 (no date) ed. Robert Palmer; No.3 Feb 1955 ed. Godfrey Rubens.
Books for Progress Central Books 1950
No.1, July (?) 1950 - No.38, 1958. Monthly, then quarterly, review of books. Produced for many years after this, but not for sale.
Changes   1990
No.1, Oct 1990 to No.28, Nov 1991. Fortnightly. Ed.: Simon Barrow then Mike Power. The CP's last periodical. The final issue had R Falber's revelations on "Moscow gold".
Colonial Information Bulletin Colonial Information Bureau 1937
1937. Available on subscription only? Ed. Ben Bradley. Became "Inside the Empire" in 1940 (8pp).
Comment   1963
No.1, Jan 5 1963 to Vol.20 No.16 Aug 7 1982. Successor to "World News". Weekly, fortnightly from 1971. Editors: (not initially named): Dennis Ogden, Arthur Jordan, Alex McDonald, Gladys Brooks, Paul Olive, Sarah Benton, Ian McKay.
Communist Daily   1922
3 issues Nov 13 - Nov 15 during General Election campaign of 1922. See also 4304.
Communist Review [1]   1921
Vol 1 No.1, May 1921 to Vol 7 No.9, June 1927. Monthly. Ed: Tom Bell, W Paul. Theoretical journal. Became "The Communist".
Communist Review [2]   1929
Vol 1 No.1 Jan 1929 to Vol 8 No.8 Aug 1935. Monthly. From Aug 1933 thinner, but wider format. Followed on from "The Communist".
Communist Review,The [3]   1946
March 1946 to Dec 1953. Monthly. Ed. E Burns. Dealt with political analysis & strategy;not as theoretical as "Modern Quarterly" which came out at the same time.
Communist,The [1]   1920
Vol 1 No.1 Aug 5 1920 to No.131 Feb 3 1923. "An Organ of the Third (Communist) International - Published by the EC CPGB". Weekly .Ed.: Fred Willis, F Meynell (for first 6 months of 1921), R Postgate (July 1921), T A Jackson (May 1922). Incorporated "The Call", the paper of the BSP. Interesting cartoons by "Espoir" et al.
Communist,The [2]   1927
Vol 1 No.1 Feb 1927 to Dec 1928. Monthly. Followed on from "Communist Review" [1] - changed name same time as " The Woman Worker" & "Worker's Weekly".
Counter Attack Workers' Bookshops of London, Glasgow, Newcastle 1931
Started 1931(?); March 1933 (no.6?). There was a supplement to one issue - "The Historical & Working Class Associations of Clerkenwell Green" lf, 16pp.
Daily Worker   1930
No.1, Jan 1 1930. Ed.: W Rust, 1930; J Shields, 1932; I Cox, 1935; R Palme Dutt, 1936; W Rust, 1939; J Campbell, 1949; G Matthews, 1959; T Chater, 1974. Re-named "Morning Star" in 1966. There had been earlier trial runs: during the General Election of 1922, during the Dockers' Strike of July 1923 and during the General Election of 1923. Banned Jan 22 1941 till Aug 26 1942; re-appeared on Sept 7, which was quite an achievement considering the printing press had been bombed and 12 of the 18 journalists were in the forces. A couple of illegal ,4pp duplicated issues appeared for a few days after the ban. See separate list of one-off papers produced "legally" during this period by "DW" journalists. There was a Scottish edition from Nov 11 1940 to Jan 21 1941.
Daylight   1952
Published as a Supplement to "World News & Views", but also sold separately.Vol.1 No.1 Autumn, 1952 to Vol.2 No.3, 1954. Very interesting cultural journal - art work by D Chittock, C Rowe, P Hogarth, R Turner, F Millett. Poems by R Swingler, E P Thompson, N Buchan, E McColl, J Beeching. Stories by D Lessing, B Behan, L Doherty, H Smith etc.
Discussion   1936
No.1, Jan 1936 to April 1938. First issue d., rest printed; monthly from No.2; larger format from June 1937. No issue Oct 1936.
Economic Bulletin (New Series)   1977
No.1 Spring 1977; last issue: No.11 Spring/Summer 1984. Biannual then annual. Ed. John Fairley. The 1st series started as a quarterly internal bulletin in Jan 1952, then more widely available on subscription; eventually single copies were sold.
