CP Student Publications

Author/Editor Title Published by Year Pages Comment
Robson, John "Take A Pill..." The Drug Industry - Private or Public? Marxists in Medicine - Health Section of the Central London Students Branch 1972 50  
  Agitart     8 Journal. 1969? "The first national art & design students' newspaper"; no number or sign of further issue. Ed. D Jacks et al. No publisher, probably CP.
  Agitprop Communist Club,Oxford     Journal. 2 issues 1968-9.
  Agro Strathclyde   8 Journal. Dec 1971.
Macintyre, Stuart; Tribe, Keith Althusser & Marxist Theory Cambridge 1975 32 Actually published by the authors, but based on their opening at a Cambridge Student Branch meeting.
  Background to the Dispute Essex 1974 4  
  Breaking the Barriers - Ideology and Post-School Education   1974 28  
  Commpress National Student Cttee. ? 12 Journal. Winter Term 1979?
  Communist Student [1] National Student Cttee. ? 20 Journal. 1961-3? At least 8 issues. First issue published by Manchester Univ. Com Soc. An edition appears to have been produced with slight differences by Univ. of London Union Com Soc. Initially the journal appears to have been edited by different student branches in turn.
  Communist Student [2] National Student Cttee. ? 4-28 Early 1980s to 1984? Some were given away. Not numbered, some not dated. Followed by "CP Student Bulletin".
  Communist Student Bulletin National Student Cttee.   8 1984-1989? Perhaps quarterly. At least 12 issues appeared, though some were given away at NUS Conferences.
  Communist Student International News Bulletin Univ. of London Communist Society   76 No.1, April 1962. "On the 22nd Congress". Probably only issue.
  Community in Conflict Essex 1974? 36  
  Consent Essex Univ.     I isssue in 1977. Substantial theoretical journal; typical of Eurocommunist period.
  Forging the Weapon - Student Unions   1973 10  
  Free Angela   1971 8 On Angela Davis.
  Free Oxford Oxford   40 6 issues 1921-2. "A Communist Journal of Youth". Initially not CP but by No.6 it had a slogan by Trotsky across the bannerhead; has been described as "the un-official Communist journal for the universities". Editor, Arthur Reade, was expelled from Oxford - the Vice-Chancellor describing the paper as "obscene licentiousness & the bitterest class-hatred...being pushed into the hands of ladies coming out of church". Reade worked at "LM" as Business Manager.
  Grants Campaign   1972? 4  
  Greece - Class War Against Fascism Cambridge 1970 4  
  I.S. and the Student Movement London Central Students Branch/National Student Cttee. 1973? 14 "Written by CP Students in Leeds".
  Ideological Digest - Student Movement Unity National Student Cttee. 1968 36 Papers from CUL 1968. Edited by Willie Thompson.
  Intercom [1] Oxford   24 Journal. Jan 1964; Jan 1966.
  Intercom [2]     24 Journal. Oct 1988.
  Jimmy Reid Speaks to All Students Wales 1972? 8  
  Leicester Red Leicester   12 Journal. Oct 1972.
  Lessons From the LSE   1973 26  
  Mainstream National Student Cttee.   16 Journal. Nov 1963 - Oct 1965. Termly. Well produced.
Hobsbawm, Eric Marxism and Anarchism Birkbeck College & London Univ. Communist Students 1972? 6  
  Memorandum on Student Problems - Special Reference to LSE   1946 4  
  Occupation at the LSE LSE 1973 4  
  On Art and Art Education Gloucester College of Art & Design 1973? 12  
  Oxford - A Future for Our University: A Statement for Discussion Oxford 1946 36 Foreword by H Pollitt.
  Penny Red [1] Leeds   2 1966-1970. Publication erratic - occasionally weekly. There was a 22pp issue in 1968. Incorporated into "Red Star" but n.f.s.
  Penny Red [2] Scotland   4 Journal. 1969 - 6 issues.
  Privilege and Ideology - Action Against Reaction in Oxford University Oxford 1976 40  
Hirst, Paul Problems & Advances in the Theory of Ideology Cambridge 1976 20 Talk at 1st Communist University of Cambridge.
  Red Manchester Univ. Students   8 Journal. 1 issue in 1973; supposed to be fortnightly.
  Red Lead Essex   16 No. 8 1975. There was a "Special" issue in 1976 on "Lysenko - A Theoretical & Historical Analysis" by Colin Beardon (18pp).
  Red Shift Cambridge Univ. CP   28 At least 4 issues 1976-7.
  Revolting Students Bristol ? 4 Journal. Late 1970s.
  Revolution in Africa - Report of Seminar   1968 16  
Hobsbawm, Eric Revolutionary Perspectives London Central Student Branch 1973 10  
  Socialism and Democracy Essex 1976 24 Contains papers by M Johnstone & G Bridges
Johnstone, Monty Socialism, Democracy and the One-Party System South Bank Poly 1972? 28 Reprinted from 3 issues of "MT", 1970.
  Spectre,The National Student Cttee.   30 Journal. No.1 1983.
  Student Bulletin National Student Cttee. ? 4 3 issues (1 dated Nov 1984). Replaced "Communist Student".
  Student Today National Student Cttee. ? 8-16 Journal. 1956-1959? Quarterly.
  Student Vanguard     32 Journal. Vol.1 No.1, Nov 1932 to Vol.3 No.2, Nov/Dec 1934? Monthly/bi-monthly. CP dominated.
Pearce, David; Thompson, Willie et al. Students,Society and Revolution Sheffield Students Union Communist Society 1968 34  
  The Althusser/Lewis Debate South Bank Poly Student Branch 1976 36 Reprint of 5 articles from "MT" 1972 & 1974.
  The Challenge of Marxism - A Guide to Reading LSE 1975 57  
  The Communist Kent ?   Journal. Early 1970s.
  The Content of Post School Education     4  
Hobsbawm, Eric The Crisis and the Outlook   1975 16  
  The Education Cuts in Oxfordshire Oxford Student Branch 1975 10  
  The Fee Rise in Oxford Oxford 1945 4  
  The Future for Art and Education   1969? 6  
  The Little Red Struggler - A Handbook for Student Militants   1975 56  
  Thrust - Theories of Revolution   1969? 30 Incl. Letter to R.S.S.F. from National Student Cttee.
  Top Marx York ?   Journal. 1978?
  Win Students for Peace to Save Britain: Communsit Students' Annual Conference, Sept. 1951   1951 24  
  Women in the Student Movement Central London Students 1974 14