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Inside the Whale Again?

Inside the Whale Again? Stuart Hall An introduction to the Documents on Commitment
Universities & Left Review Summer 1958 issue 4

Mr Raymond and the Dead Souls

Stuart Hall "Re-reading Miss Sayers again this week, I remembered how we loved it all at thirteen, and how sophisticated we felt
Universities & Left Review Summer 1958 issue 4

Big Sir and the Oranges and Lemons

Big Sir and the Oranges and Lemons Stuart Hall N the same week that Sir Charles Iemy, Wheeler, President of the Royal Acaddeclared Picasso's new mural
Universities & Left Review Summer 1958 issue 4


The Windrush issue Postscript Stuart Hall The 'Windrush' file collected here by Gail Lewis and Lola Young, with its varied styles, voices and genres, seems
Soundings Issue 10, Autumn 1997

Metisse Narratives

nation, ethnicity, region, and class, among others; and one, of course, which ignores inter-racial collaborations. Stuart Hall's definition of cultural identity dovetails with this fluid notion of identities: Cultural a matterStuart Hall, 'Cultural Identity and Diaspora', in Rutherford (ed), Identity, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1990, 225. 109
Soundings Issue 5, Spring 1997

Notes on Contributors

Stuart Hall Doreen Massey Michael RustinEditorial: Questions Which Remain Stuart Hall and Doreen Massey
Soundings Issue 5, Spring 1997

Editorial: Uncomfortable Times

Uncomfortable times Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin
Soundings Issue 1, Autumn 1995

Kings Of The Road

and Stuart Hall and Tony Benn proved the biggest attractions. Dec 1984: Beatrix Campbell and Ken Livingstone debate the impactoperate. Nov 1985: Robin Murray's article, 'Benetton Britain', prefigures the New Times analysis. Mar 1986: Stuart Hall interviews Jesse Jackson. Jul 1986: Marxism Today organises a national women's weekend - 'Women Alive'. Over
Marxism Today December 1991

Clinging To The Wreckage

Wreckage A Conversation The events of 1989 have shaken the marxist grand narrative of history. Stuart Hall and Fredric Jameson pick up the pieces of the post-modern epoch
Marxism Today September 1990

After Thatcher

shadowed by the development of a powerful critique of her brand of radicalism. Andrew Gamble and Stuart Hall develop this critique in their latest books, The Free Economy And The Strong State and The Hardbooks and this strands. journal - has become one of Certainly, Gamble and the most influential during Hall's view of the multithe 1980s, not only on the Left faceted nature of Thatcherbut among political commenBritain. are meaningless, as well as Hence writers like Andrew absurd. The word 'project' Gamble and Stuart Hall have conveys to me images of been able to use their free- Blue Peter and paper-mache
Marxism Today November 1988

Brave New World

economic system. They are about reforging us as individuals, and transforming our identities in the process. Stuart Hall argues it is the return of the subjective with a vengeance
Marxism Today October 1988


As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of 1968, Stuart Hall and Martin Jacques assess that most extraordinary year
Marxism Today May 1988

Thatcher's Lessons

think there is nothing to rethink. Others see it as little more than adapting to Thatcherism. Stuart Hall argues a radically different view
Marxism Today March 1988

Blue Election, Election Blues

Blue Election, Election Blues Labour fought a good, competent campaign. But, Stuart Hall argues, there is no way such a traditionalist appeal can any longer deliver the goods
Marxism Today July 1987

A Nation In Revolt

A Nation In Revolt On June 11 Scotland did not (as Stuart Hall put it in lasthave made the weird coupling inevitable - those very conditions of 'regressive modernisation' so admirably analysed by Stuart Hall. With Thatcher's third term we no longer have merely a government, but a regime. Britian
Marxism Today July 1987

Gramsci And Us

Sardinian during the last war cast light on Thatcherism and the crisis of the Left, argues Stuart Hall
Marxism Today June 1987

Charge Of The Light Brigade

called 'loony Left', it is culpably complacent to dismiss the project inaugurated by Stuart Hall and Marxism Today of theorising Thatcherism's 'fearful assault', as a preoccupation only with 'the squalid, depressing and ordinary Toryname of a new politics; the problem arises where administrations use the power of the town hall to short-circuit the toil of creating a new consciousness. The demise of the GLC has exposedlearn how to be a political party. • 1 The Politics of Thatcherism, introduction, ed Stuart Hall and Martin Jacques. 2 For an exhaustive account of the black movement's challenge to the council
Marxism Today February 1987

No Light at the End of the Tunnel

things all its own way since 1983. But it's still riding high. Stuart Hall argues the nightmare is far from over
Marxism Today December 1986

PEOPLE AID A new politics sweeps the land

PEOPLE AID A new politics sweeps the land Stuart Hall and Martin Jacques First Band Aid. Then came Live Aid. Now we've had Sport Aid. Geldof and co have captured
Marxism Today July 1986


JESSE JACKSON STUART HALL INTERVIEWS AMERICA'S LEADING BLACK POLITICIAN Former Martin Luther King lieutenant and civil rights organiser, Reverend Jesse Jackson was active in equal rights, vote registration and affirmative
Marxism Today March 1986

Realignment - for What?

Stuart Hall narrowly conceived parliamentary 'realism'. Whatever else realignment is about, it is certainly not about that. The relevant questions
Marxism Today December 1985

Rationale for the Right - viewpoint

last issue of Marxism Today contained another elegant restatement of the new realism thesis, by Stuart Hall. Yet his portrayal of Thatcherism as a successful ideology that has skilfully orchestrated popular discontents in a mobilisingargued elsewhere (MT August 1983). But this is not the same as dismissing out of hand what Hall derisively calls 'the idiotic psephology which passes for political analysis these days'. A wealth of empirical dataregroup and fight back. But for this to happen, the Labour Party does need to change. Stuart Hall and others are wholly persuasive when they argue that the Left must build new social alliances, reconnect
Marxism Today February 1985

The State-Socialism's Old Caretaker

Socialism's Old Caretaker Stuart Hall are instantly accused of treason, labelled as the enemy, or dismissed as 'pink professors misleading the Left
Marxism Today November 1984

The Culture Gap

Stuart Hall
Marxism Today January 1984

A Long Haul

Stuart Hall
Marxism Today November 1982