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Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic?

apparatuses — MJ) and hope to return to this question in subsequent work' (pp74, 80). Marked contrast Stuart Hall's excellent final chapter of the book stands in marked contrast to the others in terms bothClass character of state 'Marxism' which reduce all political institutions to class essences and Apart from Stuart Hall's essay, Marxism and Democracy is largely thereby crudely oversimplify and distort reality. Unfortunately lacking in concrete
Marxism Today August 1981

The 'Little Caesars' of Social Democracy

Stuart Hall
Marxism Today April 1981

Thatcherism - a new stage?

Thatcherism a new stage? Stuart Hall Broadly speaking, I think the analysis of the emergence of the 'radical Right' which I began to sketch in 'The Great Moving Right Show' (Marxism
Marxism Today February 1980

The Great Moving Right Show

The Great Moving Right Show Stuart Hall (The author co-edited a recently published book. Policing the Crisis, which examines aspects of the "law and order" trend. Here
Marxism Today January 1979

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E DITORS Stuart Hall Doreen Massey Michael Rustin POETRY EDITOR Carole Satyamurti REVIEWS EDITORS Becky Hall and Susanna Rustin ART EDITOR Tim Davison EDITORIAL OFFICE Lawrence & Wishart 99a Wallis Road
Soundings Issue 15, Summer 2000

From 'Diversity' To 'Difference' The Case Of Socio-Cultural Studies Of Music

that it can be 'dissolved' into some indiscriminate social or cultural practice; in a similar way, Stuart Hall stresses the importance of not 'dissolving' the specificity of cultural practices into society or history. See 'Cultural
New Formations Number 9 Winter 1989

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Stuart Hall Doreen Massey Michael Rustin
Soundings Issue 7, Autumn 1997

The Magic Box

unfussy', everything about him saying 'This is me'. The essay is in fine counterpoint to Stuart Hall's analyses of the codes of respectability and respect that emanate from the photographs of the post-1950s
Marxism Today June 1991

The Last Word

labour movement was in decline. It was my luck that two fine intellectuals, Eric Hobsbawm and Stuart Hall, who at that time I barely knew, were thinking along not dissimilar lines. We published Hobsbawm
Marxism Today December 1991

Thatcherism and the Welfare State

restructuring takes place under social democracy and under the 'radical right'. Together with earlier articles by Stuart Hall 3 and Andrew Gamble,4 he emphasises the specific role of political and ideological elements in this
Marxism Today July 1980

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Stuart Hall Doreen Massey Michael Rustin
Soundings Issue 11, Spring 1999

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Stuart Hall Doreen Massey Michael Rustin
Soundings Issue 9, Summer 1997

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Stuart Hall Doreen Massey Michael Rustin
Soundings Issue 6, Summer 1997

The New Labour ethic and the spirit of capitalism

formulated this as 'corporate populism', which gives an apt new emphasis to the concept which Stuart Hall earlier devised in regard to Thatcherism, 'authoritarian populism'. In a valid contrast, Barnett juxtaposes the manipulative and authoritarian
Soundings soundings issue 14 Spring 2000

Tony Blair and the jargon of modernisation

point for analyses of Thatcherism developed by important writers such as Andrew Gamble and Stuart Hall. In particular, modernisation formed an underlying theme to the perspectives developed in the 1980s in the pages of Marxism
Soundings soundings issue 10 Autumn 1998

Writing the obituaries

amazement, I discovered that, with the exception of Gramsci (then being re-read by Stuart Hall and others), the Marxist tradition - the left intellectual tradition - hardly recognised nationalism except as a third-world development stratagem
Soundings soundings issue 8 Spring 1998

Across the great divide Welfare and culture inBritain and Europe

these essays help transcend the traditional 'agency-structure' dichotomy in our theorisation of social welfare. As Stuart Hall observed recently, 'You can no longer think primarily in terms of the economic and the material
Soundings soundings issue 8 Spring 1998

Reimagining the inhuman city

Paul Gilroy, The Black Atlantic, Verso, London 1993. The introduction to Stuart Hall's Hard Road to Renewal, Verso, London 1988, has a fine discussion of Thatcherism's relation
Soundings soundings issue 7 Autumn 1997

The break-up of the conservative nation

Conservatism was based not merely on the tinkerings of electoral calculus. They were going, as Stuart Hall argued, for a radical recasting of the conservative nation. Time and again they declared that theirs
Soundings soundings issue 7 Autumn 1997

After the deluge Politics and civil society in the wake of the New Right

their different ways, thinkers like Edward Thompson, Raymond Williams, Juliet Mitchell, Perry Anderson, Tom Nairn and Stuart Hall never lost sight of the particular significance of the power exercised within the state, and its interactions
Soundings soundings issue 4 Autumn 1996

Welfare settlements and racialising practices

all.12 11. B. Tizard and A. Phoenix, 1993, Black, White or Mixed Race, London:Routledge. 12. Stuart Hall, 'New Ethnicities', reprinted in J. Donald and A. Rattansi, 'Race', Culture and Difference, Sage, London 1992, p257
Soundings soundings issue 4 Autumn 1996

Who dares, fails

They know the doubleness, the ambivalence, which is at the heart of identification: how slippery the distinction is between 'being' and 'having'; how little role modelling has to do with someone else's actual life, and how much it has to do with our rewriting of that life, into our narratives, with autography; how little it tells us about them, 117 soundings how much about our desire, both for ourselves and for the other; how inextricably the merging in fantasy with is linked to the awakening of the violence of refusal and rejection from - real or imagined. Bevan - my hero from the days of the suez demonstration in trafalgar square in 1956, when he had put the pigeons to flight with his scathing denunciation of the nefarious eden-french-israeli stitch-up that had taken britain into the most ludicrous post-imperial adventurism until the falklands war - had responded to this triumph of cnd campaigning, 'don't send me naked into the conference chamber'.
Soundings soundings issue 3 Summer 1996

Whose Heroes Does A City Remember?

Stuart Hall c/o
Soundings soundings issue 3 Summer 1996

An exemplary life

role in the establishment of New Left Review, his political involvement with colleagues such as Stuart Hall, Edward Thompson and Michael Rustin in the production of the 1967 May Day Manifesto, and lastly, incorporating
Soundings soundings issue 3 Summer 1996

The New Left

analysis of the cultural influences at work by Raymond Williams, Richard Hoggart, Stuart Hall, and other contributors to U.L.R. The contributors t o ' Conviction' have pursued an analysis on parallel lines. It is no longer
New Reasoner Summer 1959 issue 9