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Bump Starting Britain

inflation as a symptom of that need, the radical Right won a key political advantage. As Stuart Hall, in particular, has emphasised, the neo-liberal Right was able to associate themselves with the potent theme
Marxism Today December 1984

Class Conundrum

counts, the socialist movement has to act if it is not to be politically disadvantaged. As Stuart Hall outlined in January's Marxism Today, the politics of leisure is a challenging area to which
Marxism Today May 1984

Rump or Rebirth?

Walshe Marxism Today Jan 1984; Roger Poole, Dave Cook, Marxism Today Feb 1984) and elsewhere (Stuart Hall, New Socialist Jan-Feb 1984) whom I take to be broadly in agreement with 'Labour's Lost Millions
Marxism Today March 1984

The Gender Trap

See Stuart Hall 'The Culture Gap' Marxism Today January 1984. Study Commission on the Family, Families in the Future
Marxism Today February 1984


only to analyse the world outside, but to reassess, internally, our whole strategy of change. As Stuart Hall pointed out at the inaugural meeting of the Socialist Society, we can no longer rely
Marxism Today October 1983

Class of '83

only natural: rethinking child-centred pedagogy' in Is there anyone here from education? 12 Stuart Hall, 'Education in crisis' ibid p7. 13 Jean Bethke Elshtain, 'The social relations of the classroom', in Towards a Socialist
Marxism Today September 1983

Tebbit changes tack

levels of crime has been articulated with a campaign to promote 'the strong state' illustrating what Stuart Hall described as the 'authoritarian populism' which is a central and defining feature of the ideological dimension
Marxism Today March 1983

The Falklands Factor

alleged, up to that date. 1 See various articles in this journal, especially those by Stuart Hall, January 1979 and Martin Jacques October 1979
Marxism Today July 1982

Thatcher - make or break

weakening of Conservative electoral support in my previous article. Marxism Today, May 1980. 2 See Stuart Hall, Marxism Today, February 1980. 3 Marxism Today, April 1980
Marxism Today November 1980

De-industrialisation and the Tories

Department of Employment Gazette. Mike Bleaney Nov 1979; Andrew Gamble Nov 1979; Martin Jacques Oct 1979; Stuart Hall Feb 1980 etc
Marxism Today June 1980


Studies, Birmingham University, Birmingham В15 2TT. Contents: Phil Cohen: "Sub­ cultural conflict and Working Class community." Stuart Hall: "Picture Post and Social Democracy." FROM MARX TO MAO TSE-TUNG,by George Thomson. A Study
7 Days Wednesday March 22, 1972 No 21


Contents: Phil Cohen: "Sub­ cultural conflict and Working Class c o m m u n ity." Stuart Hall: "Picture Post and Social Dem ocracy."
7 Days Wednesday March 15, 1972 No 20

Chartism and The Trade Unions

he knows that the charter would remove, by universal will expressed in universal suffrage, the heavy load of taxes which now crush the existence of the labourer, and cripple the efforts of commerce; that it would give cheap government as well as cheap food, high wages as well as low taxes, bring happi¬ ness to the hearthstone, plenty to the table, protection to the old, education to the young, permanent prosperity to the country, longcontinued protective political power to labour, and peace, blessed peace to exhausted humanity and approving nations; therefore it is that we have solemnly sworn, and one and all declared, that the golden opportunity now within our grasp shall not pass away fruitless, that the chance of centuries afforded to us by a wise and all-seeing god, shall not be lost; but that we do now universally resolve never to resume labour until labour's grievances are destroyed, and protection assured to ourselves, our suffering wives, and helpless children, by the enactment of the people's charter. lord melbourne, home secretary and afterwards prime minister in the whig government of the reform bill, wrote on 26 september 1831 to sir herbert taylor, private secretary to king william iv: "when we first came into office in november last, the unions of trades in the north of england and in other parts of the country for the purpose of raising wages etc., and the general union for the same purpose, were pointed out to me by sir robert peel in a conversation i had with him upon the then state of the country, as the most formidable difficulty and danger with which we had to contend; and it struck me as well as the rest of his majesty's servants in the same light".
Socialist History Society Pamphlets Chartism and The Trade Unions

