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7 Days Wednesday 8 December, 1971 Vol 1, No 7,


nightclubs and sophisticates race records and rack jobbers b. b. king is heir to a rich legacy of after american audiences discovered blues, b. b. king went on to enjoy a the blues tradition which began its success far beyond that achieved by history as recorded music in 1920. charles sawyer is currently working on a book on b. b. king to be published in the spring by november books ltd. — tentative title — the arrival of b. b. king.
7 Days Wednesday 17 November 1971 Vol 1, No 4

Murphy's Lore

PREVIEW Andrea Stuart on Hollywood's streetwise screen success
Marxism Today May 1990

The Second Reform Bill

This was a great relief to cobden who wrote to parkes on august 9th 1857: "the social and political state of that town is far more healthy than that of manchester; and it arises from the fact that the industry of the hardware district is carried on by small manufacturers, employing only a few men and boys each; sometimes only an apprentice or two: whilst the great manufacturers in manchester form an aristocracy, individual members of which wield an influence over sometimes two thousands persons... the great capitalist class formed an excellent basis for the anti-corn-law movement, for they had inexhaustible purses, which they opened freely in a contest where not only their pecuniary interests but their pride as "an order" was at stake,: but i very much doubt whether such a state of society is favourable to a democratic political movement...." the "state of society" in birmingham itself did not really provide a oasis for a reform movement, and bright was shrewd enough to see that nothing could be done without the organized workers. it is true that the reform act of 1832 had suppressed a number of rotten boroughs and had reduced a number of small towns to single-member constituencies, the representation being transferred to counties and new boroughs, but this was very far short of establishing the "equal electoral districts" demanded by the people's charter, thomas love peacock who in his "melincourt" of 1817 had brilliantly satirized the old unreformed system wrote in his preface to the 1856 edition: "the boroughs of onevote and threevotes have been extinguished; but there remain boroughs of fewvotes..." on the other hand greater london, with one-tenth of the population of england and wales; only returned 22 members to parliaments page four during the generation following 1832 the disproportion grew worse, since the under-represented towns were rapidly increasing in population while the old-fashioned county towns were often stagnating.
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Ammunition for the Campaign

After proclaiming several times during 1957 that the united states would produce 'an absolutely clean bomb', he was forced to admit that an absolutely clean bomb is an impossibility, and that the 'clean' bomb to be exploded in the pacific this year will only be 96% clean. The tests must go on in order to perfect this weapon, described by the chairman of the u.s. atomic energy commission as the 'humanitarian h-bomb.' 30 the new reasoner of course, the admiral did not explain the scientific principles of the weapon, and for more than two years people have wondered what he meant; but the respite was gained, and that was what mattered.
New Reasoner Summer 1958 issue 5

T.A. Jackson - A Centenary appreciation

This dead¬ lock meant that walter and tommy had to abandon what might well have succeeded in being a successful revolutionary break-through into modern journalism - the party might have pipped it at the picture post. walter holmes devoted a complete workers notebook to this sad story, in 1955.i quote from it: "among the tributes which tommy jackson's death has evoked there is no mention of this win episode because few know the story. 26 27 our history titles available no. 18 no. 24 no. 36/7 no. 42 no. 57 no. 58 no. 60 no. 61 no. 62 no. 63 no. 64 no. 65 no. 67 no. 68 no. 69 no. 70 no. 71 no. 72 sheffield shop stewards (bill moore) 'the lancashire cotton famine (s broadbridge) 'prints of the labour movement 'class and ideology in bath (r s neale) nazis and monopoly capital (allan merson) kilsyth miners in the 1926 general strike (carter) time and motion strike (mick jenkins) middle-class opinion and the 1889 strike (g cronje) 1945-year of victory (george barnsby) ... the origins of capitalism (a christozvonov) imperialism and the labour movement (maclntyre) the general strike in lanarkshire (maclean) spain against fascism 1936-39 (nan green and a m elliott) workers' newsreels, 1920s & 30s (hogenkamp) rank and file movements in building 1910-20 (latham)
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Alexander Macdonald and the Miners

the miners' & workmen's advocate, august 20, 1864 ** the miners' & workmen's advocate, august 27, 1864 page fifteen clearly, roberts saw this as the reason why he was not appointed legal advisers "they want a lawyer appointed by themselves - whom they may terrify and cajole, whom they can dismiss as they please rather than he should gain the hearts of the colliers - of the real men, the workers in the pits" * it was to the ordinary miner that, quite unequivocally, towers' journal addressed itself, it called upon them to boycott both the special conference in manchester on september 20th and the council's petition to parliaments no money should be sent to the national treasurer. the british miners' benefit society the first milestone along this lengthy and tortuous road was the british miners' benefit society, this was not so much a trade union as an attempt, by performing some of the functions customarily associated with trade unions, to render the formation of an organisation on a specifically working class basis unnecessary.
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John Stuart Mill and E.O.K.A

