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The Gender Trap

At the same time, feminism must be seen as a much more general movement amongst women since the late 1960s. ThisFeminism emphasises the need for women to organise, to learn from and represent themselves, and to develop structuresradical change in men's relationship to work, to parenting and to other family responsibilities. Feminism has greatly increased women's confidence in themselves because it has legitimised women's own experience which differs
Marxism Today February 1984

A Question of Choice

Thatcherism is not the Moral Majority: it is not a general offensive against feminismanti-feminist Right in this country has been weakened by the continual success and vigour of feminism in mobilising support for women's rights and equality. Contrary to popular, typically misogynist mythanti-feminist Right in this country has been weakened by the continual success and vigour of feminism The highest shift in support was from skilled, white workers from the South of England.12
Marxism Today January 1983

Us And Them: On The Philosophical Bases Of Political Criticism

occupy the centre of the intellectual stage. Whether inspired by social and intellectual movements such as feminism, Marxism, and anti-imperialist nationalisms, or interdisciplinary academic developments such as deconstruction and more generally poststructuralism, political criticismilluminating to contrast Jehlen's essay with Sandra Harding's recent discussion of the implications of feminism for the social sciences: 'Introduction: is there a feminist method?' in Feminism and Methodology, ed. Sandra Harding (Bloomington
New Formations Number 8 Summer 1989

After Thatcher - A Class Of Her Own

became clear was that the march of the men would be halted, it had to be: both feminism and Thatcherism - though for entirely different reasons - now made it impossible to purge women from the politicalachieved by her escape from the female condition rather than her embrace of it. She repudiated feminism much as she repudiated femininity, for both were associated with a condition of subordination. Her efforts to preventhave been said about me...but never mind.' Then at last she was able to share with feminism a critique of men's scorn for strong women, and in so doing she was able
Marxism Today January 1991

The Outsider

beards look at me warily, as if they're being policed by a spirit of radical feminism - I may at any minute point out their ideologically contradictory position, or shout 'clitorisclearly reached that I am a lesbian, that quintessence of both fringe political positions, vegetarianism largely, and feminism. Beards clearly feel it would be narrowminded of them not to assume I'm a lesbiansome amazing feat of incorporation, however, patriarchy has anticipated critical manoeuvres and feminism almost becomes the stick with which to beat me. All exam papers on women's writing - never mind that the subjects
Marxism Today November 1990

Dark Star

By increasing radicalism in a sense, mainly through feminism, moving further left than I imagined. What do you feel about the political revolution that's happenedstarted, I was writing like a man, most of us were. I didn't convert to feminism. In a sense I have always knocked on the same doors, only feminism gave me some keys. Where
Marxism Today November 1990

Second Among Equals

cakes served by his wife: 'Emancipation: enough!' And he was an activist for glasnost in academic research. Feminism is widely castigated as the kindgender roles in work and the family. Inevitably their programme involves some selfcensorship. Their relationship to Western feminism is cautious. On the one hand they are excited by the ideas their new access to Westernnatalism and economic restructuring. It has often been remarked that the emergence and re-emergence of feminism seems to depend on the development of contradictions in liberatory movements. In the West, women gave their energies
Marxism Today July 1989

Altered Images

great pornography non-debate remains stagnant in the realm of moral dilemmas and well-worn assumptions. Feminism has brought new and vital insights. But a fresh critique of pornography is needed: current analyses haveThe most important critique of pornography comes from feminism. Developing through the 80s, feminist analyses have constantly drawn attention to the pervasiveness of pornographycrumbling castle around which the Other rages - the cause but still not the site of the struggle'. Feminism could benefit from this new questioning of traditional identities; but as long as sexual identity is regarded
Marxism Today November 1988

Bones In The Corset

saying we agree with them, mind' - or the whole area called 'sexual politics' that includes feminism, gay and lesbian politics. There has also been the emergence of new black struggles, different forms of 'communityworking class, the Third World - we were talking about ourselves. This I think is the specific contribution feminism has made to a politics of identity: it has altered the personal pronouns of politics and contributedagainst his own vanguardism, Gramsci began to propose another version of socialism that bears directly on what feminism and other new movements are now saying. In his view, people's commonsense understanding of the world
Marxism Today October 1988

Olympic Spirit Of Sparta

feminist principles? For whilst sport has for decades ignored women, defining femininity and athleticism as mutually exclusive; feminism has for decades ignored sport, defining it as just another oppressive male preserve. Growing numbers of womencrucially, images of women in sport are presented, mediated and interpreted by male journalists. But while feminism might cast the Olympics as an example of male hegemony, this ignores the fact that most women Olympianspolitical indicator of wider gender issues: as increasing numbers of women become involved in the Games, feminism can no longer afford to write them off as just a kind of feminist heresy. • Adrianne Blue, Faster
Marxism Today September 1988

Glenys Kinnock

what the children at school are reading than in Militant'); she rejects what she calls 'ideological feminism' (while objecting to Neil's 'rugby vocabulary'). During her years as wife of the leader of the oppositionunthreatening and accessible, revolving around issues of social justice rather than philosophies of social change. Similarly, her feminism is mild, humanitarian and non-combative: 'I define feminism as accepting that, because of their sex, women
Marxism Today May 1987

Goodbye to the GLC

cities and was completely ideas from outside the administration of unrepresented by Labour. Indeed, local government - through feminism, Labour in local government was the community politics, the student move-place which working class people who live ten miles from the city centre can enjoy? Once feminism began toThis dynamic within the GLC also the local state - as the fount of all things applied to feminism and the ethnic good and positive, the GLC saw the state minorities. The GLC discovered these
Marxism Today April 1986


