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REVIEWS: Things Ain't What They Used To Be

period of intense conflicts, a broadening of political understanding, setbacks and advances. The re-emergence of feminism, environmental campaigns, democratic initiatives at work and in the community helped to create important spaces in which peoplesection 'Moving Beyond Labourism with the Working Class' what we are offered is a perspective that parodies feminism, ignores the need to re-work alliances, and refuses to face up to the experiences of living
Marxism Today February 1986


interview she gave in Spare Rib1 didn't make much sense. Did she really mean to equate feminism with Christianity or did she just mean that a movement could be subver­ sive of the establishedlikely to be less than The Woman's Room. But this is truly a novel about feminism and in particular tire politics of personal relations. The novel is set in Oxford and London. Dolores
Red Rag Volume 14

Leninism in the Lurch

contributed to the split many of us who are socialists and feminists know. We sit with our feminism amidst all those intense and close debates on domestic labour and sexuality in small groups, thensexuality in terms of economic and legal power, in sexual practise and in the hold over ideas. Feminism and the gay movement have opened up these areas of personal life as political. The struggle
Red Rag Volume 12

Feminists in the Factory

Margaret: I found my painful way into Feminism and the Lesneys group as a result of a ‘depressive breakdown’ which destroyed my usual ways of thinkingothers were much angrier about male privilege at work and in marriage. Often this feminism came out in opposition to the union and its officials; because there was no closed shop, people could express discontent
Red Rag Volume 11

Where and how? Consolidating consciousness

countering the hearsay). It can no longer be claimed that the discussion and practice of feminism is limited to these small groups, for increasing numbers of women, perception of sexism has become feminist consciousness throughavoidance when witness to blatant sexism, say at work, in the shops or in the street, feminism engages us in struggle in place of complicity acting in solidarity with other women instead of paralytic empathy
Red Rag Volume 11

Four Sisters

constraints on our lives, yes, but also on the strengths which, discussed within the context of feminism and feminist feelings, our circumstances have given us. None of us has remained the same over the recentCONTRADICTIONS Feminism throws a harsh light on the contradictions of marriage, the family as an institution, and monogamy. These
Red Rag Volume 11


formed the ‘Omani Women’s Union’, a pressure group for women’s self-development. How does the ‘feminism' of the men work out in practice? Let me situate that within my own experiencesitua­ tion very different from the Middle East where there is an atmosphere of‘moral terror’ against feminism. In Dhofar this moral terror is applied to male chauvinism. One of the 25 political lessons
Red Rag Volume 9

Women in Chile

vein, I would imagine, and certainly very firmly in the face of any such possibility of rebellious feminism in Latin America, that in 1912 with the backing of the church, the League of Chilean LadiesPsychoanalysis and Feminism by Juliet Mitchell, published by Allen Lane is the fruit of four years research and work
Red Rag Volume 7

Moving on

tended as a representation of the whole American movement. The radicalised sections of American feminism are so fragment­ ed, geographically and politically, that no single document could reflect the diversity of practice and debate. Howeverwere operating on different assumptions, different ex­ pectations, and different levels of commitment. Some women had made Feminism the basic commitment in their lives and assumed others in the group had made the same commitment
Red Rag Volume 5

Micheline Victor

Fuzzy Feminism THE paper, ‘Women, the unions and work-or what is not to be done,’ seems to me important because of the kinds of discussion it has provoked, rather than becausefeminism in this paper. Who are we black­ mailing? The men or the capitalists? And even
Red Rag Volume 2

CROSSING THE PICKET LINE Interview with Finetime Fontayne

didn't have any political thoughts in my head at all. Certainly, I got to know about feminism through being with them. I didn't like it: I was struggling like a trout becausetake over the spot and put matters straight! And this was when you were still learning about feminism? Yes. That's happened quite a lot in the things that I've done. Learning while working
Marxism Today June 1985

