Pojects awarded grants in 2002-2006

Dingle Community
Theatre Simon Jones was Someone

Compass working group seminars

Martin Jacques
Nature of Asian Modernity

Camden Abu Dis Friendship Assoc
Abu Dis Young People’s visit to Camden

Hilary Smith
Palestinian Women Speak

Victor Jara Foundation
Archive Preventive Conservation

Gavin Rae
Poland’s Road From Socialism

Dr Julian Tudor Hart
Julian Tudor Hart Website

Matthew Worley

Peace Institute


Grassroots Umbrella Network
Education & Training Project

Andrew Flinn
Labour in Exile

Compass Manifesto for Democratic Left

Ken Sprague Fund
Ken Sprague Fund

Andrew Pearmain

Gramsci in History

Cuba Choir
Santiago de Cuba

Dr Gavin Rae
Poland's fragmenting consensus

Alan Miles
Who Shot the Sheriff

Bevan Foundation
Social justice workshop

Fulcrum TV
One man and his books

Wayne David - Ness Edwards

Lawrence & Wishart
- Arthur Horner

Media Lens media lens

J Callaghan Rethinking Social Democracy

J Tomasiewicz Stalinist-Maoist Opposition

Peace Institute Slovenia Love and Politics

H Wainwright Pilot of a European Left

P Walton Dancing for Palestine

New Left Trust NLR Archive

Big Thinking Tom Nairn: the Break-up of Britain

The Initiative Factory: Mayday Celebratios 2003

Sheffield Socialist Choir: Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Dr H Jones Online Resources in CPGB History

TUC Library Collection The Union Makes Us Strong

Int. Centre for Labour Studies Source of Radicalism conference

J Clark Shaking the Chains

Prof J Callaghan Rethinking Social Democracy

Scottish Left Review SLR Archive

Socialist History Society Dissent & the State 1945-2000

Ruth First Memorial Trust Archive Project

North West Labour History Group Journal Summer 2002

J Peck Persistance: The story of British Communist

R Hunter Edward Ruston

Dr A Ramamurthy Imperial Persuader

A Boyd Jim Connell

P Anderson Remodelling the Economic Model of Development

Democratic Left Scotland Seminar/Publication

Transnational Institute
World Social Forum

J Toporowski
Sam Aaronovitch Research

Prof G Craig
Joe Kenyon Archive

H Wainwright
Red Pepper Supplement

G Andrews
Culture, Ideology and Strategy of the PCGB

Catalyst Globalisation

Democratic Left Scotland Eurovision

Media Lens
media lens

M Worley In Search of Revolution

Red Herring Product, The Politics Issues

The Trust granted from 1993 to 2001 the following funds:

  • conferences: £ 42,488
  • publications: £ 46,194
  • archiving: £ 60,671
  • performances £ 11,000.

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