Playing With Real Feeling: Making Sense Of Jazz In Britain

The negro players may be born with swing in their hearts, and such musical souls have outnumbered the white jazz players, but it took the scholarly, trained musicians like 'ragtime frank' guarente, to first analyze the swing motif, and to add this faculty of improvisation to the rudiments of american jazz music as it was first written and then recorded on the phonograph disc by white musicians.25 these arguments were formalized in the first american jazz book, henry osgood's 1926 so this is jazz, and had a particular resonance for white british performers, struggling to assert their own creative authority. For the problem of treating jazz as an art music see mary herron dupree, ' "jazz", the critics and american art music in the 1920s', american music, 4, 3 (1986), for jazz and the fine arts see simon frith and howard home, art into pop (london: methuen, 1987), ch. 3.
New Formations Number 4 Spring 1988


Mayakovsky’s agency, rosta, when he toured the story and tragedy concerns the special soviet union giving unprecedented historical relation which existed public poetry readings to large between him and the russian language. Although it seems ironic that the programme does not include any of the newsreel films on community politics or black peoples struggle (for instance ‘the young lords’, ‘the black panthers’, ‘community control’, ‘child care: people’s liberation’, ‘high school rising’, ‘the meat co-op’) the films are certainly worth seeing as represen­ tative of important aspects of what newsreel stands for.
7 Days Wednesday March 15, 1972 No 20


the police story leaks on every side: technical details (no cry, no marks on the hands which are instinctively raised to protect the head, almost perpendicu­ lar trajectory, absence o f bleeding from nose or m outh, all factors which point to the fall o f an inanimate body rather than a suicide); contradictions between police and press timing o f the incident (the journalists w ho were on the spot g e r m a n y : police fight with red a rm y the management 7 7 days 15 december 1971 international 7 days 15 december 1971 international r ex italy: pinelli assassinato v alpred a innocente by terzo fabbri today italy celebrates tw o sordid anniversaries: the arrest o f pietro valpreda (december 15 1969) and the police-murder of pino pinelli (december 1 5 /1 6 , 1969).
7 Days Wednesday 15 December, 1971 Vol 1, No 8,

A use for documentary

Universities & left review winter 1958 issue 3 a use for documentary karel reisz if you think of documentary films as the occasional travelogue you have to sit through at your local before the main film comes on, or as the film about how sulphuric acid is manufactured which is probably useful to science teachers; if in fact you don't know much about them, and care less, it is largely because the people who make them don't care either. From the 'film-makers point of view this is particularly disturbing because the film represents the almost complete abdication of the creator of the film, the director.
Universities & Left Review Winter 1958 issue 3

A Question of Choice

22 january 1983 marxism today certain women's jobs, like mechanical office jobs are disappearing, there is also a trend in some technologies towards making more and more jobs home workers jobs, traditionally done by women kept at home with young children. And the tensions between women's two roles in the home and the workforce can only worsen, as the increasing demands on the servicing work still done largely by women in the home are ignored or exploited by the conditions of women's paid employment.
Marxism Today January 1983

The Organisation of Science - Science as social activity

Too many remnants of the 'gentleman amateur' tradition exist today: the government is reluctant to deal with the organisation of science as a national matter, and one to be taken out of the hands of private enterprise; science graduates form a small minority among industrial executives and the top civil servants; scientists are poorly remunerated in comparison with business executives and pop-singers - the pleasure of scientific work is supposed to be an adequate recompense in itself; and the scientists themselves are slow to achieve the effective trade union organization needed to improve their situation. The culmination of the drive towards the technical university was the formation of imperial college of science and technology by charter in 1907 from an amalgamation of the royal school of pines (which was descended from the royal college of chemistry), the royal school of science and the city and guilds central technical college.
Socialist History Society Pamphlets The Organisation of Science - Science as social activity