KEEPING THE REVOLUTION WARM - interview with Terry Eagleton

difficult with the changes in political climate. Those possibilities of radicalisation have really been taken over by feminism. But the connections have remained in the sense that Oxford women studentsmiddle class backgrounds, whose introduction to radical ideas has been through feminism, or feminist criticism, might then go on, for example, to join the miners' pickets at the local Didcot power station. So one sees
Marxism Today February 1985

No Private Drama

- the nature of working class leadership, alliances, new social movements and feminism - and was heavily influenced by Gramsci's ideas. After 1978 the emphasis shifted once morecombatting anti-Sovietism and supporting the movements built around - them like peace initiatives by socialist countries to feminism, black people's organisations criticise them on such issues as the inva- and so on. It sees
Marxism Today February 1985


that some action was to be taken to intervene in such images. In fact, as far as feminism is concerned, the bill is way off beam. Violence against women is not mentioned, while the 'problemvery firmly placing control over the body, sex, and health in those professional hands from which feminism has tried to wrench it. Not all videos are so-called entertainment. Increasingly video has been used
Marxism Today June 1984

The New (Liberal) Left - interview with Michael Meadowcroft

bureaucracy as to be absolutely ferocious in its detail and its impingement on people's lives. Has feminism had much impact on the Liberal Party?everybody into the lobby against Cruise, for whatever same when I read about feminism and socialism; I am reason
Marxism Today February 1984


kind of You can't keep saying 'this is disgraceful, it Marxism Today, The Fast Food Review, feminism is not about feminism, it's about should be stopped'. And I don't believe in simply
Marxism Today October 1983

Keeping Women in their Place

Books in Russian and in translation; general books, but specialising in Political sciences, Peace, Feminism, E. F. L. Foreign language,specialty. • The Odd Volume, 53 Upper Gloucester Road, Brighton (27845). New & second-hand books on politics, history, feminism, third world, philosophy & literature. Open MonSat 9.30-5.30. Regular lists issued of s-hand & out-of-print
Marxism Today July 1983

The Unions: caught on the ebb tide

sort might potentially provide a new vanguard for city trade unionism though much hinges on an insurgent feminism. It is pleasingly ironic that a male dominated trade union movement might be partially dependent on feminism
Marxism Today September 1982

Writers and War

general way if war is associated, as it is, with macho, then the rise and rise of feminism is an extraordinarily encouraging sign for what it insists on saying about the way we must lookKilburn High Rd, NW6. Tel 01-328 7071. A new general bookshop with in-depth coverage of feminism, literature, Irish studies and Black studies. • Mandarin 22 Netting Hill Gate
Marxism Today July 1982

Reviews: Sex Symbols

which are the barriers to sexual progress. Straight men on the Left may give passive support to feminism or to lesbian and gay struggles, but there is no sign that they are initiating a debate
Marxism Today September 1985

Reviews: Mailer's pen is bigger than the Norm

Goldwyn; stood for New York mayor; was a militant on America's war with Vietnam; espoused feminism; got involved heavily in democratic politics in the 60s; took up prisoners' rights
Marxism Today September 1985

Why Aid Came Alive

best of what is happening today, from municipal decentralisation and green politics to the continued creativity of feminism. Shortly after the Woodstock Rock Festival of 1969 - the apogee of 60s idealism, the moment when
Marxism Today September 1985

Social class and the psyche

1. D. Reay, ‘“Class Acts”: Educational Involvement and Psycho-Sociological Class Processes’, Feminism and Psychology, 9 (1) 1999. 140
Soundings soundings issue 15 Summer 2000

Difficult alliances

weaknesses of the struggles we wage as individual organisations on the basis of our distinctive identities. Feminism is currently short on activism and seriously weakened by fragmentation. Most of us would be hard pressed
Soundings soundings issue 12 summer 1999

A Third Way with teeth editorial

idea of a cultural politics, a renewal of Marxism as a flexible theoretical perspective, the turn to feminism, and the lasting emergence of a radical presence in many academic disciplines - for example as popular history
Soundings soundings issue 11 Spring 1999