Movement can make to organisational development. Simultaneous­ ly, and more seriously, it undervalues the significance of feminism for the formulation of positive policyState just will not do. Even at the interface between two of the fragments, socialism and feminism, problems immediately leap into prominance. Should socialist-feminist policy be directed against the State? Or are demandsdifferent from those which they criticise. A ‘diverse’ vanguardism replaces the more traditional one. The attractions of feminism as an organisational model have been allowed to displace questions of policy. We welcome the criticism
Red Rag Volume 14

HOMING IN Consciousness Raising

ways we phrased this was to do with having tried to live according to an “ideology” of feminism. We wanted the group to provide a forum to discuss the relationship between socialism and feminism, betweenthan question or criticise. Although the group was marked by a liberal tolerance rather than a prescriptive feminism, some of us remained reticent about events which were too ‘near the bone’, those extremely painful areas
Red Rag Volume 14

WORK TO RULE Wages and the Family

definitive to the family debate is of course children/no children. At the initial explosion of the new feminism of the late sixties the movement was heavily populated with disgruntled mothers, angry at their predicamentwhich gives the State a definite imperative to hold down wages in the public sector. The new feminism demands pre-supposed economic boom and expansion of the state. It was an irony of history thatprecisely out of the contradictions within the family, and between the family and waged work, that contemporary feminism has sprung. But it’s odd that while women’s liberation has focussed so strongly
Red Rag Volume 14


bitter and violent reaction to her work in France and Italy) and also the fact that feminism has ignored a question vital to its practice - fascism. She starts by pointing out that while hidden fromthat the ‘conquest’ of women was essential to both Mussolini and Hitler in their rise to power. Feminism has then a vital role to play in the defeat of fascism and the analysis of fascismvital role for feminism
Red Rag Volume 13

Florence Exten-Hann: Socialist and Feminist

both as a personal tribute to her and as a contri­ bution to the rediscovery of socialist feminism in the past. Florence struggled against both class and sex inequality. She was a feminist withinLondon controversies were less important and there appears to have been a close connection between feminism and men and women involved in other forms of radical activity. Florence, still in her teens '.. . spent many earlyAs the years went by and no new womens movement em­ erged her feminism became increasingly a matter of personal feeling for which there seemed no political expression and towards which
Red Rag Volume 5

Thoughts on the Family Allowance Campaign

both as a personal tribute to her and as a contri­ bution to the rediscovery of socialist feminism in the past. Florence struggled against both class and sex inequality. She was a feminist withinLondon controversies were less important and there appears to have been a close connection between feminism and men and women involved in other forms of radical activity. Florence, still in her teens '.. . spent many earlyAs the years went by and no new womens movement em­ erged her feminism became increasingly a matter of personal feeling for which there seemed no political expression and towards which
Red Rag Volume 5

THE RACE FOR POLE POSITION Revolution in the Car Industry

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Marxism Today January 1986

The Menace of Anti-communism book review: - Socialist Register 1984 The uses of anti-communism

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Marxism Today February 1985


other forms of sexual expression. Elsewhere in the book this position is attacked, and in general 'cultural feminism' (a development, much more marked in the US, of a feminism which sees its goalpatriarchal 'false consciousness'. There appears to me to be a conflation here between a sometimes complacent 'cultural feminism' and the angry despair of some radical feminist writing about male violence and pornography. While the latter
Marxism Today June 1984

A new force in the land - roundtable discussion

themselves as Conservatives; who came to Greenham Doesn't this lead to something of a conflict in feminism? Many of the because it was a women's camp and who will now, when theyback and say I'm not really Party and the Communist Party, and this is related to feminism as recommending a sharp sex-role position that won't change, because well. I like to thinkfeminism as having some kind of capacity to the roles are changing. I know a great many men who are just as reconstruct humanism if you like, and I think that has a concerned
Marxism Today February 1983

Women, Recession and the Tories

state in order to gain access to financial resources, their development highlights the ways in which feminism in the 1970s rejected an uncritical support for state provision per se. Since women are disproportionately the recipientslate 1970s and beginning to be expressed all the more vociferously in response to the impact feminism appeared to be having on society. At that time the major campaign to attract the support of thosemost of which had been conceded to some extent by the late 1920s. By the 1930s therefore feminism had been quiescent for a number of years. By contrast the feminist movement of the 1970s always
Marxism Today March 1981

March 8 International Women's Day

prostitution, women peasants and women's political consciousness after 1905 — all reiterated this commitment to fighting 'bourgeois feminism' within a united labour movement. That night many women speakers were arrested in the capital, police brokerounded up in Kiev, Samara and Tiflis too. Women's Day 1913 was a catalyst for socialist feminism in Russia and the start of the Bolsheviks' organisational commitment to women. In September some Bolsheviks womenbold Bolshevik women for Women's Day 1918, was thought by many men to reek of 'feminism', and in the event, with the Bolsheviks critically involved in their peace negotiations with Germany, it was hard
Marxism Today March 1980

Reviews: Immigrant Husbands

here. There is a crucial debate in Britain's ailing women's movement about the relevance of feminism to black women. Black women have complained that their concerns are ignored by feminists, and that anticaught in the tangle of racist laws, and campaigns for change, there can be no anti-racist feminism. Fiona Mactaggart
Marxism Today September 1985