John Stuart Mill and E.O.K.A '...Mill yet
New Reasoner Winter 1958 issue 7

Armed Resistance and Insurrection: Early Chartism

taylor james taylor dr john taylor william thomason william thornton william tillman william vallance john vevers thomas vincent henry waddington samuel warden john (manchester, bookseller) {manchester, agent for gunmaker) (bolton, beershop keeper) (south shields, tailor) (ashton under lyne, apothocary) (london) (preston, handloom weaver) (bradford & sheffield, shoemaker) (newcastle, shoemaker) (barnsley, linen weaver) (leicester) (stockport, beerseller-ex-spinner) (bristol, tin plate metal worker) (london, tailor) (london, newspaper editor) (leeds, newspaper proprietor) (fixby, steward) (stockton, basket maker) (ouseburn nr newcastle, shoemaker) (edinburgh, staymaker) (tottingten, lanes) (stockport, power-loom weaver) (heywood, teacher) (trowbridge, druggist) (birmingham) (thorneley) (holt, wilts) (salford, bookseller ex-joiner) (leeds) (manchester, tailor) (bath, solicitor) (manchester) (hyde) (manchester, boot and shoemaker) (ashton-under-lyne, dissenting minister) (spotland, rochdale) (ayrshire/carlisle, political lecturer) (newton heath nr manchester) (newcastle, glassmaker) (bradford, solicitor) (manchester, shoemaker) (barnsley, weaver) (huddersfield) (ex london/wilts-printer) (london, boot and shoemaker) (bolton, gardener) 37 wareham george wilde john williams james * white george * widdop john * wolstenholme james wood wright john (stockport, weaver) {ashton-under-lyne, shopkeeper) (sunderland) (leeds/bradford, woolcomber) (barnsley, warehouseman) (sheffield, working grinder) (bolton) (stockport, cotton spinner) •yorkshire activists referred to in this study 38 history group publications back issues of our history currently available - june 1984 duplicated format 23 pages from a worker's life 24 lancashire cotton famine by stan broadbridge 36/7 prints of the labour movement 51 leveller democracy — fact or myth? R.v. jacobs samuel jarrett charles johnson george johnson issac knox robert lawson — lee abraham lindon william smith 36 (mansfield, brushmaker) (bolton, blacksmith) (bedlington, northumberland, stonemason) {newcastle, joiner) (stockport, spinner, publican) (manchester, stonemason) (stalybridge, ex-cotton spinner) {newcastle, journalist) (almonsbury, weaver) (newcastle, soap manufacturer) (ashton, publican) (birmingham, teacher, solicitor) (leeds) (stockport, dissenting minister) (newcastle, collier) (westhaughton, ex-shoemaker) (bury, surgeon) (sheffield, baker) (sheffield, cabinet maker) (sheffield, scale cutter) (bolton, weaver) (london —) (heywood) (carlisle, hand loom weaver) (halifax, hand loom weaver) (london, political lecturer) (durham) (stroud) (dewsbury) (bedlington, surgeon) (newcastle, collier) (ashton-under-lyne, cotton spinner) (bradford, wool comber) (stockport, cotton carder) (london, porter) (manchester, ex-shoemaker) (bristol, cabinet maker) (loughborough, framework knitter) (ashton, hatter) (stockport, smith) (sunderland) (rotherham, mason) (middleton) (dudley, moulder) * * * * * * * linney joseph livesey john lloyd george lowery robert macdoual peter murray maitland — marsden richard martin william mason john maudsley amos mellers — mitchell james morgan — neesome charles h o'brien bronterre o'connor feargus oastler richard owen james bald parker william peddie robert pickles — pilling richard plant job potts william powell — redhead william rich thomas richardson r.j. rider william roberts david roberts w.p. rushton shaw smith george h. stephens j.r. rev.
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The General Strike In The North East

general strike all railwaymen to cease work to-night transport workers, printers and metal workers to follow general council's arrangements for general stoppage the front page gives news of readiness for action in the area, of local councils of notion going ahead, and of union executive committees following the lead of the general council. The bodies of men at his disposal were the various government officials, the organisation for the maintenance of supplies (3), other strike breaking bodies "composed mainly of middle class persons", the fascists one of whose organisations had an arrangements with o.m.s., the special constabulary, (1) "traffic circulation on the great north-south arteries running through durham and northumberland was completely stopped by the implacable tourniquet of the miners' mass picketing"; a. hutt, post-war history of the british working class (gollancz, 1937) 150-1. (2) it was printed in labour monthly (june, 1926) without mention of the place concerned; it appears also in arnot, the miners: years of struggle (allen & unwin, 1953) 436-9. (3) set up in september 1925 ostensibly as a voluntary and non¬ governmental agency but handed over to the government from the outset of the strike.
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The Sharp Edge of Stephen's City

Soundings issue 12 summer 1999 the sharp edge of stephen's city nick jeffrey following the murder of stephen lawrence six years ago at a bus stop in south east london, his family's long campaign for justice has been a milestone in the battle against racism in britain. Seven other boys, four white, 26 the sharp edge of stephen's city survived knife attacks in that period in eltham, each incident with connections to the five main suspects in the lawrence case, or to their alleged young racist associates. '
Soundings Issue 12, Summer 1999

The sharp edge of Stephen's city

Soundings issue 12 summer 1999 the sharp edge of stephen's city nick jeffrey following the murder of stephen lawrence six years ago at a bus stop in south east london, his family's long campaign for justice has been a milestone in the battle against racism in britain. Seven other boys, four white, 26 the sharp edge of stephen's city survived knife attacks in that period in eltham, each incident with connections to the five main suspects in the lawrence case, or to their alleged young racist associates. '
Soundings soundings issue 12 summer 1999