'Daily Worker' Publications

Author/Editors Title Publisher Year Pages Comment
  Press Barons' Teeth Drawn   1935 16  
  8th Annual "DW" Bazaar Programme   1938 36  
"Gabriel" Cartoons   1938 80 Cartoons from 1936-8 with commentary by P Bolsover.
  Souvenir Programme of the "DW" Gala and Fete, Abbey Wood, Aug   1938 24  
  "DW" Gala and Fete, Newcastle, Souvenir Programme, Aug   1939 6  
Coward, Jack Back From the Dead   1939? 32 The gripping account of I.B.er Coward's escape from Franco's Spain. Cover portrait by "Gabriel". A reprint by Merseyside Writers (c1980?) has a lengthy introduction By A O'Toole & J Nettleton with much biographical material on Coward.
Haldane, J.B.S. et al. Hands Off the "DW"   1940 16 Prior to the ban on the "DW "(Jan 1941 to Aug 1942), the government discussed action against the paper for a leaflet "The People Must Act", only to issue a warning in July 1940, which this pamphlet attacks. Cover by "Gabriel".
Rust, W. It's Your Paper - The Story of the 11th Year of the "DW"   1940 26  
Rust, W. The Inside Story of the "DW" "DW" Readers' League 1940? 24  
  "Russia Today" News Letter - Specially Issued For the PPFF   1941 4 Not strictly speaking a "DW" publication. N.f.s. Only appeared during the ban.
  A Commentary on Current Political Events for the Supporters of the "DW" Defence Leagues   1941 8 No.1, July 1941 to No.55, Aug 26th 1942 (when the ban was lifted). Weekly. Published by DW Defence Leagues/League, then by the PPFF. Replaced by "Educational Commentary" [5462].
  British Worker * "DW" Defence League 1941 8 Sept ?
  Campaign Notes "DW" Defence Leagues 1941 2 March 1941 - Sept 1942 (when ban ended). Weekly, but not for sale.
  Daily Worker Jan 22-24 *   1941 2-4 These are duplicated leaflets rather than newspapers, produced to defy the ban, but effort was put into rescinding the ban rather than producing token illegal isues.
  For Victory Over Fascism * "DW" Defence League 1941 4 July ?.
  Free Press Campaign Special * "DW" Defence League 1941 4 Early March. 42,500 sold.
  Industrial and General Information   1941   Daily news sheet of 2 or 4pp produced during the ban on the "DW" by W Holmes and other staff. Issued daily, incl. Sat. after about 6 weeks and was available on subscription. No.1 (Feb 11? 1941) - 474 (Sept 4 1942). Proprietor: George Jones.
  People's Press Special * PPFF 1941 4 May ?
  Press Freedom Rally, Nov 30   1941 4  
Rust, W. Russia and the "DW" "DW" Defence Leagues 1941 12  
  The "DW" and its Machine-Men "DW" Defence Leagues 1941 8  
  The "DW" and the War "DW" Defence Leagues 1941 70 March. Reprint of 30 selected leading articles from June 15 1940 to Jan 21 1941.
  The Case for the "DW" "DW" Defence Leagues 1941 20 Articles by Haldane, O'Casey, Owen & Arnot - Members of the former Editorial Board.
  The Stepney Worker - Stepney "DW" Defence League Monthly Bulletin   1941? 10 Vol 3 No.5, 1942.
  The Worker * "DW" League 1941 8 Nov. There were 2 editions of this paper.
  The Workers' News * "DW" League 1941 8 Nov. "Produced by members of the "DW" Staff".
"Gabriel" We're in the Army Now "DW" Defence Leagues 1941? 16 Cartoons.
  Workers' Gazette * "DW" Defence League 1941 8 Aug.
  12th Anniversary Souvenir Programme   1942 4  
  Daily... *   1942 4 "This specimen copy of a newspaper showing what the "DW" would have looked like if issued on July 27, has been prepared for the information of MPs, it is not for public circulation".
  Educational Commentary Marx House in Association with "DW" 1942 4 Replaced "Commentary on Current Political Affairs" [3069]. No.1, Nov 1942. 9th Series No.8 not published. Final issue: No.39 1956.
Rust, W. Lift the Ban on the "DW" "DW" Defence League 1942 26 Incl. correspondence, resolutions of support etc. Cover by Ern Brooks.
  Report of Scottish "DW" Conference, Dec 13 1941 "DW" Defence League 1942 4  
  Strike Now in the West! - May Day * First of May Demonstration Cttee. 1942 8 In effect, this was just like all the other "alternative DWs", though nominally not by a CP organisation.
  The "DW" - Weapon of Victory: Report of London "DW"Conference, March 21 "DW" League 1942 8  
  The New Year Clarion * J Crossley 1942 8 Jan.