White Skins/Black Masks: The Pleasures And Politics Of Imperialism

in the late nineteenth century, 'slumming' expeditions with police protection were not uncommon 40 and sociological and philanthropic literature was prolific; titles such as henry mayhew's london life and london labour, andrew mearns's the bitter cry of outcast london, william booth's into darkest england (echoing stanley), and charles booth's multi-volumed life and labour, made visible the underside of london life. The argument which stoller presents may also be read as describing a fantasy of subjugated alterity, which identifies cross-cultural dressing as a violent expropriation or castration; the white man as native tearing the body of native from his self.
New Formations Number 9 Winter 1989

The Anti-Fascist People's Front In the Armed Forces

£5.00 orders to : (please include 25p per pamphlet postage & packing) history group, 16 john street, london ec1m 4al eds: bill moore, george barnsby isbn 07147 30882 published by the communist party history group £1.95 foreword on september 26, 1986, following the publication of richard kisch's book the days of the good soldiers, the history croup called a conference of communist party members, past and present, primarily those who had been in the armed forces during the second world war, in order to record a wider picture of communist activity that it was possible to present in the book. the anti-fascist people's front in the armed forces the communist contribution the contribution made by members of the communist party in the armed forces to stimulating discussions on war aims, and especially discussions about the kind of britain the troops wanted to come back to (with the usual conclusion about how to get it: by electing a labour government) was present almost from the beginning.
Socialist History Society Pamphlets The Anti-Fascist People's Front In the Armed Forces


he says the trip has been fixed up d erek c ha p m a n “despite the highest level o f unem ploy­ m ent since the war and persistent doubts about the long-term health and resilience o f the british economy, the record business at least is enjoying a present rate o f trade which belies the stagnation and cutback in other areas, and bodes well for the christmas market prospects. He then contrasts the policies of the independent record by mitch howard s ilv e r d isc f o r a silver age 24 contusion surrounds the reported new year tours of china and the soviet union by english rock revival bands.
7 Days Wednesday 27 October 1971 Vol. 1, No. 1


It’s known as the responsibility of knowledge, so don’t tell me about love and hate, tell me about freedom, tell me about struggle, tell me how i can make my people just a little bit happier and freer, tell me where i can get some money to buy guns and food for my people, tell me where i can beg for it, tell me where i can steal it, tell me how i can ease their pain, tell me how i can ease their suffering, tell me how i can break the whip, tell me how i can stop the hand, tell me how to stop the indifference that makes men turn on their fellow men with such utter disregard for basic human feelings, them you will know the meaning of the word soul, then you will know the meaning and the feeling of the word brother, then you will know the meaning and the feeling of the word love . . . telephone 01 734 4344______________________ assoc.
7 Days Wednesday 26 January 1972 No 13


__________________ ' a d v ic e the im m igrant advice centre invites you to a grand bazaar at th e ir premises 313 upper st. n1 on december 11 from 10 am onwards. well, in the play, his second speech to the workers would rate as pretty harsh, if naim had read or remembered i think; and in his first scene with more of the letter than is printed in the kabak, he’s cold, suspicious, and un­ english version of fiori’s life of yielding for a long time, until kabak’s gramsci, however, he would have identity is finally established beyond known that the description refers to a doubt; certainly “hard”, one would much earlier period, to those “sewers of gramsci’s two factory speeches are a device for projecting two very different sets of theses developed by him in ordine nuovo essays at the time.
7 Days Wednesday 8 December, 1971 Vol 1, No 7,


nightclubs and sophisticates race records and rack jobbers b. b. king is heir to a rich legacy of after american audiences discovered blues, b. b. king went on to enjoy a the blues tradition which began its success far beyond that achieved by history as recorded music in 1920. charles sawyer is currently working on a book on b. b. king to be published in the spring by november books ltd. — tentative title — the arrival of b. b. king.
7 Days Wednesday 17 November 1971 Vol 1, No 4