Education Today And Tomorrow Education Advisory Cttee. 1955
4 or 5 issues a year till 1990, then irregular (but continued in existence with links to DL after demise of CP). Ed.: Frank Gubb till 1957, then Ian Gunn till ousted in 1984 - the paper had always been virulently anti-Trotskyist and had become a focus for the traditionalists in the Party & its politics had long been criticised by most CP teachers. Apart from its politics it was famous for the strange paper it was printed on and & its archaic design.
Educational Bulletin / Education Today Education Advisory Cttee. 1948
Vol 1 No.1 Nov 1948. Changed name to "Education Today" from Nov/Dec 1953, though numbering continued. Bi-monthly. From Mar/April 1955 became "Education Today And Tomorrow". First named editor: F Gubb (1955). Followed by Pat Allen, R Thomas. Editorial Board incl. some significant names: M Morris, R & S Fisher, H Rosen, C Giles.
Esperanto Group Bulletin   1972
No.1 Sept 1972; No.12 May 1980. In English, though the Group did publish in Esperanto.
Euro Red West European Sub-Cttee of International Dept. 1976
No.1, Summer 1976 to No.11 1979. Quarterly. Reflected the growing interest in Eurocommunism.
Eye,The Martin Lawrence (later Lawrence & Wishart) 1935
No.1, Sept 1935; No.8 1937. Broadsheet review of left-wing books; stunning design by Alec Anderson.
Focus (or Communist Focus)   1982
No.1, Nov 1982 to Oct 1985. Monthly. Succeeded "Comment".From No.26 (Jan 1985) it went weekly (tabloid format,4pp - but more for Congress discussion and reports).The intention was to distribute it to every member to counter the "Morning Star" . Ed. P Olive.
Inside The Empire Colonial Information Bureau 1940
Vol 1 No.1 Feb 1940. Monthly. Suspended publication after Nov 1940 (due to blitz) till March 1943. Last issue Vol 5 No.3 Oct 1946. From April sf, quarterly. Not claimed as CP publication, but address was 16 King St. Superseded "Colonial Information Bulletin". For information on CP's Colonial Cttee., see Chapter 6 in "History of the CPGB, 1941-51".
International Affairs Bulletin International Dept. 1966
Vol 1 No.1 April 1966 to Vol 6 No.1 May/June 1972. 4/5 issues p.a. till 1970 then 2 or 3 (26 issues in total).
International Press Correspondence   1921
Sept 1921 to Vol.18 No.32 June 25 1937. Weekly, plus special CI Congress/Plenum issues. Commonly known as "Inprecorr", it was the journal of the CI and came out in several languages (published in Britain by CPGB). Succeeded by "World News and Views". Published in Berlin till 1933, then in London: better quality and longer (20pp) till war.
Ireland Information Bulletin Ireland National Advisory Cttee. 1983
No.1 April 1983; last issue: No.12 July 1985. Bimonthly/quarterly.
Jewish Clarion National Jewish Cttee. 1945
No.1, Dec 1945 - No.89, Feb 1955. Monthly.New Series:No.1, March 1955 - No.12, Mar 1957;monthly then bi-monthly and finally quarterly (8pp). Publisher changed from CP to Abe Lazurus (Dec 1949) & R Bernard (July 1952). There had been an edition published by Fred Stone in April 1945 (sf).
Link CP Women's Journal 1973
No.1 Spring 1973; last issue: No.44 Summer/Autumn 1984. Quarterly. Editor: Rosemary Small, till 1981 then collectively.
Live Wire [2] Rails Advisory 1983
No.1 1983. Intended to be quarterly. Surprisingly, this was one of the few national industrial newsletters attempted by the CP and not a success.
Marxism Today   1957
No.1, 1957 to Dec1991/Jan 1992. Monthly. "Theoretical & Discussion Journal of the CP" (till 1989). Ed.: J Gollan till 8/1962; J Klugmann till 9/1977; M Jacques till end. In its early form, "MT" was especially interesting for traditional Marxist academics.
Marxist Quarterly   1954
No.1 Jan 1954 to Jan 1957. Ed. E Burns. Published by L&W to replace "Modern Quarterly" and "Communist Review".