  The Second Front - 6 Objections Answered by the "DW" "DW" Defence League 1942 12  
Rust, W. "DW" Reborn   1943 16  
  13 Years of Anti-Fascist Struggle   1943 36 Many cartoons.
  Daily Worker in the Fight for Victory - Report of Delegate Conference, Feb 27 "DW" League 1943 24  
Phillips, Peter Professor J B S Haldane "DW"League 1943? 8  
Gibbons, John The Most Terrible Place in the World "DW" League 1943 10 "DW" Moscow Correspondent on Kiev & Babi Yar.
"Pitcairn, Frank" Where France Begins - What I Saw in Algiers "DW" League 1943 12 Cockburn's visit as "DW" correspondent was controversial - the authorities tried initially to send him back and ban his reports.
"Gabriel"; "Dyad" "DW" Cartoons "DW" League 1944 36 "Dyad" proved very difficult to identify: his real name, Wilfred Paffard, was never known to staff at the DW, the cartoons that he produced for the paper, from 1943, being posted in each day: he was an engineer at the BBC who had worked on deflection of radar beams during WW2 before working for Radio Moscow. Probably not in CP.
Rust, W. Gagged by Grigg "DW" League 1944 12 Plea for the lifting of the ban, introduced apparently on Churchill's direct instructions, on the appointment of a DW war correspondent.
"An, Agricultural, Worker" More Power to the Land   1944 8 Cover by B Niven, better known for her fund-raising activities for the paper.
  Report of Unity Conference, London April 2 "DW" League 1944 12 Cover by E Brooks.
  The Case of Captain Ramsay "DW" Defence League 1944 4 Ramsay was a Pro-German, anti-Semitic MP.
Simonov, Konstantin The Death Factory Near Lublin "DW" League 1944? 32  
Gibbons, John The Epic of Leningrad "DW" League 1944 24  
  The General Election - Unity for Victory "DW" NW Regional Office 1944 12 Report of Conference on Working Class Unity held in Manchester, Nov 11th.
Rust, W Voice of the People "DW" League 1944 16  
  "DW" Fund Broadsheet   1945? 2  
Haldane, J.B.S., et al. Daily Worker on the Atom Bomb "DW" League 1945 8 Reprint of 3 articles from "DW", Aug.
  Greece - The Facts "DW" League 1945? 4  
Dange, S.A. India and You "DW" League 1945 12 Reprint of articles from "DW" in Jan.
Campbell, J.R. Post War Daily Worker "DW" League 1945 16 Report of Conference, May 12; 500 delegates attended.
  Report on Plans for the Post-War "DW"   1945 4 Good cover by B Niven and E Brooks.
Russell, Sam Spotlight on the Channel Islands "DW" League 1945 32  
Niven, Barbara; Brooks, Ern The Little Tuskers' Own Paper "DW" League 1945? 16 Children's cartoon story. One of the few pamphlets illustrated by Barbara Niven.
Jones, Bill, et al. Transport Workers: Your Fare - The Daily Worker   1945? 16  
Rust, W. Victory Year - 1945 "DW" League 1945 12 This is about the "DW", not about the war. Cover by "C.T."
  "DW" 16th Birthday Festival Souvenir Programme   1946 16 Incl. "Meet the Staff" - photos & short biographies.
  "DW" Bazaar & Social News PPPS 1946 4  
  "DW" Football Annual 1946-7   1946 200 Annual publication to, probably, 1952-3. Apparently the "DW" was very successful with these handbooks. Ed. A A Thomas (Sports Editor at "DW"), E Butler, F Geddes, W Deards.
  "DW" Gala Programme - Tottenham, Aug 5   1946 12 Cover by E Brooks. Incl. Boxing (Harry Davis,"a great supporter of the DW"), Wrestling, Shapely Ankles/Lovely Legs/Beach Beauties Competition, "Unity Dance Band" & politics!
  Gabriel's 1946 Review PPPS 1946 48 Cartoons.
  Grand Fun Fair - Programme "DW" Defence League 1946 5 To celebrate the anniversary of Phil Piratin's election; includes photos of the 10 CP Councillors in Stepney.
  The Forces Speak - Report of Conference of Demobilised Men and Women   1946 20 Cover by "Gabriel".
McShane, H., et al. The Pope, The People and Politics PPPS 1946? 8 Reprint of 3 articles from the "DW".
  Truth Behind the News "DW" League 1946? 24 Cartoons by "W Storm".
Rust, W. Where is Germany Going? "DW" League 1946 16 Based on Rust's tour of British Zone in Feb.
  "DW" Fair Programme, Tottenham, May   1947 8 Cover by "Davy".
  32 Questions on Press Freedom   1947? 16 The "DW"'s response to the questionnaire from the Royal Commission on the Press.
  Open the Door, Britain! PPPS 1947? 8 Reprint of 6 leading articles.
