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Spot The Difference

pragma¬ tic acceptance of difference that seems, to me, represen¬ tative of this newer phase of feminism. For years, the goal of the feminist and, in¬ deed, any vaguely liberalwomen are tired of the unre¬ warding task of trying to change men. And many men perceive feminism as mere¬ ly an over-developed form of nagging. Something in all this makes me uneasy, however
Marxism Today June 1991

The Moment Of Truth

slow to respond to the changing nature of class and the challenges of anti-racism, feminism and cultural politics. The party structures were cast in the mould of the Bolshevik Partyincreasingly happened elsewhere. Sometimes, as with some of communist feminism's creations, or with Marxism Today, creative construction shared the same address, but that's just about
Marxism Today December 1990

Family Fortunes

family as the key locus of female oppression remains one of the central insights of feminism, there has been a lot of back-tracking by feminists themselves on this issue. Feminists have families too. Tryingfeminist family may be more flexibly defined, undermining the traditional family is no longer the business of feminism. Resignation has replaced idealism and there is little to choose between left and right pronouncements
Marxism Today November 1990

Feeling The Quality

spiritual (and monetary) values of hearth and home, together with soaring mortgage rates, the civilising influence of feminism and 80s' health consciousness. But the gentrification of hackdom is associated, too, with the decline of reportergeneral afflicted by similar problems of information overload and shrinking domestic markets. As discourse 'booms' feminism, cultural studies, etc - get identified together with their potential markets by particular publishing houses, their lists become bloated with
Marxism Today June 1990

After Communism

respond to the new environment, has started to live at least partially in the new world. Feminism, the peace movement, and the green movement, of course, did this a long time ago, indeed in somethan that. Our culture remains deeply masculine, public life is still dominated by men. The insight of feminism has been to uncover the nature of male power and thereby provide a different conception of power
Marxism Today January 1990

Inner City Mama - a talk with Neneh Cherry

Feminism's done a lot, it gave woman the strength to stand up and do what she could alwayscertain picture to mind. I grew up outside of it, I wasn't old enough when feminism was really ranking. But I can see what it was doing, and when I look
Marxism Today December 1989

The Pens Of Perestroika Interview with Tatyana Tolstoya

sake of his antediluvian ideology.' But neither does she agree with Yevtushenko: 'As far as feminism goes. Soviet women have absolutely nothing in common with women in the West. Yes. we need equal rightsquestion, it's a question for society as a whole. It might be appropriate to talk about 'feminism' in the Soviet Union in maybe 50 years' time, if conditions improve sufficiently, but at the moment
Marxism Today July 1989

The Accused On Release

shocker, a serious regression. It seemed to be emblematic not so much of 1980s' postfeminism as anti-feminism. The Accused, in contrast, takes its form from mainstream melodrama and its consciousness from modern feminism. Unlike
Marxism Today March 1989

Points Of View - a talk with Dafydd Elis Thomas

would be hell. I was strongly challenged by the literature that came out of the 60s movements. Feminism was a real challenge. My generation is very much a transitional one wherehave reached positions of power but have been challenged by feminism. I was challenged by friends and people in relationships . . . and also of course Michele Barrett's The Anti-Social Family. And I have failed
Marxism Today January 1989

A Miller's Tale - interview with Arthur Miller

I think so, yes. I think so, sure. And it is. Apropos feminism, I was very struck by a frightening observation you made about Hollywood. You said that whileexceptional situation in history, when women were so reduced. Has this any bearing on the development of feminism in the postwar USA? After all, in some ways Hollywood was supposed to be the model
Marxism Today January 1989

Anne Diamond

sitting on a sofa, opening her eyes wide and saying 'Gosh'. Even if you approve of freemarket feminism, as I do socialism never did anything for feminism but make a shambling bag-lady
Marxism Today August 1988

You've Never Had It So Good - Again!

grips with today's social agenda - the changing shape of working-class culture, the impact of feminism, ethnic spending power, the 'new man' - all these identities are up for grabs in lifestyle campaignsLabour, 'needs', 'rights' and 'demands' are OK, but desires, pleasures, personal fulfilment are out of bounds. Feminism's project has been precisely about breaking down these watertight distinctions. At a far less organised level
Marxism Today May 1988

Violent Screen Play

aftermath of the rape of Sheila Grant in Brookside. hat these observations tend to confirm is what feminism had already perceived - that what predominates in the representations of violence on tv are powerful elementsaggression is denied, or whose parents find that aggression too frightening. Certainly one of the lessons which feminism has learnt from therapy and psychoanalysis is that the denial of anger and aggression in girls
Marxism Today December 1987