Medicine In Society Marxists in Medicine - The Research Group of the London Health Students Branch 1973
Vol 1 No.1 Autumn 1973; last issue Vol 13 No.3 1988 after which it transformed into "Health Matters". Duplicated then printed from Vol 3 No.1. Initially edited by John Robson; longer serving members of editorial board: Jane Bernal, Iraina Clarke, Steve Iliffe, Sue Lewis, Wendy Sims & J Robson.
Modern Quarterly [1]   1938
Vol.1 No.1, Jan 1938 to Vol.2 No.3, July 1939. Quarterly. Published by Gollancz & L&W jointly so not an official CP journal but it fulfilled the function of a theoretical journal for the CP after "Discussion" till the outbreak of the war. Contributorsincl. Dobb, Bernal, Hill, Cornforth etc. Ed. incl. D Garman.
Modern Quarterly [2]   1945
No.1, Dec 1945 to Autumn 1953. Quarterly. Ed. J Lewis. Published by L&W it was more obviously an official CP journal than its pre-war predecessor. Concentrated on theoretical problems of culture & science.
Morning Star   1966
No.1, April 25 1966. Daily. See "Daily Worker".
Music And Life Music Group of the CP 1956
No.1 April 1956. Quarterly to 1973 then bi-annual, then irregular. Last issue: No.55 1978. Editors:H Sear, Alfred Corum (c1958-69), Frank Stokes, George Burn. Alan Bush was on Editorial Board.
Music and Life: Special Issue - National Character, An Essential Ingredient in Musical Art Today   1969
News and Views   1986
No.1 Feb 1986 to No.61 Aug 1990. No.49 misnumbered as another No.48. Monthly. Ed. G Pocock. Followed by "Changes".
Our History Journal History Group 1977
No.1 Dec 1977 to No.18 1991. To No.13 it was d. pamphlet of 8-20pp, irregular - sometimes a year between issues. Then it was in smaller printed format of 40-60pp. From no.19, May 1992 it became "The Socialist History Journal" (Socialist History Society), from Autumn 1993 "Socialist History" published by Pluto Press then Rivers Oram Press. The Journal was preceeded by a free Newsletter to members of the History Group (No.1 Oct 1973 - No.11 Feb 1977 ), approx. quarterly 8-14pp. There had been an earlier monthly bulletin, "Our History" (No.1 Oct 1953 - No.25 Dec 1955) and that had been immediately preceeded by 26 issues of "Local History Bulletins" (Oct 1950 - Sept 1953). Editors of the Journal: G Cronje, M Nicholls, J Attfield, G Ferres, W Thompson.
Party Life [1] Organising Dept. 1929
Nos 7, 9 1929. No indication of regularity; apparently free. This was called "New Series", but no trace of earlier copies.
Party Life [2]   1962
Vol 1 No.1 Oct 1962 to No.7 Oct/Nov 1963. Bi-monthly.
Party Organiser [1]   1932
No.1 March 1932 to No.8 Dec 1932. Monthly/bi-monthly.
Party Organiser [2]   1938
New Series. Vol 1 No.1 July 1938 to June 1940. Monthly/bi-monthly. Contains Congress discussion, District Congress reports, lit. sales, & much internal information. During the war years it was replaced by magazine format pamphlets (e.g. "Communist Organisation For Victory").
Portugal Information Bulletin International Dept. 1975
No.1 1975; last issue: No.14, Summer 1977. Also "Special Issue - Documents from 8th Congress of Portuguese CP" Nov 1976. 24pp. Initially monthly then bi-monthly & quarterly. Reflects the Left's great interest in the Portuguese revolution.
Proceedings of the Sigerist Society   1947
Theoretical and social discussion of medicine from a Marxist view. Founded 1947;No.37 July 1956. Subscription only?
Realism Journal of the Artists' Group of the CP 1955
No.1 June 1955; last issue No.6 Nov/Dec 1956. Quarterly/Biannual. Lf 16/20pp, later broadsheet of 6pp. Editor: Godfrey Rubens.
Red Letters   1976
No.1 1976; No.28 last as paper of CP's Cultural Cttee. Initially lf, nos. 6-9 were smaller with spine, then larger. Collective editorial board, but D Margolies was main editor.
Roadway Communist Road Haulage Workers 1954
May 1954.
Science Bulletin   1972
No.1 Spring 1972; last issue: No.23 1978(?). Quarterly then more irregular. Ed. Richard Clarke. There had been a "Science Bulletin" in mid-1950s, not for sale: address was C/o L&W.