Owen, Jack Royal Festival Hall Programme   1947? 16pp Very attractive design by (Ern) Brook. One page of programme (Bush, Lindsay, music dramatic tableaux etc) but the rest is about the "DW" and its staff - useful biographies and photos.
Huxley, J. et al. Science in the Atomic Age   1947 24 Reprint of articles from "DW". Cover by Ern Brooks.
  "DW " - Eighteenth Birthday Souvenir Programe   1948 4  
  "DW" Christmas Bazaar, St Pancras Town Hall   1948? 2  
Thomas, A A, (ed.) "DW" Cricket Handbook PPPS 1948 144 There was definitely another published in 1949 at least.
  "The People's Paper"   1948? 4 Song-sheet; music by Alan Bush.
Joannides, Evdos Inside Free Greece   1948 16 Incl. General Markos' first interview with a Western journalist.
  Pools - A Battle You Can Win   1948 112 Companion to the Football Annual. Annual publication (?) - only traced 1948/9 & 1951. Ed. Jack Silver.
Rust, W The People Rule in Yugoslavia   1948? 16  
  The People Want Peace   1948 20 Speeches from "Conference for World Peace" organised by "DW", July.
  "DW" Central London Christmas Bazaar, Prince of Wales Baths, Kentish Town   1948 2 Fold out poster.
Campbell, J.R. What's Up With the Russians?   1948 14  
  Daily Worker Diary   1949 130 Issued annually for a short period.
Rust, W. The Story of the Daily Worker   1949 128 Edited & completed by A Hutt. 16pp of photos.
  William Rust 1903-49 - A Fighter for the People   1949 24 Collection of Rust's articles + Tribute by J R Campbell.
Sinfield, George Wreckers!   1949 16 On the break up of the WFTU.
  A-Z for "DW" Bazaars   1950? 32  
  Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the "DW", Feb 12th - Programme   1950 8  
Winnington, Alan I Saw the Truth in Korea   1950 16  
Gallacher, W. Relaxation - A Collection of Satirical Verse "DW" Bazaar Cttee. 1950 20  
Pollitt, H., et al. Welfare State or Warfare State?   1950 16 Articles reprinted from "DW" in Aug.
  21st Birthday of the "Daily Worker" - Souvenir Programme   1951 8 Cover design by Baron Moss.
  22nd Anniversary Celebration - Programmee & Song Book   1952 8  
  Stop This Horror in Malaya   1952 4 Contains the infamous photos of British soldiers with decapitated heads of Malayans.
Thompson, E.P. The Struggle for a Free Press   1952 24  
Kartun, Derek USA '53 - The Truth Behind Eisenhower   1953 96  
  "DW" Children's Annual PPPS 1954 48-64 At least 4 editions - initially called Children's Book.
  25 Fighting Years - Daily Worker Silver Jubilee   1955 16 Illustrated celebratory pamphlet. Cover by "Gabriel".
  27th Birthday Rally, Albert Hall, Feb 10 - Programme   1957 4  
Coutts, Charlie Eye-Witness in Hungary   1957 32  
  29th Daily Worker Birthday Rally   1959 4  
  30th Birthday Celebration - Souvenir Programme   1960 8  
  International Exhibition of Children's Art   1961 16  
Matthews, George Press Lords v Press Freedom   1961 16  
  32nd Birthday Celebration - Souvenir Programme DW 1962 8  
Dutt, R P The Rise and Fall of the Daily Herald "DW" and LM 1964 16  
Burchett, Wilfried Eye-Witness in Vietnam   1965 12  
  "Morning Star" Birthday Rally - Souvenir Programme   1968 8  
  No Chains For the Unions   1970 4 Reprinted from "MS" Oct 16.
  41st Birthday Rally - Programme   1971 8  
  Morning Star Birthday Rally - Programme   1972 8  
  Morning Star Birthday Rally - Programme   1973 8  
  44th Morning Star Birthday Rally - Programme   1974 8  
  45th Birthday Rally Souvenir Programme, Feb   1975 8  
  Morning Star 45th Birthday Rally - Programme   1975 8  
  Morning Star 46th Birthday Rally - Programme   1976 8  
  Morning Star 47th Birthday Rally - Programme   1977 8  
  The British Road to Socialism - A "MS" Supplement   1978 4 An illustrated broadsheet introducing the new BRS.
  Morning Star 49th Birthday Rally - Programme   1979 8  
  1930-1980   1980 16 Illustrated history of the "DW"/"MS".
Whitfield, David A Land With People - A Report From Occupied Palestine   1982? 58  
Trask, Roger Afghanistan - Grasping the Nettle of Peace   1987 24  
Dywien, Jack A Popular Paper - A Fighting Paper PPPS 1996 20 History of "DW" / "MS".
Howe, Mark, (ed.) Is That Damned Paper Still Coming Out? - The Very Best of the DW and MS PPPS 2001 254 Collection of articles, and some cartoons. The brief notes accompanying entries are of interest.