The archive is an indexed and searchable online database of socialist and radical writings.

The archive material is meant to be relatively ecumenical in political terms and it aims to be a means by which students and people with left-wing sympathies and interests could find reading which would help their work and their intellectual development.

We would define the archive primarily as an educational resource, in the broad sense of the term.
The project draws on the contribution and co-operation of authors and editors who are making available material from key journals and books (mostly hard copies already out of print).

There are currently more than 2,500 articles available, and they can be fully searched, though most of the material is in PDF format, which has allowed for the preservation of the original look and typesetting.

The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust is a non-profit organisation, and all the material from the archive is exclusively for educational purposes and available for free under the CC copyright.
We are in the process of writing to all authors and contributors for individual permission. If you see your material on the site and have any queries, please contact us as soon as possible

Marxism Today October 1987