Taking The Plunge

desires at the centre of its project. The third sexual revolution, of the 1980s, could have generalised feminism's critique, but instead it has rehabilitated that resilient masculine prerogative - penetration. Penetration remains the 'master discoursewomen had always known, and spoke, too, what millions of women, had never known. One of feminism's great contributions was that it helped many women find their way to pleasures undreamt
Marxism Today December 1987

Blue Election, Election Blues

antiwho is taking 0 levels in a hard-pressed ity' includes all who identify ideologi- anti-feminism, LEA. Do I stick by my political cally with the enterprise culture as the permissive, post-Aids backlashcould also make a heavy investment in it without having to reveal their hand about race, feminism or sexual politics. Instead of engaging with the 'loony Left' image, Labour in effect colluded with
Marxism Today July 1987

Thatcher Uses Her Woman's Touch

done now! Look where all this can lead!' The triumph of Thatcherism represented the threat of a feminism gone completely out of (men's) control. While leftist men got the point that Thatcher herselffeminism, they still had a gut fear of what a woman in power might mean as expressed in the slogan 'Ditch the Bitch'. Labour Party stalwarts appeared baffled when asked
Marxism Today June 1987

20 Years of Women's Choice

that 'all abortion is violence . . . there is no rightful place for violence in a world of reason.' Feminism today owes a lot to those who fought for, and achieved, the 1967 Abortion Act, passedreformers and radicals, their analysis of the social meaning of reproduction converged. The shared ground of their feminism was their common experience of changing conditions. Even those who welcomed the decline of patriarchal power
Marxism Today March 1987

Love Tokens

still buy and send valentine cards each year? One possible answer is linked to current debates within feminism and on the Left about the meaning of romance. Traditionally feminists, like many socialists, have dismissed Valentineleast that St Valentine's Day, with its long cultural tradition and with ideological permission from modern feminism, is a good thing! I'm not so sure. It still reminds me too much of those
Marxism Today February 1987

Love In A Cold Climate

survey, refuse to recognise the legitimacy of lesbian and gay relationships. Yet, along with the rise of feminism, the emergence of a public lesbian and gay presence has been one of the most dramatic changesbeen a significant element in the new Right's efforts to shape a new majority. Just as feminism can be blamed for profoundly disrupting traditional demarcations between the sexes, homosexuality has been attacked for undermining
Marxism Today January 1987

Women in The Mainstream

mother, particularly in the sense that it made me feel that there's a kind of feminism which is about getting your own life in order and about taking responsibilities for othersBritain. This is where I separate from the mainstream. I'm also confused by what is called feminism in Britain. When I became involved in politics we came to the conclusion that first and foremost
Marxism Today November 1986

The Importance of Being Liberal

identify yourself with the trend towards greater women's rights. What do you think of feminism?kind of feminism is ludicrous. I even find petty things difficult, like the complete messing up of the English language and suggesting that certain words are sexist, and you've got to have spokespersons
Marxism Today October 1986

Peace in The Battle of The Sexes

also exceedingly complex - indeed as concentrating within it key issues at stake in the politics of feminism generally. For it seemed to me that no sooner did one start thinking about the issue of womenthink this is an easy question: thus, as I have indicated, certain strands of feminism, assuming the 'gendered' nature of these terms, now celebrate the feminine 'irrational' as an intuitive, diffuse, non-analytical form
Marxism Today October 1986

Causes without a rebel

women's movement which alone has taken responsibility for creating new movements and new consciousness among women. Feminism is closer toLabourism nationally has proved to be stubbornly resistant to pressures from within. Middle class Labour professionals spurn feminism as a middle class preoc-
Marxism Today October 1986

MAKING WAVES - roundtable discussion

that having money to produce glossy leaflets, being able to do a razzmatazz campaign, is somehow marketing feminism in an obnoxious way. I don't agree with this because it is the onlyquestions more strategically. Marie There has to be a lot of women's organisations outside municipal feminism because the money we have has got strings attached. We are limited, not totally, but other groups outside
Marxism Today July 1986

Party Music

about sexual politics (Kinnock refers to 'Billy Bragg and the boys') - were it to take feminism more seriously on the stage or in the foyer, the question of who or what was being represented mightcome across as simply the Labour version of support for small businesses. The striking absence of feminism from Red Wedge rhetoric reflects, similarly, the problems of a populist cultural approach. It is certainly important
Marxism Today June 1986