Seven Days   1985
No.1, Oct 1985 to Vol. 2 No.48, Oct 1987. Weekly. Ed.: C Myant. Officially published by JK Pictorials.
Socialist Europe Ctte For the Study of European Socialist Countries 1976
No.1, 1976 to No.4, 1978. Grew out of sessions at the Communist University of London.
Soldiers' Voice   1929
No.1 Sept 1929 - only issue?
Transactions of the Engels Society Science Group 1949
No.1 in 1949 to No.7 July 1952. Theoretical articles. There was also a Bulletin from 1948 for members. The Science Group was divided into Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology groups. Sec. and Assistant Sec.: M Cornforth and Barbara McPherson.
University Newsletter Univ. Staffs Advisory 1962
No.1 Spring 1962 to No.4 Summer 1963. Ed. Lionel Munby & Arnold Kettle.
West Indies Newsletter West Indies Cttee. (International Cttee.) 1949?
Vol 2 No.1 Jan 1950; No.11 Nov 1950. Monthly. Available on subscription. Circulation c300.
Woman Today Women's Cttee. Against War & Fascism; later Women's Cttee. For Peace & Democracy 1942
A curiously complicated history! In March 1942 it appeared as "Home Front - The World of Women Today & Tomorrow"; it took the wartime paper allowance of "The Home Front" the monthly paper of the National Federation of Tenants & Residents Associations as well as its name! It appeared monthly/bi-monthly in varying formats & covers (including colour from Sept 1943 - the same time as editor changed from Eileen Murray to Tamara Rust). Name reverted to "Woman Today" in July 1944 (though there are issues of "Home Front" AND "Woman Today" in July which are identical apart from cover and first page!) and it came out monthly in 8pp. Larger format from Nov 1950 to final issue in June 1959. At its peak, circulation was 12,000. Not to be confused with paper of same name by British Section of Women's World Cttee. v. War & Fascism (1936-40).
Woman Worker,The [1] Women's Dept. 1926
No.1 March 1926 - No.10 Jan 1927. Monthly. Ceased publication when "Workers' Weekly Publishing Company" was placed in hands of receiver. Replaced by "Working Woman".
Woman Worker,The [2]   1929
No.1 July 1929; No.5 Dec 1929. Monthly/bi-monthly.
Workers' Bulletin,The [1]   1926
No.1 May 4 1926; 10 issues. Daily. "Published by M Pollitt".
Workers' Daily,The [1]   1923
No.2 Dec 3 1923; No.3 Dec 4 1923. This was a special election edition of "The Workers' Weekly", published from 196 St Vincent St, Glasgow.
Workers' Daily,The [2]   1926
May 3 1926 - only 1 issue; "General Strike edition of the Workers' Weekly". 40,000 copies.
Workers' Illustrated News Workers' Publications Ltd 1929
Vol 1 No.1 Dec 13 1929 only issue, though there had been a dummy. A poor imitation of the German "AIZ", but used best technology for the period; distribution through the newstrade was successful but payment was slow and there wasn't enough capital to pay the printers for a second issue. Ed. Walter Holmes.
Workers' Life   1927
No.1 Jan 1927 to No.151 Dec 1929. Weekly. This replaced "Workers' Weekly" which went bankrupt after legal proceedings (see details under "Woman Worker" [1]). Again, last page was "Miners' Page". Ed. J R Campbell 1928-9; also R P Dutt & A Rothstein.
Workers' Weekly   1923
No.1 Feb 1923 to No.205 Jan 1927. Last page was called "Miners' Supplement" - devoted to the coal industry. Ed. R P Dutt, J R Campbell 1924-5, T A Jackson (during General Strike).
Working Woman   1927
No.1 Feb 1927 - No.26 March 1929. Monthly.
World News   1954
Vol.1 No.1, Jan 2 1954 to Vol.9 No. 51, Dec 22 1962. Successor to "World News and Views". Weekly. Ed. 1957-62: Ted Ainley.
World News and Views   1937
No.1, July 2 1937 to Dec 19 1953. Weekly. Successor to "International Press Correspondence" (continued pagination & numbering); more articles on British politics - no longer the official organ of the C.I. Ed: A Clegg, J Klugmann, M Heinemann.
World Youth Review   1939
Jan - Sept 1939. Monthly. Published by H R G Jefferson. Supplement to "World News and Views" but sold separately.